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Nautilus Humor Guide by Bludes

Tank Football Nautilus Saves The Day

Tank Football Nautilus Saves The Day

Updated on July 6, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bludes Build Guide By Bludes 16 3 31,428 Views 41 Comments
16 3 31,428 Views 41 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bludes Nautilus Build Guide By Bludes Updated on July 6, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Hello - and welcome Summoners to my Brand new Football Nautilus Guide!
First I want to say that this guide shouldn't be taken seriously, because it is in the HUMOR SECTION.
I played a few games before and realised, that Nautilus looks kinda like a footballplayer...
I tested it with homeguard and Nautilus hidden passive got activated:
Nautilus summoner quickly started to speak and act like a real football player and ended the game with a touchdown in the enemy's base.

If you want to follow my idea you should read this guide from the beginning to the end to become the true FOOTBALL NAUTILUS and save the day with an ULTIMATE TOUCHDOWN from the base to the enemy's nexus.

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Pros / Cons


+ Fastest Champ in the League
+ Can win games with ultimate touchdown
+ Easy escapes
+ Can tackle other Champions down
+ His Ultimate allows him to get in front of the enemy


- Doesn't look different
- Needs a good pull
- The touchdown is difficult to handle
- Your teammates will insult you
- Need many kills and farm to get all items

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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

For Football- Nautilus it is very important to have much health and movement speed to avoid enemy tackles, etc. It's also very useful in the jungle, because you have to in the beginning.
So you should buy Greater Glyph of Health, Greater Mark of Health and Greater Seal of Percent Health to become the alpha player and don't forget the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for even more speed! It's also very useful to escape, but you should keep in mind:
Nautilus doesn't need to run away, HE IS THERE! In low elo Q...
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You may be a bit confused but don't be afraid! You see this little movement speed buff down the utility tree? We want to go this way to become even more faster! Riot made Nautilus slow but we don't put up with this and so did Nautilus! HE BECAME THE FASTEST AND GREATEST CHAMP IN THE LEAGUE! *cough* Sorry... I just want to say, my lovely little Teemo, you have to go this way for some health at the beginning and the important movement speed! Jungling should be a bit hard but don't forget to steal farm everytime you try to gank a lane! It's also very important to ask for a good pull or your jungle is messed up.
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Smite for Football Nautilus is an optional spell.
You don't really need it because you just sit on your enemys and they will insta-die,
but for you who isn't sure how to become the true Nautilus Smite could be useful.
It's also very helpful when your teammates didn't realise you will carry this game with your ultimate touchdown and won't help you at the blue buff .

Ghost is insted of Smite obligation!
If you want to become the true FOOTBALL Nautilus (and I know you want...)
you should keep this spell in your two-slot-inventory!
Ghost will help you to handle the TOUCHDOWN, faster jungling and better ganks!
Hmm... Don't you smell it? It's Hecarim's salvia.. Nevermind.
So KEEP IN MIND: Do ALWAYS keep Ghost with you and everything will be alright.

I think you've forgotten every single word I just told you...
You don't take Flash instead of Ghost BUT (!) you can take Flash instead of Smite!
Flash will help you to escape, higher mobility in jungling phase and in football phase, avoid enemy tackles and your coolness factor will be increased by 1.2 .
So if you're sure you don't want to take Smite with you, take Flash instead!

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Nautilus got a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very interesting skill setup. But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Football- Nautilus and his skill setup is even better!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I suggest you to start with your Titan's Wrath in the jungle to avoid some damage from the old, greedy blue buff . Then you go straight to your Riptide for some extra damage for the wolves and at last you skill your Dredge Line, your main skill, your gift from heaven.

This is your passive, it's not very interesting for Football- Nautilus... it allows him to deal extra damage by autoattacking.

This is Nautilus hidden passive, it allows his summoner to scream and shout
like a real commentator to encourage Football Nautilus.

Dredge Line is your skill with the most coolness. It allows Nautilus to cuddle with enemy Champions by hitting them with the anchor. It's also a very useful means of transportation.
But these things are not important at all. The goal in a Football Nautilus game is it, to achieve the touchdown and win the game. I will explain later why Dredge Line is the most important skill at all.

This is Nautilus shield, it scales with his maximum health and a great skill
for jungling. Miss Fortuneatly it's not very important for the Football Nautilus.
Anyways I suggest you to skill it first to avoid jungling problems.

Riptide allows Nautilus to have a tantrum. He will hurt every target near his anchor. It's great for jungling and ganking but that's not our goal.
Again it is very useless for the touchdown but useful to become a Football Nautilus. (Farming)

Depth Charge is your sweet ultimate. It allows Nautilus / Football Nautilus to have another tantrum. Now he is able to mark an enemy champion and throw him and all others in this area
in the air. Gladly I can say that his skill isn't only useful for ganking and escapes, but also for the ultimate touchdown... I will explain it later, don't worry!
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You might think there are many ways to build Football Nautilus huh?
Well...there are, but these ways are not the right ways! It's very important
to build much speed so a few Zephyrs are the right candy for you.

After you bought your jungle item, you should sell it and go on with
boots. You should upgrade it to Mobility Boots because Football Nautilus needs
the maximum speed. BUT that's not all... go on with Enchantment: Homeguard. This is not
optional, this is a "must have".

This Item is also a "MUST HAVE!" because it increases your movement speed by 40%.
It won't work if your teammates will make you faster (!) Football Nautilus is a lonely Warwick so he needs no help expect jungling... but that's just the normal Nautilus.
And we don't need the normal one, do we?

I really recommend you to buy Youmuu's Ghostblade because it increases your movement by 20%! It's not that good like Shurelya's Battlesong but it's still 20%!
And you know we want to have the maximum speed to avoid all enemy tackles and for the ultimate touchdown to win the game for you and your team.

These three wonderful blades are the key to victory. You will gain 10% movement speed each Zephyr. They are the best Items if you want to have a competition with the wind.
If you build Nautilus like this, he will soon become the true Football Nautilus and is ready for the ultimate touchdown.

These are also movementspeed items. I don't know if you will become the true Football Nautilus with these one, because you are much slower, you have no shurelya's but if your game is a jerk and wants to destroy you, you should try these items out, because they are much cheaper.
But if you can go the Zephyr way, you should go this one because it got a success rate out of 99.9%.
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The Ultimate Touchdown

This is the most important part of the Guide!
If you followed all the steps i told you, you are ready for the ULTIMATE TOUCHDOWN.
If you made everything right, this is you way to victory.

I made this video to explain what I mean the whole time.
This Nautilus in the video is not a normal Nautilus, no... He became the
true Football Nautilus and saved the victory for his team. I will explain every
single step for this important step NOW:
First of all it is very important you stay like 30 seconds in the base.
Now his hidden passive activates and his summoner will start doing his job.
If you feel fully encouraged it's time for the run of your life.
Start by activating Shurelya's Battlesong and Youmuu's Ghostblade.
With the extra movement speed from the Zephyrs you should now be fast as hell.
Go on with running straight throw the midlane! Now it's important (!) to hit the enemy with your ultimate Depth Charge so he won't be able to tackle you anymore. After you did that try to aim with your Dredge Line to the enemy's base. That's not possible? NOT FOR FOOTBALL Nautilus! I TOLD YOU, WE PROTEST AGAINST RIOT SO WE CREATED FOOTBALL NAUTILUS! *cough*
If you made it and aimed to the enemy's base, Football Nautilus will drag himself to it and achives the ultimate touchdown.
After you made it, you team will instant win the game and you may get reported for hacking.
But always keep in mind: We don't follow Riot's rules anymore... we create our own! WE CREATED FOOTBALL Nautilus!
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I hope you guys enjoyed my little fun guide and I hope I'll get good feedback!
Let me know all your thoughts, because I'm very interested in. :)
What do you think if there was a football Nautilus skin? IT WOULD BE SO COOL I'M GONNA DIE. *fangirl mode off*
I think I would freak out and buy it for me and all my friends and for you of course. <3
Because I love you aaaaaaall the same. :)
Thanks for reading and don't forget: Nautilus will achieve the touchdown and your game is done!!

Edit: Changed the layout a bit!


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