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Shyvana Build Guide by ibros2

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ibros2

Fus Roh Dah

ibros2 Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of League Of Legends and I will be your Bro for this Competitive Shyvana Guide !

You should know that Shyvana is a tanky-DPS fighter that scales very well late game. With her you can really get on fire... Literally !

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Pros / Cons

Every Champions has strengths and weaknesses, I'll try to show what to expect with Shyvana !


Scales VERY well late game

Farming Machine

Good constant DPS and harass

Transform into dragon and become really BEEFY

Enemies will focus you, the Off-Tank

You can get out of trouble by so many ways

Can easily pick up straggler's


No Range at all

No Crowd Control of any sort

Can be kited easily by any good Mage/Ranged AD/Singed...

Very bad Ganker for a Jungler

No support Skills

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The runes choices are mostly preferences. I like Armor Pen runes mostly because I don't build any in my items choice. I had run some tests lately with CDR glyphs and saw that theses really work their magic, letting you burnout their HP endlessly. You won't be missing Magic Resist Glyphs, since you stack early Magic Resist in Mercury Threads and Wit's End.

I'm pretty sure HP Quint works great even thought I prefer ArPen ones. Since I build so much healths bars throughout the game, theses lack of usefulness during late game, where Shyvana shine the most.

As for the seals, Resilience Seals are the only ones worthy of choosing.

By the way, the runes you use for Solo-Top are the same as the Jungling Build.

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As you can see, on the first page is the Jungling masteries. Letting you remove the most damage from neutral monsters and minions and increasing buffs duration. Gold per 10 is also a really good plus (Even thought Shyvana is a farming monster).

As for the Solo-Top Masteries, I can't really tell which is the best. 21/9/0 taking buffed Ignite or Exhaust or 9/21/0 for more early durability. I take +6 armor since I will be stacking early Magic Resist in Mercury Threads and Wit's End.

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Items chosen on Shyvana will have a huge impact on your play. Always remember your strengths and weaknesses and how to make up to it.

You should start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions when Jungling.

Long Sword and 2 Potions works as well. Making jungling faster but more risky. Only try this if you are really confident

Vampiric Scepter is also viable and make you waste less in potions. But honestly every time I try this I find myself clearing jungle with 6-8 HP saying... OUF. It can really go wrong and end-up giving First Blood.

Once most of your Wriggle's is done you can work on your boot. Some people say Movement Speed is really important early, but Shyvana is such a bad ganker early that it will only slow your farming. Keep ganking for after lvl6.

By then you should have your Wriggle's done and boots. Why go Wriggle's ? It gives you everything you need early: damage, better farming, defense, A FREE WARD. This item has saved me countless time with his built-in ward.

Once you have built Mercury Threads you can try and Ganking left and right. But use the speed advantage to steal some jungle or farm on a desolated lane. After some successfull jungling and ganking you should be able to buy Recurve Bow for more Attack Speed.

Either build this into Wit's End if you face magic heavy enemies or Phage if you are against Melee Champions. Once you have completed your Frozen Mallet you will really have some Health bars to spare and some Burnout to give. Since your Auto Attack will now slow you will really see the true damage of a constant Burnout while you chase your opponents one by one.

Here the fun start. Now farming should be a piece of cake and you can really move from one side to the other clearing mobs and making some quick money. Teamfights will appear and be sure to be waiting in a bush, turning the tides of the battle and chasing them to death. Go back when you can work your Bloodthirster, buy Atma's Impaler first if some melee champions are giving you trouble.

Then your next items should be really situational.

Build Black Cleaver for Heavy Armored teams

Build Madred Bloodrazer for Heavy Health teams

Build Warmog's Armor if you find yourself facing the frontline

Build a second Bloodthirster if you are outfarming everyone

You can also get some more defensive items if the need be. But the Fratma's (Frozen Mallet + Atma's Impaler) combo is so deadly you shouldn't need to be more tanky, just more threatening !

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Skill Sequence

Burnout will be your main tool, by that I truly mean it. You use it to chase, to flee, to farm, to teamfight, to move faster, to clear minions while pushing turrets and many more uses I can't think of now... So you will have to max it first. Remember to cast it just before you are able to Auto Attack since they will increase the spell duration by each strike. This way, you will always be able to chase enemies and mostly make them waste Flash or kill them.

Twin Bite is another good farming tool and will benefits greatly to your jungling. Remember that Twin Bite proc on turrets making twice the damage, making you a huge tower threat. This is what will make Solo-Top bruisers think twice before attacking you head-on. Once you get Wit's End, watch the enemy melt has you proc twice the stacks when using Twin Bite. I usually max Twin Bite by level 13

Flame Breath is a little bonus to your arsenal. The spell itself is not that useful but is critical when dealing with high armor stacking opponents and can really get into a Tank health bar. At Level one it reduces enemy Armor by 15% ! Max it last.

Dragon Descent is the cool Ulti. It augments your Armor and Magic Resist greatly and make all your spells into a better version of them. You transform into a dragon and take flight in the direction of your cursor knocking back enemies in the process. It is really useful in teamfights to get a strategic position and pack enemies together or make them stay away from your squishies. In overall a good Ulti that synergize well with your other spells. Level it up when you can.

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Summoner Spells

Smite when Jungling is a must. Since you start really slow

Exhaust or Ignite are the good options for Solo-Top or any lanes.

I take Flash as the second one. Flash gets it's utility in every facet of the game, it's great for last hitting, positioning for a Epic ulti or getting away when surrounded. It's really great as a jungler because you have many chances to flash over a wall to get away.

The second option is Ghost. Since Burnout is your innate Ghost I don't see the point of using it. But many persons are having great success with this spell, so it's really to the player preferences.

You could also consider Teleport as a good choice, which make you very mobile and make good back-dooring opportunities.

Heal is viable, since buffed. But I really don't recommend it, except for players new to League Of Legends

I can't tell how many beginners think this is a good spell. Your point in playing is not to die and taking this does not help it. I don't recommend it even to beginners, since it's a really bad habit you will have to forget anyway.

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Ranked Play

Shyvana is very viable Ranked, you will see teams like: Solomid.Net, Moscow5, etc... Playing her in a daily basis. She has not been nerfed lately, so far so good i'd say !

I have a good win ratio when playing Shyvana, because you can really take a game away late even if you had a bad start. Once farmed, Shyvana is unstoppable.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is really easy on Shyvana. You will get used to her skills almost instantly.

She is really item dependant so farm the more you can. You can really out-farm any jungler and once you've build your core don't hesitate to counter-jungle and make the other jungler life a misery. Strike fear into their hearts. Make them FEAR THE DRAGON.

I usually start at enemy Wraiths, then take my own Blue (Or give it to a competent AP Champ) and follow down-south. By the time he realised you took his wraiths, you will be doing yours and then Red. Either he will try a gank or he will lurks into your jungle making him an easy target for Bot lane champions. If he does neither he just lost his gold to you, and you will come back... Faster and stronger, to steal more jungle.

Gank whenever you see a good opportunity but Shyvana is not the Champion to force theses chances remember it. Only gank when you are sure to come out ahead and make them waste a Flash or Ghost. By the time you have Wriggle's you will really farm like a BAWSS.

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Team Work

Your job is to seek chased allies and make the fight go the other way. You are so good at chasing a long distance that it really benefits you to counter a gank and set up baits with your Mid or Ranged AD

In teamfights you must be the center of battle, don't get caught behind because you can really get hurt by ranged and mages. You have to take on any melee that approach and install a border of protection for the rest of your team. You are the Off-Tank, if your team have a tankier Champion, let him initiate and follow right after.

You can really tank and take down neutral minions like Dragon or Baron, make your team feel your presence.

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Remember to cast Burnout just before Auto-Attacking to maximize the spell effect. Concentrate on the bigger minion so that the rest melt with your fire.

Cast Burnout in-between jungling spot to move faster.

It's ok to use your ulti on Dragon/Baron or a needed Buff.

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Why no Trinity Force ?

Trinity force is a wonderful item on any Tanky-DPS Champion, but I think in this case Frozen Mallet will benefits the most with the help of Atma's Impaler. Since your Ulti gives you great Resists you will need good health bar to scale with it and Frozen Mallet is just the thing. Also Trinity Force isn't a Perma-Slow that you need to chase down opponents.

Cooldown Glyph WTF ? Magic Resist are really more Cost/Efficient.

Personally I think both are fine. But since you will already have ton of Magic Resist in late game and that neutral minions doesn't deal Magic Damage you really get an advantage with Cooldown reduction. And it seem to reduce Burnout cooldown to an almost endless circle if you stack it constantly, which is GREAT ! More Burnout, more fun !

Help they stack Armor !
Go Black Cleaver !

Help they stack Health !
Go Madred Bloodrazor !(Instead of building Wriggle's)

I'm getting Counter-Jungled !
Buy 'em Wards son !

I'm getting over-harassed top !
Early Boots and Potions !

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If you want to have a really fun and powerful champion you make no mistake ! If you just want a badass Dragon it works as well !

But sincerely Shyvana is a plus in any competitive team and can really take you to high levels of skills. You can have your own meta-game and a handful of possibilities with...

The Dragon Born - Shyvana

Until then... FUS ROH DAH