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Ashe Build Guide by Purplepeople6

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Purplepeople6

Frozen Jungle

Purplepeople6 Last updated on April 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I am Purplepeople6(level 30) this is my first guide so it may seem a little ruff. If you somehow reached this page then you had the same exact idea i had when i first started playing jungle ashe.... It starts with Ashe finishing wolves, then walking to mid lane for a gank and ulting the enemy mid lamer, then walking right up to the enemy champ and AAing it with the q on, the slow prevents a speedy escape and the gank was successful. I created this guide to help anyone who had this dream and wants to make it a reality.

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Idea of Ashe Ganking

Ashe Jungle is not meant to be a carry, she is meant to be a utility in which gets others on your team to carry. When ashe builds jungle she has very low AD and even lower chance of killing a champ, but her ability to allow a teammate to kill is amazing. If you are reading this guide and want to try Jungle Ashe, DO NOT think before every gank that you will get a kill, because your sole purpose is to slow and stun the enemy for your laner. I cannot emphasize this enough, when you gank a lane you are simply turning the enemy laner from a giant-death-eating-soul-stealing-lucain-wife-killing beast into a nice tender steak for your teammates to eat on, you accomplish this through your slow and stun.

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The Two ways of Jungle Ashe

There are two ways to gank as Jungle Ashe, the Ult gank and the Q gank. The Ult gank can be used across the map if you are good with her ult skill shot, while as the q gank is a hundred times more difficult to succeed in and takes a lot of practice to perfect

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Ult Gank

The Ult gank works as it sounds, you line up your ult and the stun will last long enough for your teammate to secure the kill, its as simple as that

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Q gank

The Q gank is executed by walking behind the enemy laner through the jungle, then entering the lane behind him/her and start auto attacking with your q on, lead them to where they want to go so you have the slow on as long as possible, then if they ever get within a dangerous area let them pass you while continuing to slow them. Trust me, they will act as if you are not there and will simply walk in front and around you trying to escape, 90% of the time i find that the trapped lamer does not even attack me. Hopefully your teammate has secured the kill and now you can continue juggling. This gank takes extreme kiting skill and the ability to know when you can chase and when it is not worth it.

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Pros / Cons

- Great Ganking abilities
- AA slow passive
- Ult initiate/ Gank
- Can carry game as utility
- Strong Mid/Late Game

- Squishy
- Low base AD
- Weak Early Game
- Angry Teammates

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Unique Skills

The Q and Ultimate make Ashe Jungle
- Q applies a crippling slow to enemies
- Ult applies a stun and damage that increase based on distance the arrow has traveled
- Great Kiting mechanics