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Galio Build Guide by LazyLemo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LazyLemo

Galio 3pic Tanky Caster Build

LazyLemo Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide. this guide will show you how powerful and useful can galio be by being a cheesy tank with hole bunch of mad ap. this build can make a losing game a winning one. This can kite greedy carries or ap caster into their deaths. I hope this would improve your champ and overall improve your gamming experience

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1- "reds"I picked the magic pen on the red because although im aiming on a tanky galio you still need the extra punc of damage
2- " yellows" Second set is magic resist because you would be resistant to ap casters and this will also stack up on your passice as extra ap
3- "blues" the third part was focusing on mana regen because this hero's biggest problem is that he runs out of mana in the erly game which might lead his mate to die in the batle
4-"purple runes" its is standard to any tank or even a tanky dps champ to get health as their early game aid

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In the mastery page my aim is to reduce the damage incoming to me because as you ult between 3-5 people, they would be taunted and will do damage to you, so I want reduce the effect because i would not like to leave my ultimate and my hp is really low. If you were wondering why their is nine piont is the offense it is because i want to do more damage in the eaarly herasment phase

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-you want to start of with the meki pendant becuase you want that early game mana regen to heras the enemies or possibly kill them. your first recall you sould be able to pick up charles and if possible brown boots that will aid you chasing and escaping mechanics. on your second way home you sould grab mercury treds and so on untill you finish the iteams. just to piont out that aeges will aid your ad carries to produce maximum output of damge and also the bubble from banshees would really help.The key item on this guide is abyssal scepter because no only it will give you 70 ap but also magic resist which will lead in you have a bonus of 28.5 ap which would result in of a total of 98.5 ap; this will really affect the gamestyle and phase you where in before you had the abyssal scepter and after. And ofcourse finally, GA first it gives you mr and ar which will give you ap and the most desirable effect that summoners like is that the second chance you get. Besides who doesnt want a second chance.

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Skill sequence

You can rialize that i maxed out my first, this is becasue it is a great farmig,kiting,herasing tool. But be sure that you take one level in your w before level 6 because that damage that it would be done to you will be healed for galio. For the other ability that you should max out it is all up to you, i like maxing e after q because it help you :
2-let friendlies escape or catch up to the running enemy
3- chasse

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summoner spells

AS one of my summoner spells is flash becasue it is the easiest way to go between your enemies and it is one of the best escaping tools while if you have not taken flash as your ssummoner spell you might be stunned,snared,slowed,and taunted into your grave.

On the other hand, the reason i picked heal is becasue if you r are ulting in between the enemies you will take the punishment of lowering your health which can be regained by you having heal and it can also save your allies life

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tips and tricks

-my first tip for you guys is that he can interact with teammates with aoe ulties just like nunu,fiddle,miss fortune,and also kennen because once you have your enemies in you aoe ult, your teammates can do their aoe ult on top of yours
-second try to use your abilities in their maximum potential,for eample if you see and enemy running from your team you can slow the enemy with you q and speed up your team with your e and the vise versa is true
-my last tip is that before going in deep( thats what she said) put on your w becasue portion of that damage dealt would be healed

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overall summary

i think this build is devestating especially if you had a well coordinated team. this build will help you to soack up damage for your team and deal tonnes of damage to their team. And remember dont let the stats fool you; you will not have 70 ap you will have about 298.5 ap so have fun