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Taric Build Guide by l55i

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author l55i

For all new to ranked supporting

l55i Last updated on August 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm l55i and i am bringing you a guide that will help you with the support role in ranked games. When ever this is just a lastplace support pick or a standard pick i'd really like for you to explore all the options with this guide leaveing you with greater experience and good support laning (preferebly).

I hope this guide helps all of you and that youd enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy putting it toghter.

I'd like to apologise for any and all misspells, please understand that english is not the language i was raised into and i'm still learning its many uses and word formations along with the words, any corrections are apriciated as long as you state them in an orderly fashion, i expect all of you to be mature enough and i also expect no troll comments.

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For runes i take:
3x Greater Quintessence of Gold,which gives me increased gold income;
9x Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction, which gives me .16% cooldown reduction;
9x Greater Glyph of Mana, which gvies me 11.25 mana;
9x Greater Seal of Replenishment, which gives me .41% mana regen.

I chose these runes to get an advantage in supporting and it allows me to close the money gap I get because i can not farm minions. All in all this rune usage can be used with all support champions.

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For masteries i go with 0 / 5 / 25, Taking summoners resolve in both the trees and then focus on getting all utility bonuses that i need for a good stabile support.

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For items i start off with Mana Manipulator and a Health Potion, I get some wards as soon as I can, that is also when I buy philosopher's stone for gold income. After i get myself a philosopher's stone i start building up my Aegis of the Legion, giving me and my lane partner increased armor, magic resist and attack damage. Along with my Shatter skill, Aegis of the Legion grants a good armor bonus leaving the enemys ad carry more or less useless. After that i get Heart of Gold and i ubgrade eighter philosopher's stone to shurelya's reverie - activation grats a huge speed bonus, or Mana Manipulator into Soul Shroud - increased mana regen. I now get my boots if i did not build them earlier (i build them acording to the neceserity - if i need extra speed or cooldown reduction i get them relativly fast). Next I build Randuin's Omen, it gives me some tank properties and also i can slow my enemys ad carrys attack speed considerably with its activation. Last i get Zeke's Herald, thus giving my team lifesteal and attack speed.

I always keep a good eye on the map covrage so i have wards down wherever i feel necesery and i also get an Oracle's Elixir as soon as the need shows.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence.
The skill order I use generaly focuses on the well being of my lane partner sometimes neglecting the well being of myself. I always focus on keeping him safe while harrasing the enemy champions with Dazzle and Shatter. Therefore i start with getting one point in Dazzle first, allowing me to get first blood sometimes if the enemy gets too greedy or fails to retreat in time. Getting the Dazzle timing down is an important thing, which can change the entire outcome of the battle. Dazzle is a good skill to disturb alot of enemy skills like Nether Grasp, Absolute Zero etc, and it can also increases the chanses of getting a kill more often. Secoundly i start to max Shatter, which gives my lane partner like also myself a good sustain ablity ageinst the enemys ad carry, the 20 armor i get at the lvl one skill. Lastly i take Imbue at lvl four and max is secound, which gives me sustain ablity. I max Radiance at the apropriate levels, and i will also explain good tactics in the paragraphs below.

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Skill Order - 1. Shatter

This skill order is made not by the rank i take skills with but by the rank i max the with, the rank of taking skills in above for all to see.

I max Shatter first beacuse it has two great uses. Not only it gives the pasive armor to all allys, but taric recives a bost from the skill itself, which gives him alot of armor and that makes a great difrence when facing enemy ad carrys.

I use Shatter in a number of ways. I mostly use it to harras using the Dazzle - Shatter - Radiance combo which not only decreases the enemys armor but it also gvies a significat boost to all mele, ranged ad carrys on my team that are in the respective fight.

Shatter is also a good farm tool so to speak, if any of the enemy lanes are outpushing our minions and noone is farming them i can easely pick off all the minions on the lane with a Shatter - Radiance combo which gives me alot of cc that im missing and it also allows me to get back into the position im suposed to be in really fast.

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Skill Order - 2. Imbue

Imbue, I generally use Imbue to sustain the sqishy team mates, but the general sustain use has its proposes as well. If your about to destroy a turret but your a minion short healing a minion can give you the advantage you need, there is also the heal on yourself which has a 40% increased eficency due to the skills passive so to speak. That way I alot of times heald myself isntead of team mates, which allowed us to get more kills beacuse of my skill and item auras.

For instance, if i am under 50% health but my lane partner is under 80% i heal myself, giving me more survivablity since the enemy is focusing me instead of theyr preferd target, but if my lane partner is under like 60% i heal him since it gives us both some health, giving us a beter fighting chanse and also a good ammount of lane dominance.

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Skill Order - 3. Dazzle

Dazzle, it is a generaly used skill to poke, ground and control the enemys movement, since they are mostly scared to get too close to me to use it on them. If i lane with a burst damage carry like for instance Vayne i can easely get the enemys support stunned and kill before he has the time to react. Even if i have a less damaging champion with me like for instance caitly, she can still kill the enemy due to use of Shatter and/or Radiance which gives her a good damage boost.

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Skill Order - 4. Radiance

Radiance, generaly used in teamfigts i never try to oversave it. If you thing it can help even a tiny little bit do not hesitate to use it. Even one damage difrence can mean alot in a big or even a small skirmage. The attack damage boost it gives to all the allied champions is very usefull in teamfights, laning and especialy pushing turrets or getting neutral objectives like the dragon or baron, done alot faster and with less risk of being ganked.

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Skill Order - Passive. Gemcraft

Gemcraft gvies tarric auto attacks a mana restoration property, thus every autoattack he makes converts 7.5% damage to mana.

I utilise this ability by hitting the cannon minion on lane since the ad carry does not lose any minion count with this. That way i get some mana regen and also my lane partner can skill get all the money he needs.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i generaly use Flash and Heal.

Flash - Gives me an outstanding escape ability, and also it has good tactical use, like for instance i can flash into the enemy team using Shatter - Radiance combo to damage them and also give my ad carry a short time in which he can damage them considerably.

Heal - I generaly use it focusing on early game, like saving my team mate whit double Heal and it also allows me to be as bold as to turret dive the enemy for a short duration, flashing our and still staying alive beacuse of Heal.

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Pros / Cons


  • Great early game
  • Alot of aura for the team
  • A good tanky support ability later

  • Cannot support more then one person at a time
  • Losing to ability power champions
  • Weak in 1v1 fights

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Team Work

Team work is crucial to get a maximum resoult. To utilise the Dazzle/ Shatter/ Radiance combo the best way is to get your team to cooperate, getting them to over extend and thus getting you behind them quckly flashing in and using the combo stated above, giving your teammate that was bating the ability to get a few fast kills or etleast make them return to base.

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A few final words.

Well this conculdes my taric guide, i hope you all liked it.
I will try to anwser any questions, you can send them to - I will not anwser any troll mails, the user will be insta blocked and also any mail with no topic will be automaticly ignored.

I will also as you to state your reason for any disslikes to the guide beacuse as noone is I am not perfect and I would really like to fix any and all missunderstandings.

Thank you for your time and enjoy playing league of legends ^^

I hope noone trolls me just beacuse they dont like my playstile, this is a personilised guide which I have made to help the people who want to use it and if it suits them, I will be honored that I helped them with improving theyr experience.