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Master Yi Build Guide by Chadley

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chadley

from Wuju Bladesman to Jedi Master: the tale of AP Yi

Chadley Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Yi is character torn between worlds, his body is naturally suited to be an AD storm, quick burst damage followed by a glorious death on the field of Battle.
Yi has powerful magic with in him that he can channel to deal long rage nuke damage with his devastating Q, or heal himself seconds away from certain death.

I decided that Yi's uncanny ability to back door like a boss, and do physical burst damage was just to good to pass up, Sooooo im taking it along too, i mean you cant be a good Jedi without some sickass light saber pwnage.

The end product is a cautious earl game Yi who strikes at the most opportune moments, a Yi for farms like it was no bodies buisness.

A mid game Yi who utilizes guerrilla tactics to dip and dive through out the enemies lines and who still farms ridiculously

And an end game Yi who drops in nukes an entire then precedes to dps them down with a flurry of autoattacks, just when the enemy organizes and comes in to deliver the final blow to channel your inner energy and tank the teams damage while healing to full as your allies destroy your opponents because they just blew all their cooldowns on you, and then mop up with a final force nuke a walk out with a few kills yourself

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Pros / Cons

- the mechanic on his Q allows him to get away with crazy harass with little risk to himself
- sustainability, and survivability with crazy heals from his W
- very strong late game, high sustained burst damage very difficult to actually kill
- strong farm all game long
- Yi gets the force

- very item dependent, needs lots of farm
- dies quickly when focused in team fights
- mana problems early/ mid game
- looses alot of melee power til late game

over all i think with AP Yi your able to contribute more to your team and do more to win the game, much more survivability and sustained damage

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Pretty standard AP build with a nice boost to ghost, allows you to get out of most ganks with some decent movement

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the good stuff, unfortunately Jedi Yi is extremely item dependent but once you get your farm on and get nice and fed, might even consider a gold for 5 item, there's not alot that cant stop you.

1. Doran's Ring- (more like scrape ring) good all around start, health so you can't get blown up and ability power so when you use the force (Q) it stings a little

2. Hextex Revolver- this is ticket to long lane sustainability, also right around when you get this your q should be hitting pretty hard and you should really be able to farm under most conditions

3. Boots- MR pen ftw

4. Rabadon's Deathcap- because it makes you hurt so good you wont ever want to take it off ;)

5. Fiendish Codex- CD is amazing for spamming Q and having a free ghost and heal around a little more often aint too shabby. the extra manna helps loads as well lots of sustain (tip: Blue Buff is Yi's fountain of youth)

6.The GUNBLADE: right about this time you should be able to hit pretty hard and also survive really long and now you take your first steps into using the good ol fashion sword again. you get all kinds of spell vamp and life steal so in the end you really cant do anything that wont heal you in some way.

7. N.tooth- allows you to back door like a pro and take out turrets at will, Yi's natural melee capabilities make this item fit him like he's been doin it his whole life

8. and 9. icing only the cake more killing power from lichbane and some more from rageblade, you can switch these out for some MR is the situation calls for it but giving the right circumstances i love to lick the icing off the cake and use it to destroy my foes. But in all seriousness some MP would be a good choice does more for you than RageBlade.

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not too dead set on these, lots of MR pen, a movement quint to add to Yi's already impressive capabilities(helps to get out of ganks/chase, and farm), extra AP always good, and lots of life so you look big and chunky, but some fer into your opponent

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Q - Alpha Strike: This is your Bread and Butter spell, Also your main source of damage, i lvl this spell first every game. It gets boosted by 100% of your ability power, which makes it a very hard hitting spell.
The mechanics on this spell are hard somewhat random, its hard to get the hang of but once you do there is no stopping you. I have noticed that if you choose to attack minions it usually spits you out right back where you were to start, but if you attack Champs it puts you right by them when the spell is over.

W - Meditate: This is the other element that makes AP Yi soo beastly, Its a crazy heal with MR and Armor for its duration getting 165% of AP. This gives you all your survivability and 5 seconds of a tank's dream
This spell can be devastating when used at the right time, i enjoy baiting people into my tower and healing for my whole life while they die

E - Wuju Style: not really all that useful to you, nice to have tho, (never turn down good AD), I save this spell til last, not that useful early game, i do however drop on point in there because the extra damage really helps farming alot and the extra gold from that does more than make up for the loss in heals which are always substantial no matter the lvl of the skill

Yi's passive Double Strike is good gives you and extra swing every 7th attack which always helps farming

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Team Work

AP Yi is one of the best pokers in the game and there's nothing like a good nuke from Yi to start a teamfight. he does best in log drawn out fights because he has soo much survivability, basically when **** hits the fan you heal yourself while tanking the enemy (because for some reason everyone likes to hit someone when their healing) and then either run away very quickly or nuke the hell out of the enemy team. Yi really starts to shine late game so be cautious early game because thats when you are at your weakest.

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Press Q and i guess you can auto attack if you really want to