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Ahri Build Guide by AST Raposo

Jungle gold

Foxes in the Jungle! (Ahri Jungle Guide for Normal Game)

By AST Raposo | Updated on August 6, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Ahri
    AP Ahri
  • LoL Champion: Ahri
    AD Ahri

Runes: Lethal Tempo Build

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #8 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Beginning ( Read ''Possible Pathing'' Chapter)
First back (Read ''Possible Pathing'' Chapter)

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Champion Build Guide

Foxes in the Jungle! (Ahri Jungle Guide for Normal Game)

By AST Raposo
Introduction Back to Top
1 - Introduction

Hello, I am ''Raposo Selvagem''from (BR) server.
I Always played on midlane and always loved play as Ahri.I Love Ahri's Origin and everything.

2018 i started play as jungler and became a main Jungler but Ahri was still in my heart (and still are) so i thought.....Why not to play As Ahri jungle?

So I started to test a lot of things on practice tool and YES. It is possible to make Ahri jungle and not be crushed.

Below is my recent match history( Updated on June,17th).

If you want,you can see by yourself throughoutThis Link
2 - Are you trolling with this build?

No.If you ever try to do your best , never is trolling. This offmeta pick is viable,and nobody can report you if you are really playing to win.
3 - My YT Channel

This is a game where i show how the lethal tempo rune works.

Does Ahri Jungle have sustain? Back to Top

Although it makes the clear a little slower,it is a good point to explore.
Pros and cons Back to Top


Extremely good for put pressure when ahead
Even better for pickoffs mid/late game
Fun to play with?
Good for stealing Dragon and Baron
Easy kill in ganks if someone in your team has a stun


Be Invaded almost everytime
When is too much behind,hardly will back to the game
Cannot kill the drake by herself
Dificulty to clean the jungle before first purchase
Cannot 1v1 most of the junglers
Runes Explanation (AP Ahri) Back to Top

  • This is the most useful rune you can choose. With Lethal tempo you can give 100-250 extra damage in a early gank,while electrocute or other runes will only give 40-60.

  • I prefer triumph because Ahri don't need mana to go for (Presence of mind)but You can go for it if you think triumph is not so useful.

  • To stack your atk speed (It won't help you so much but it is the better option).

  • Give more damage when enemies are low.You can choose (Cut down) instead.


  • I Take it because of the possibility it gives to buy the faster. In My opinion,Ahri needs it to become less vulnerable

  • This is a good rune choice because you are a Ahri Jungle,anytime you can miss a positioning or something,this rune can sometimes prevent you die in a moment that your time is ahead. It is also 250 extra gold for a future Zhonyas Hourglass.
Optional Runes (AP Ahri) Back to Top

  • Extra cooldown reduction because Ahri needs it.

  • This rune is being very use in higher elos on champions that don't have a gap closer or champions that kite forward.In Ahri case,you can use it with lethal tempo rune.

  • Can be very useful if the game last too much.


  • Its a good choice if you think you won't be so active early. It's 300 extra gold anyway. If you can be active,you can use Perfect timing instead.

  • you may not notice at the beggining, but it helps a lot the cleaning reducing smite and skills cooldown.
Item Situations Back to Top
  • This is the only item you have to buy in any occasions. This item give you AP and CDR.

  • This item gives you a lot of atk speed,20% cooldown reduction and can work very well if together lichbane.Very recommended if you can easy kite the enemy team. It can be build

  • Most of games you have to buy this item(as third or fourth) because of its magic penetration and grievous wounds it inflicts.

  • Works well with Nashor's tooth but can also be used without.

  • If the game is too much easy,snowball them with tons of AP. If your team is behind,don't buy it.

  • Buy this as fourth or fifth item if enemy team has built magic resistance.

  • This item is very important against bruiser and champions with lots of HP like Cho'gath,Mundo,Sett.

  • If there is an (AD)carry very fed or if enemy team has too much crowd control.

  • Only if enemy team have an (AP)carry very fed. (I Rarely do this item even against a fed AP)
How AD Ahri Works in-game? Back to Top

This video is not a tutorial to how to clean the jungle or rotation. Is a example of how to behave for ganks , teamfights and objectives as a AD Ahri.
AD Ahri Runes Back to Top

  • Lethal tempo because you will need its extra atk speed

  • The same thing i said on AP Ahri.You can go for(Presence of Mind) if you think triumph isn't useful.

  • Life steal would be even better with . But you won't stack it as fast as you need.

  • You can go for instead

Inspiration Option

  • It can be useful mid game and then. You can gain time for your team response

  • Extremely important. You need this rune to buy the jungle item faster,so you can clean the jungle easily.

Domination Option

  • To gain some extra damage after repositioning

  • To Clean enemies vision and set yours.

Items order for AD Ahri Back to Top
Lethal Tempo Build

> > > > > > > >


> > > > > > > >
Early game behavior Back to Top

Starting Red Buff, Ward the bush showed in the image above, back to base and buy Oracle Lens

It will prevent you to be invaded without have any reaction.

Basicly, Early game you have to avoid most of junglers tracking because of Ahri's Weakness as a jungler

Try to Always counter jungling. This is best way to get advantage as Ahri.

If your jungle is being invaded,try to respond with a gank or try to kill him if possible. Do not try to also invade him back. Ahri doesn't clean the jungle camps fast in the beginning, so you will get more behind than you already are.

If the Enemy laner has no escape,consider gank him as possible. See this example below.

Here i Used ''Normal combo variation'' Combo.

Here i used ''trap'' Combo
Mid game behavior Back to Top
Always have 2 pink wards in your inventory After the 10 minutes , Look for pickoffs to grant objectives for your team. Ahead is a Example of where you can do it.

The enemy won't have vision of you behind that wall. So you can beat him down with no problem.
Possible Pathing Back to Top

Lethal Tempo Build

1 - Start with + 2

2 - you have two rotations i recommend.

2.1 - Blue Buff > Gromp > Wolves > > Red buff side

2.2 - Red Buff > Raptors > Krugs > > Blue buff side

Book Build

1 - Start with + 2

2 - you have two rotations

2.1 - Red Buff > Raptors > Krugs. Back to base to buy as soon as possible

2.2 (If you are starting red side and your toplaner couldn't give you a good leach) - Blue buff > Gromp + healing with wolves > Wolves > > Raptors and Krugs

IMPORTANT - All these rotations are the same if you are AD or AP.
Why 2 Potions? Back to Top
Because of the not so recent rework on jungle,When you do the following rotation....You will have about 480...495 gold. Together you could buy early.

Red > Raptors > Krugs


Red > Krugs > Raptors
Combos for gank Back to Top
Normal Combo -

AA > > AA > >

Examples of when to use : when the enemy doesn't have flash or any other way of escape from you.

Normal Combo Variation -

AA > > > AA >

Examples of when to use : When the enemy still have flash but has no mobility skills.

Charm Cancel -

> > >

Examples of when to use : In general, When the enemy is escaping out of your charm range
Combos for midgame and then Back to Top
Trap -

> > >

Examples of when to use : when you are in a strategic bush that someone will facecheck

Chasing a squishy champion -

> > > >

When to use : Basicly when you are fed and want a pickoff for objectives. The charm is only necessary if the enemy still have flash.
Ability order and reasoning Back to Top
1 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

  • Orb Of deception is the best damage skill Ahri has and will be the first you have to optimize,because it allow you clean the jungle camps easily and have more damage to deal to the enemies

3 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

  • Although Foxfire doesn't give you too much extra damage as orb of deception does,its cooldown decrease every point what makes it worth update before charm.

6 / 11 / 16
  • Spirit Rush always that is possible. The skill itself combs very well with Ahri Kit and The cooldown decrease drastically every point.

2 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18

  • optimize Charm won't decrease its cooldown and only gives you a little of extra damage and 0.15 sec extra duration.Since the extra damage and CC won't help to clean the jungle and neither help you for ganks,its not worth.
Credits Back to Top
All credits to @jhoijhoi to help me with this Amazing bbcode guide

Credits to ''VK Fizz'' to help me with the design
10.16 Back to Top
1 - cooldown instead of ''coaldown'' (lol)
2 - Items for Dark Harvest build
3 - Aphelios, Ashe , Khazix and Kayn added as Threat
4 - some useless chapters removed (double information)
5 - Mejai as a good option when ahead.
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