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Fizz Build Guide by af b3ast

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author af b3ast

Fizz, Whered my health bar go?

af b3ast Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Fizz Intro

Fizz is one of the best close-quarters ap burster in the game, if not the best. He is severely underplayed which gives Fizz players an advantage. Many people play a little to aggressive against him and when the right moment comes, a skilled Fizz player can do a quick combo to KO the enemy champion in an instant. Fizz is an excellent all around player who deals severe amounts of damage. Keep in mind, the most effective way to dominate is by building Fizz with tanky ap items. With the right positioning and tanky ap items, you should remain unfocused %90 of the time. In addition, in the right hands he can escape from most any situation with the "Trickster" ability.

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+Hard to get focused in teamfights.
+Ultimate is a great intiator.
+Heavy Burst Damage towards late game.
+Great escape artist.
+His abilities scale decent with ability power.

-Squishy early game.
-Gets harassed early game if mid.
-Longer cooldowns.
-Terrible farmer.
-Has no sustainibility.
-Mana problems early on with just a few combos
-Gold dependent

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Primary Rune Set-

9x Greater Mark of Insight

9x Greater Glyph of Potency

9x Great Seal of Resilience

3x Greater Quintessence of Potency

As I said earlier Fizz is a great Ap burster and his runes should reflect that. The flat quintessences are a no brainer because they provide you with the early game power you need to dominate your lane. Another obvious choice are your marks and seals. However, the glyphs is where many people have different opinions. For me, the early game is the most important because it dictates whether or not you will remain a threat towards later game. Because of this, I chose flat Glyphs to give me an extra 10 ap to start out early game.

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Summoner Spells

After flash was nerfed, many felt that this spell was a waste. But in my experience, it has proved that it is still viable. This still allows you to escape over small walls in jungles and allows you to flash out to avoid being focused in a team fight.

Ghost is very useful as well. I don't pick up Ghost only because I'm more comfortable with Flash. However, if you do choose to go with Ghost it is a fine pick for a Summoner spell.

Exhaust is one of my favorite spells because it allows you just enough time to get finishing blows on a champion trying to escape the wrath of Fizz. I feel in team fights this can be used as a utility to keep the carry out of the fight just long enough to do some serious damage.

Personally I'm not a fan of this summoner spell because it does very little damage and ignite is much more effective because it allows you to catch up to them just enough to land one spell on the enemy. Because of this Exhaust is a far better choice than Ignite.

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Skill Sequence

Take one point in Seastone Trident at level 1 and level 3.

TakeUrchin Strike at level 2.

TakeTrickster at level 4.

Fizz's ult needs to be leveled at 6,11,16 of course. At level 9 Seastone trident should be maxed out and then Trickster second. Trickster is going to be your bread and butter ability late game. This is why we finish it towards the beginning of lategame. Lastly Urchin strike should be taken last. Out of the 3, I feel this does the least amount of damage. Don't get me wrong though, towards lategame this will allow you to close gaps and deal finishing blows if needed.

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These runes are pretty self-explanatory because the 21 in offense gives you some decent AP and magic penetration. Also, the 9 points in defense gives you just a little bit more survivablity. As I discussed before, Fizz is very effective if he is more on the tanky side.

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Early Game
Dorans Ring: This is a great first item because with this, Fizz will have about 45 ability power right from the start if you follow my masteries and runes.

Boots of Speed: This is a must because it gives you just a little extra speed. With Urchin Strike early game, very few champs will be able to escape your early game wrath.
Blasting Wand: This is a great early game item because its a decent amount of AP in the early stages of the game. Also, you will need this later on to build your ROA.


Hopefully you've made it this far without a surrender, with these items, you will be ruling the map mid game.
Socerer's Shoes; This give you great speed to further close gaps as well as the 20 magic penetration.

Catalyst the Protector: This is another great item that gives you that much needed mana as well as some good health. This item is extremely useful and gives you a little more survivability.

Rod of Ages: This is a great mid-game item because it gives you a little bit of everything. From the start it gives you 60 ability power but after 20 minutes, you will have a total of 80 ability power from this item. Also, your mana and health get a big boost.

Sheen: This could be the end of mid-game and on the start to late game. This doesn't matter because you will definetly be needing this. This gives you 250 mana and 25 ability power. After this, you will most definetly be in late-game. Most people would think to build a Lich Bane right away. However, I say hold up till a little bit further into the game.

Late Game

If you've made it to late game, be ready to drop squishes down with just a single combo.
Rabadan's Cap: After you build the Sheen from mid-game I feel to be an ***est to your team, your ability power needs to take a humongous jump. Rabadan's will give you an insane amount of AP as well as the passive which increases your total AP by 30%. After your cap is fully built you will be one of the most feared on your team.

Lich Bane: Because you already have your sheen built, your Lich Bane should be relatively cheap to finish. This item will truly make you the heaviest hitter on your team by far. At this point, you will have well over 500 ap and your combos will most definetly drop carries down very quickly. Lich's passive is ridiculous with the amount of AP you have and that is why it's a must to buy.

Zhonya's Hourglass: This and the Abyssal Sceptre will be your last items. Feel free to decide which one comes first. Zhonya's gives a massive AP boost as well as some much needed armor to fend against the fed AD carries on the other team.

Abyssal Sceptre: This is a great item to avoid being burst down by some heavy-hitters. It gives a decent amount of AP as well. Abyssal sceptre's passive is also great because it reduces nearby enemie's MR by a decent amount.

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Unique skills

Nimble Fighter(passive)- This is a decent passive that allows him to take a mere amount of reduced damage. However, he does ignore unit collision so overall this passive can be effective.
Urchin Strike-
This is a versatile ability that many people do not know how to use. First off, this is a great initiator and can close gaps very quickly. In addition, since you can pass through enemies, using it on minions can prove to be a great escape tool.
Seastone Trident- This is a great DPS ability that is very useful early game. At level 2 you should have both Urchin Strike and Seastone Trident, these can easily get 1/2 of the champions health early on. Also, the passive on this ability allows us to farm a little more efficiently.
Playful/Trickster- This is by far the bread and butter damage dealer. At full build and baron, Fizz can easily get up to 1k damage. This ability slows a champion which is an added plus. You can also double-click this ability to further close a gap. This ability is also a great escape tool because it allows you to hop over small walls and even the baron walls if use correctly.
Chum the Waters- This ultimate is one of my favorite ultimates because it's very versatile. It can be used as an AOE to slow multiple enemies which can prove useful in teamfights. Also, using this ultimate with your "Q", "E", "W" combo can down squishies in a few seconds.

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Situational Items

Guardian's Angel: If the enemy team has some fed people than it may be worth it to get this instead of either the Abyssal Sceptre or Zhonya's hourglass. This is definetly a good item and occasionally I do use this. It is extremely viable in certain situations.

Soulstealer: If my build has gotten you to own so much, than feel free to get this item which will dramatically increase your burst ability.

Ryali's: This item gives some nice health and survivability. However, I take ROA over this only because it gives me the much needed mana early on in the game.

Void Staff: This item can be very useful to counter tanks and still remain a threat to them. The 40% magic penetration really makes a difference.

Will of the Ancients: This is a nice item with a nice aura. The spell vamp can prove useful in some situations.

Nashor's Tooth: I've never actually used this item on Fizz but theoretically it could work because of his passive from Seastone Trident, he could definetly benefit from having added attack speed.

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Early Game: Fizz should start out trying to farm as much as possible, when you get to level 2, you should have your "q" and "w" abilities. With these, you should be harassing an enemy that is overextended. Keep dealing these combos to the one that is overpushed and hopefully your teammate (can mid or bot) jumps in and you get first blood. Keep farming and don't get yourself underleveled because it is very easy to get Fizz behind.

Mid Game: Now is where hopefully you have a decent amount of minion kills and maybe a kill or two. Here is where you keep farming but when you see a chance to kill an enemy champion, take it. Every once in a while, it could be beneficial to counterjungle and maybe even ward their blue. Taking blue buff at this point will prove very useful because it allows to sustain alot longer. Also, take a look at mid and help him out if he needs it. Don't be to carried away with ganking because Fizz is definetly dependent on gold and is only as effective as the items you have.

End Game: At this point you should have a fair amount of cs and hopefully a good amount of kills. At this point, team fights will be going on and make sure to be there when it happens. Fizz will prove very useful in team fights with his Ult which is a potential AOE. If team fights are coming slow, then move to farming a bit and trying to find champs overextended trying to take your turrets.

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Fizz is definetly not a terrific farmer, especially if your duo laning. That is why it's preferred to go mid so you can farm to the best of your ability. To be a successive player with Fizz, you have to learn how to farm effectively. As I've said many times, Fizz is very dependent on gold unlike some champions. Farming on Fizz takes practice because last-hitting is a must. If you can't last hit, you will be a very weak Fizz and end up bringing your team down. If you are going mid, be prepared to get harassed by the enemy mid. Fizz has a passive-aggressive playstyle. When farming, it can be a good strategy to use the turret to your advantage so minions die alot faster.

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Thank you for reading my Fizz Guide! This is my very first guide and I really want your feedback on this build and for future builds. If you have any success with this build, let me know and ill post a picture of your match history.