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League of Legends Build Guide Author Disparition

Galio, 5's AND 3's pwnage!!

Disparition Last updated on November 2, 2010
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Hey! Disp here for another build! more specifically, a Galio build. lets talk about Galio for a bit. galio is a mage/tank with a slow, team speed up, shield, and mass taunt. his passive also converts magic resistance to ability power. these traits make it easy to go tank with him, but thats only half this build. my build is pure ap/tank hybrid with a splash of magic resistance. i found that going magic resist/tank is not the best best choice for Galio; yes his passive gives a good ratio for the converting, but its just not enough. also, this build sticks it to them haters that say Galio can't do 3v3, which is a total lie. ys Galio is better in 5v5, but with the right build and stategy, he can easily trample his enemies (with support of teammates of course). dont believe me? heres an example: in an evenly matched game, as Galio, i went 6/6/15 and saved my teammates many, many times with my shield and microing. i swear that if i wasnt Galio, we woulda lost; my stun, shield, and skill usage greatly helped our victory. still dont believe me, contact EonLegend or FlashedVirus about this. they'll agree. "But, but Disp! you didnt tell us about a 5v5 match. your build probably sucks there!" Um, hell no. in fact, it did way better. in my best 5v5 game, i went 10/1/5 while, still, preventing my teammates from death, although not as much due to the increase in players, and only dying because of some damn tower and minion blocking. i swear Gangplank didnt deserve that kill! another game, we lost but i went 3/3/15, being a major support for my team. again, ask Flash for his word. anyway, onto the build!

As i said, this is an ap/ttank build with splash magic resistance. here it is:
1) At the start, get a Meki Pendant and 2 health potions. the pendant will give you more mana regen for more skill harassment and, with a good lane partner, possibly a kill or assist. the pots help you stay in longer (herp derp).
2) After getting over 500 gold, feel free to recall to finish the Chalice of Harmony for magic resistance and ap. however, dont just recall when you get the 500. wait until the perfect time to recall (when you have low hp with no pots or both your lane enemies are missing).
3)After, get a Catalyst the Protector for increased hp and mp BEFORE your boots. boots are not important yet. If you dont havee enough gold for it, make sure you have enough for both the crystals that build up to the catalyst.
4)Get your boots. Mercury's Treats are a must for Galio. They give average speed, magic resistance (for ap), and reduced negative status time.
5)Finish your Rod of Ages ASAP. do not deviate from it. The sooner you have it, the more hp, mp, and ap you will have sooner and when its most needed.
6)Get a Banshee's Veil, another must for Galio. The increase of hp and mp help with his skills and tankyness and the skill shield really helps with those pesky stun or last hit skills, increasing your survivability even more. it will also help prevent your ultimate ending early due to stun or silence. The added magic resistance also helps your ap. when building the veil up, get the catalyst first.
7)After finishing the Banshee's Veil, you can get whatever suits the game, if its not over already. If you just need an item to just fill the gap, get Aegis of the Legion. If you are having a hard time against mages, stomp on them with a Force of Nature. If their are many physical damage champions, get a Thornmail for increased defense and the 30% damage relection. If enemies are slipping away from you with little hp left, get a Zhonya's Ring for the extreme ap boost. Get whatever fits the situation.

My strategy for Galio is a simple one:
1) At the laning phase, BE SMART. At the beginning of the game, you are far from being a tank. Stay behind your creeps and farm with your skills if your opponents have the upper hand on you. Use Flash and Ghost to escape if necessary. However, if the odds are in your favor, dont be intimidated to harass the hell out of your opponents and maybe get a kill or assist. Before you finish your chalice, be selective with your skills; after, spam them! When your team or your enemies stop laning as much, YOUR laning phase ends and your mid-game starts.
2)At this point, you must have at least your Chalice, boots (either basic or Mercury's), and your catalyst. Here, you go where you are needed. Whenever a team battle starts, wait for your enemies to get less coordinated, flash or ghost in to the middle of your enemies, and set off your ultimate. Your teammates will damage them while you take alot of the damage, and when your ult ends, they will either die (yay a kill!) or heavily damage them to the point where they can easily be picked off. If you are chasing one or two enemies with a couple teammates, if they have half or lower hp, ult them and your opponents will fall to your group, BUT be smart. If you feel they wont die, dont ult. When the outer turrets are gone and you finished your Banshee's Veil, the late game begins.
3) At the late game, you are either winning, losing (because of bad teammates), or evenly matched. This is where you either turn the games around or roflstomp your opponents. Your next item decisions will decide the outcomes to the game. Do the same as you do in the mid-game when fighting and be even more smart as a bad move will cost the game. its is GG here.

This strategy is basic and can be altered with the game mode. Be sure to focus on tanking more than killing, deciding when to chase or fall back, and try to get the focus of your enemies on you or another tank/fighter. Be smart, and have an uber GG! Disp, out!