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Kayn Build Guide by styllEE

Jungle diamond

🔱FNC styllEE's Challenger Kayn🔱

By styllEE | Updated on August 27, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Kayn
    Rhaast Kayn
  • LoL Champion: Kayn
    Shadow Kayn

Runes: Conqueror

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

🔱FNC styllEE's Challenger Kayn🔱

By styllEE
Hello and welcome to this guide!

I'm Snorkil, a 21 year old streamer for FNATIC
I've been challenger since season 4, and peaked rank 13 in season 8, rank 1 in season 9 and so far challenger in season 10.

I'm a part of the Fnatic Network,this means that i have a personal discount code for SHOP.FNATIC.COM, giving you a 10% discount when you use the code "STYLLEE" during checkout!

I Appreciate your time reading through this guide, if you have any questions, make sure you follow my twitch channel and ask them while im live, so i can give you the answer you are looking for!

Be sure to check out my SOCIALS
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Reaping Slash (Q): Kayn dashes forward, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through before flourishing his scythe, dealing the same damage again to surrounding enemies.
Both instances of Reaping Slash deals 55 bonus damage against monsters.

Blade's Reach (W): After a short delay in which he can't perform any other actions, Kayn performs an upwards sweep with his scythe, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line and Slow icon slowing them by 60% decaying over 1.5 seconds.

Shadow Step (E): Kayn gains 40% bonus movement speed, is Ghost ghosted and can ignore terrain collision for 1.5 seconds. Immobilizing effects will interrupt Shadow Step.

Umbral Trespass (R):

Kayn infests a marked enemy champion for up to 2.5 seconds, True Sight icon revealing them and becoming Playful untargetable for the duration. Reactivating Umbral Trespass ends it earlier.
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When you are in champion select you should allready be looking towards what form you should choose. If they have a squishy team go for Blue form, if they havy a tanky team OR if you need a frontline bruiser, then go for red team ( also good if they have a lot of melee champs )

Rhaast form (Red) is really good against tanks/melees as you can use your q on them in fights all the time, which gives you alot of HP back and it's easier to hit your W aswell, and usually melees got more HP which means you get more hp back from your ULT

Shadow form (Blue) is really good against squishy targets, if they have a poke comp, or if you are really fed from early on, you can also choose to go for this form, even though Red form might be better later on.

Both forms has strenght and weaknesses
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+ Really fast clear
+ High mobility
+ High damage
+ Unique gank paths
+ Great zoning


- Has hard jungle matchups
- Needs to get into melee range
- Can get peeled hard
- Is bad playing from behind

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I usually do the same pathing in 90% of my games.

Starting at Raptors alone which is a huge plus to your teammates, as they dont have to give you a pull.

Watch video clip to look at my pathing:

The standard path is Raptors - Red - Golems, and then do then do your blue side, and then look for a gank/invade + scuttle.

Another strong early cheese on Kayn is Red-Ratpors- the 2 small wolves and then blue buff ( can do in oppisite order to end on the other side of the map, meaning Blue - 2 small wolves, raptors and red. ) to get a fast lvl 3, and go for a early gank around 2:40-2:50
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When you are playing Kayn in the early game you pretty much have 1 job. GET YOUR FORM AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Before you have your form you aren't really a full champion, you get your first huge powerspike when you achieve it, and if you get it early you can use it for snowballing. If you can abuse a lane for easy ganks or counter jungle the enemy alot, maybe if your matchup is really good. Lets say hes a Zac or Amumu then you should be pretty good to go for invading him, as you win the 1v1 and you get the form really easy just by hitting him alot, so focus on that. If they have a jungler you can't 1v1, then you should be focusing on a lane that is easy to gank, and remember that you can use your Shadow Step to gank way easier!


Getting into the midlane you have different playstyles depending on a lot of things, what form you are, if you are ahead or behind etc.

If you are Rhaast form you are a bruiser which means you should be looking to teamfight. In the teamfights you can play them differently depending on different things, if you are ahead I like to either go for their backline and zone them while your team is killing their frontline, or you can peel for your carries and nuke down the tanks, as you kill them quite easy while you stay healthy.

If you are Shadow form you would be looking to pick off people and zone off their carries in fight with your fast movementspeed and pressure overall while in Shadow Step. You can easily 1shot squishy targets, and you should be looking to do that! Find them when they are rotating, farming sidelanes etc. or dive straight into their backline when they arent expecting you!


If you get to the lategame then Kayn is either really strong or kinda yikes depending on what enemy team is made of. If they have a lot of tanks and you are Rhaast then they can't really kill you as you would just perma heal up, but if they have a lot of dmg it can be hard to kill anyone as they will kill you really fast, so what you should be aiming to do, is either peel for a carry, kill their frontline or take pressure from their backline. You can also go for picking off their sidelaner/splitpusher, as you can move over walls quite fast.

If you are Shadow Form you should be looking for sidelaners/splitpushers most of the time, as you can get around the map really fast and pick them off quite easy with all your damage. If you have Flash up you can also try to look for a fight and nuke their backline, but this is a bit more risky, cus' if you **** up, you might just die instant and loose the game.
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When i play Kayn i usually go for farming a lot early to get a huge XP advantage, meaning that i priotize farming over ganging in the first 4-5 min of the game.

When you are looking for a gang you should always look at the lanes, how they are pushing/ being pushed, if your laners have any cc. You should also look to mainly gang melee champs to get your Red form earlier, but you can also go for ganking ranged champions if they are easier to get kills on, and if you ever get the Assasin form you just wait 4 min to get Red form, and use those 4 min to keep farming and keeping your XP lead over the enemy jungler.

Kayn is a champion that has huge snowball potential, he is kinda the melee version of Nidalee, which is considered one of the strongest junglers in challenger elo, as Nidalee is very snowbally , and so is Kayn.

When you wanna fight people the way you should go, is using E over wall, getting closer to them and engage with Q-Auto-W and wait for Q to be up again, and if you get low you should ulty a healthy target to get full HP back and do the same pattern over again. ( can sometimes ult lower hp targets if it means you are gonna kill them, always depending )
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Mercury's Treads is great if enemy team is CC or AP heavy
Ninja Tabi is perfect if enemy team is AD heavy!
The perfect jungle item
Black Cleaver is really good for Darkin Form as it gives him all the stats that he possible would need!
Spirit Visage Is really insane if enemy team has some AP damage, you get HP, MR, CDR and more heal when you use your spells, perfect fit!
Getting a bit more tanky aswell as getting some damage is really great
An extra life is always good, good for zoning and creating pressure also! Can always pick up this item throughout the game
Death's Dance is really good as you gain so much heal back, perfect if enemy team is quite tanky or if you are ahead, or just as a lategame item
If you need to get a bit more armor and tankyness Randuin's Omen is the choice!
If enemy team is AP heavy and you want an early item against their AP dmg, get Maw of Malmortius
Adaptive Helm is really good if the have a lot of dot dmg Cassiopeia, Teemo etc.
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Really good for moving around the map faster, get this item in most cases on Rhaast Kayn
Mercury's Treads is great if enemy team is CC or AP heavy
Ninja Tabi is perfect if enemy team is AD heavy!
Gives you the ability to smite enemies which means your can ult them, also gives a bit more nuke dmg.
Duskblade of Draktharr Is a MUST have item on Blue Kayn, as you get lethality which means you can 1shot enemies when you have enough
Youmuu's Ghostblade is another must have item, movementspeed and lethality is the perfect combo for Blue Kayn and assasins in general
This could be an option if you need to get a bit more tanky towards the late game!
An extra life is always good, good for zoning and creating pressure also! Can always pick up this item throughout the game
Another Lethality item, get this!
If enemy team is AP heavy and you want an early item against their AP dmg, get Maw of Malmortius
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Thx alot for reading through my guide and getting down here!

Kayn is a really fun jungler to play and has a really fun playstyle because of his ability to choose his path.

I would appreciate if you would drop a like if you enjoyed this guide, as it would help me a lot, and you can always check out my stream if you want to see some high elo gameplay or if you got any questions about anything ( i can answer most of the league related ones ;) )

Overall i think Kayn is a great jungler who offers different things and you can play him anygame no matter what, either you choose Red or Blue form depending on what your team and enemy team, which is great for flexibility!
🔱FNC styllEE's Challenger Kayn🔱
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