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League of Legends Build Guide Author ATGreat

Fly Much?

ATGreat Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Kayle: This is the build I've used for my Kayle for a long time and I haven't been able to work out one that works better for me. This build is a DPS/Support Kayle, which has great damage output and with AP also has great healing. So, read up and please tell me what you think. This is my first build that I've posted on here so I can only hope it goes well... it should.

Jax: My Jax... along with almost everyone else's is a DPS/assassin.

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Pros / Cons

Kayle's Pros:
Great damage output
Great support with heal and invulnerability
HIgh Speed chase/escapes
Good at turret diving at higher levels with Intervetion

Kayle's Cons:
Slow to get started
Can't carry by herself
Need to have a good farm

Jax's Pros:
Very high damage output
Great dodging for survivability
Good escape with Leap Strike to friendlies
Quick farming

Jax's Cons:
Can only stun if he dodges
Very item dependent, for damage output and dodge chance

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Kayle: With masteries I go straight for CD and MP. With more CD she has higher damage output as well as better survivability. And with magic penetration she can hit harder with her mini-nuke and Righteous Fury's magic damage portion.

Jax: With masteries I go for magic pen and defense. Jax need the extra defense since most team target down enemy Jax. With magic pen the simple Empower/Leap Strike combo has highly increased damage.

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Kayle:(Manamune): works very well on her since it builds up her mana so that she can stay in a fight longer and not have to go back for mana. It also builds up her AD so that she deals more damage and due to her passive it also raises her AP allowing her to deal even more damage and heal for higher amounts.

(Boots of Swiftness): help her escape quickly and chase down other champs easily.

(Rod of Ages): is a great item for Kayle since she is not a very tanky champion. It builds up her HP and mana by a nice amount and by giving her more mana works nicely with Manamune as well, giving her more AD and AP. The Rod of Ages also ups her AP and then due to her passive also raises her AD.

(Nashor's Tooth): is here to get her attack speed up quickly and for cheap. It also ups her AP and therefore her AD as well. It gives her CD as well which, again, helps her be able to stay in the battle a little longer.

(Madred's Bloodrazor): With this you'll see a nice jump in her damage output, due to the AD and attack speed. Also, if you throw Reckoning on somebody, the percent damage done by the Bloodrazor is also amplified by the percent that Reckoning gives as a damage bonus. The Madred's passive would hit for 4% of their HP then add (x)% of the damage of the Madred's on top of it.

(Hextech Gunblade): If you can get this far you will see a huge jump in your damage out put, due to the AD and AP ups and then her passive ups them both again.

Jax: (Ninja Tabi): For the obvious reasons, gives Jax and better dodge chance which increases your chance to use your stun.

(Lich Bane): After your Empower/Leap Strike combo, Lich Bane allows you to get a second big hit off right away. Any time your opponent swings and misses you can stun them and then Lich Bane activates for yet another big hit.

(Guinsoo's Rageblade): This item works with your ultimate in increase your attack speed while in battle. As you're swing away you just swing faster and faster. Rageblade also gives you a nice AD and AP bonus to increase you damage output and your HP.

(Hextech Gunblade): This item is here to significantly increase your damage out put and again increase your HP due to Jax's passive. It gives you some life steal along with it too which can really help you stay in a fight longer especially with your increased attack speed. With the Gunblade added active bonus you can keep up with other champs as well or even kill them with as I like to do. :)

(Zhonya's Hourglass): With this Jax is able to initiate team fights as long as other champs are there to back him up. With the active you can become invulnerable for 2 seconds allowing your team to kill off a few enemy champs. Since most teams target a Jax so he doesn't get fed. Zhonya's also gives Jax a big AP boost which greatly increases his damage output and slightly increases his HP due to his passive.

(Rabadon's Deathcap): If you get this far, Great, you will jack your damage output sky high! I'd like to see someone 1v1 this if you do get it.

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Kayle's Quints: I go with flat HP quints since she is not a very tanky champ and at the beginning she can get taken out quickly without extra HP.

Kayle's Marks: I go with attack speed marks because the more attack speed she has the higher her damage output, with her basic and splash from Righteous Fury.

Kayle's Glyphs: I go with CD glyphs so that she has a higher damage output with Reckoning, and better survivability with Divine Blessing and Intervention.

Kayle's Seals: I go with flat mana regeneration since her mana problems are in early game and with Archangel and Manamune she doesn't usually run out.

Jax's Quints: I go with evasion to bump up his dodge chance to make him harder to hit and so that he can stun more.

Jax's Marks: I go with flat magic penetration so that even more damage from Jax's Empower/Leap Strike combo gets through and his passive third hit from is ultimate does more damage.

Jax's Glyphs: I go with flat AP glyphs so that Jax has more damage output early on and also more HP due to his passive for survivability.

Jax's Seals: I go with evasion to bump up his dodge chance to make him harder to hit and so that he can stun more.

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Skill Sequence

Kayle: I like to max out Reckoning as soon as I can since I use it to keep champs at bay. This is also a mini-nuke, as it demolishes low-hp champs.
After Reckoning I go after Divine Blessing to stay in battles longer.
And save Righteous Fury for last, it gives you your range that you need but until you get AP to back it up it doesn't deal much damage.

Jax: I like to get empower up quickly since it's damage output goes up quicker and cost less mana so that you can use it to farm also. Next is Counter Strike so he has better survivability and the enemy team can't target you down as quickly. And last but certainly not least... Leap Strike, it's mainly used for getting in close to your opponent and with low levels of it you can still do that so I choose to finish it off last.

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Summoner Spells

I use Exhaust to help chase champ down or if Intervention is still on CD I use it to defend myself against high attack speed champs.

Ghost is there for it's usual purposes, to gain the extra movement speed you need to catch up with a fleeing enemy or to run when low on HP.

I use Exhaust to help chase down a fleeing enemy champ so I can leap on him or use it to defend myself against stronger fed champs.

Ghost is there to help me catch low life champs and finish the quickly with the Empower/Leap Strike combo.

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So, tell me what you think, this is my first build on here. The AP, AD, and mana get a lot higher than what it says at the top of the page since it doesn't count in the extra mana bonuses from Archangels and Manamune, or the extra AP and AD the come with it.

Jax is arguably the heaviest hitting champ in the game. He can be AP and/or AD but I much rather go AP as with AD your main damage output is with empower and your basic attack. With AP you up your damage from all of your abilities.

Please rate and post what you think about my builds.

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Kayle: Changed out Archangel for Rod of Ages since the passive don't stack (thanks to Halipupu)


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