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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author afroknight

Four Darts is to Much!

afroknight Last updated on February 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

As all things change in LoL so to must our guides. This has guide, though generally unused has undergone major changes what with the changes teemo recived all over the place.

Still a stright forward Teemo build, ap is a more viable build path with teemo but I refuse to ignore his ability to deal damage regularly as well as with his posions.

For Runes: The attack speed marks help but you coud also try for more phsical damage or armor pen here it's basically interchangeable. The dodge seals are also kind of interchangeable (with magic resist, dodge, or something else to make you less squishy as that's what marks are best at doing!) and the glyphs have been changed out for ap per level, alot of people like cooldown but I feel teemo is active enough now that it's unessacary. Ap per lvl gives you the best late game scaling of any glyphs which works well when you take something like attack speed or any kind of penetration mark as that scales well early, generally making your build balanced throughout all phases of the game.

For Items: For your starting item, some say go vampiric scepter, I used to agree but I feel it's clearly situational. If your clearly the best viable option to go middle and the enemy's clear cut mid champion is one you dread facing, get a dorans ring and some pots for the love of god. If your going side lane and the enemy team is tanky, the scepter mabye your only hope of not getting owned early and having to recall frequently.

The final build is mostly an attempt to balance posion and mushroom damage with your autoattacks so hopefully you can do adequate damage to just about anything that moves. Bloodthirster gives your only real survivability and it's honestly not the best so your very squishy, take note of this.

You can put anything in for the 6th item, more phsical attack with The Black Cleaver or if you feel like more ap Rabadans Deathcap mabye?(MOAR AP!) more attack speed Phantom Dancer?(Also adds movement and crit so that's a big plus and yes that does stack comepletly with the other phantom dance) or Be less squishy with a Frozen Mallet?(And gaurntee no one escapes you with the slows) Depending on what you want. I took the hextech gunblade to continue my path of mix ap/ad, my attack speed is already pretty high and like I said the balance makes hybrid teemo more viable now than before.

For Masteries: I take all the damage/crit/attack speed I could, also took the ignite mastery cause I use that summoner spell and it's an easy way to allow you to get the final mastery, you could go another way like taking some points in sorcery for cool down reduction. I then just picked a few defense masterys.

Summoner spells: With ghost & move quick teemo is one of the fastest moving things in the league and ignite to further stack with your posions and make sure none escape your midgety wrath. Flash is viable option for ghost as it gives a escape or a way to cut down your enemies with suprise moves but for the love of god learn how to use it! Flash can be used just as horribely as it can be used brilliantly.

For skills: I take Toxic shot first and try to go mid so I can lvl real quick, in like one minion wave then get blinding dart second so I can use the blind when I need it and usually try to start harassing, I keep taking toxic shot first so I do most damage over time with the passive posion as aposed to spending mp on the blind just to generate offense. Meaning most of my mp consumption goes to placing mushrooms for lane control and gank stopping.