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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malqui

Galio - "Bring back more bad guys next time."

Malqui Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Alright, first things first. I am not a professional at Galio, I doubt anyone is at this current moment. But, while facing other Galio's, although they seem to take a very similar build to me, I always come out on top.

Now, the question is, why?

The runes are not 100% complete, they need tweaking here and there, yet so far, they have worked like a charm for me.

On to the spells!

Passive: Runic Skin

What does it do?: What this does, my friend, is take half of the magic resistance that any item's might give to Galio, and turn it into AP. A nifty small thing.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE TO REMEMBER: You are a tank, in the end. Don't just stack magic resistance. That will screw you over in the end. You need a mix depending on the enemy team.

Q: Resolute Smite

God, I love this move. The amount of damage it dishes, and then slow effect is very good (If you know how to shoot it, that is.) This will be one of your main moves.

W: Bulwark

A very useful skill, in that it saves your teammates, and your own rears. However, remember, although it IS a shield, it will not protect your team mate, or yourself, from multiple enemies.

E: Righteous Gust

An AMAZING spell, that I am shocked to see used incorrectly. Many people will tell you "Keep this move for escapes and chasing after stragglers."

Although this spell is used for that, it's aggressive use is much more amazing when used in conjecture with Resolute Smite. With a well placed Resolute Smite, and a Righteous gust, you can easily take out a huge wave of mobs in a matter of seconds. Like Janna's tornado, but faster.

R: Idol of Durand

I don't think I need to explain this skill. Shield yourself + Idol of Durand + Smite the lowest HP enemy while sending a Gust at the others.

Before I start, remember one thing. A guide is not something to follow completely. You take it more as guidelines than rules. Sometimes, you might need to change the order of the items, or even the items themselves.

Laning Phase

Pick up a Meki Pendant, and a health potion and mana potion. Go into your lane, with your partner, and get ready. The laning phase is simple on Galio. Use Smite on the mobs, not the enemy champions (Although, if they're just standing there, then you're more than welcome to smite their rears once or twice.) The main goal here, is to grind 500 gold very quickly. It's a nice and easy task, and don't worry if you use up your mana. As soon as you get 500 gold (If you can stretch it to about 850 , but I don't recommend it.) ask your friend to go defensive for the moment, and recall back and grab a Chalice. Use ghost to get back to your lane quickly. Many people will frown at me for doing this, but I assure you, it's worth it. With a Chalice, you can farm like a boss.

You should be level 6 soon enough.

Mid Phase

By now, you should have enough money to start building your boots, when you get the chance, go back and grab them. By now, you'll be farming your lane if all is going well. You'll have a good income of money coming in, and without you losing mana. If you get the chance, and no one else needs it, grab Golem.

As you complete your boots, it's time to start looking at the enemy compilation. If you're facing a heavy CC team, it's usually best to go Banshee's first. A heavy magic dmg team with CC's, Force of Nature then Banshee's. For Mellee heavy, go Thornmail first, to help out on your ultimate. On a heavy mellee team, it's destructive. If you have an all round team, you concentrate on Aegis first, unless someone on your team benefits by grabbing it instead, or no one doesn't have it yet.

Your aim in team fights is to flash in, and taunt as many of the opposition as you can. Once they blow up, you use a Smite, then Righteous gust people. This should, if all goes well, should be the end for them. Remember to use a shield on someone that might be dying.

Late game

At this point in time, you should have progressed into items that will help you the most. Just do what you do when you did what you did to them. And you'll be sorted.

Remember: E can also be used offensively for farming. Use this ti your advantage!


Remember, this is hardly done yet. I'm still learning Galio, and understanding how 100% I can utilise him. Give back comments on the build, and I'm happy to discuss and talk abotu what worked, and what didn't work.