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Zilean Build Guide by Teemoteemo

Tank Full Tank Zilean Jungle.

Tank Full Tank Zilean Jungle.

Updated on June 28, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teemoteemo Build Guide By Teemoteemo 5,507 Views 0 Comments
5,507 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Teemoteemo Zilean Build Guide By Teemoteemo Updated on June 28, 2016
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Hey guys, welcome to my SUPER GREAT QUITE OVERPOWERED Zilean Tank jungle. This build is great for if your team needs a jungle, a tank, and doesn't mind losing. HOWEVER, I would note I actually have a 55% win rate this season with this build. So clearly it's not that bad.
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Laning Phase

Zilean is primarily a ganking champion, and his level 3 ganks is UBER strong. Make sure you ask your team for a strong leash. Tell them you won't smite the camp. When it's at about 25% get your leash off and bomb it to kill.

Typically, you want to start on the red side. This way you can get health back after the buff camp almost kills you. Either way, you typically actually want to kill the little ones first, then go for the big guy. This applies to every camp with multiple monsters. Try to make sure you always have your smite up for the blue and red camps.

Kill one side of the jungle, then proceed to the otherside but ONLY kill the buff on that side. This way you'll still have enough health to go for a Gank. Your level three gank should be very overpowered. Your move order should be E to slow, that'll make it easier to hit your Q next, then W to get both back and try to Q before the first E wears off. That way you'll get the stun. Then when the stun wears off E again to slow. If you don't use your QWQ combo quick enough, you may miss the second Q or you may have to use your E to land the second Q, but it's kind of pointless to slow a person you're about to stun so try to avoid that.

After you do that, run mid (or if you were ganking mid) run top. When you get there all your abilities should be up again and you can do another overpowered, crazy strong, lane winning gank.
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Alternative start

So there is one major alternative start y'all can try. It only works if you know they're starting a certain side.

First, make sure you start on the opposite corner of them. Get a strong leash and kill your first buff. Then move to their side and kill exactly one camp from their side. Make sure you only kill one, because your clear speed is pretty slow and if you kill more they'll drop on you. After that, ward their buff and stand behind a wall somewhere. They'll come in to kill their buff, assuming you're smart you started Q and W. When their buff is about 600 health, QWQ it. then smite. This is a foolproof start for a few reasons.

1. You won't miss your Q. It's a bloody monster. Very easy to hit.

2. You get an easy smite. They'll be stunned immediately by your double bomb, so you'll have a full second to smite and kill the buff.

3. assuming you killed one of their other camps, you'll have enough experience to get level 3. Now just use your E to speed boost out of there.

4. Since the monster died from your smite, and the enemy JG was in range of your bombs, they get the full damage of both bombs. This will leave them very weak. They certainly won't be able to Gank, and may not be able to clear the last camp.

This is a fairly aggressive strategy. But it has a high rate of success. Especially because most junglers don't know how to play against a zilean jg.
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Alternate Alternate start.

Okay this one is like the one above but a little different.

First, start raptors or bird thingies. Have your mid give you a hard leash,and weak all the ads so one bomb will kill em. After that rush to their buff. They've probably started it, but if you ward in the bush they probably won't see your ward. You should have your QWQ combo now, try to QWQ the buff. This will get it low so you can smite it, while stunning the enemy jungler. If you have some good AD runes, try to kill their jungler too. Since they just took two bombs to the face, are weak from the fight, have no abilities up, and don't expect your armor and AD runes, it should be an easy kill.

Note: If you're in a higher elo their midlaner may come over. But in anything Gold or below they're usually not good enough to realize what's going on.
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Team fighting

This chapter is irrelevant, as you'll always win before late game.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Teemoteemo
Teemoteemo Zilean Guide
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Full Tank Zilean Jungle.

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