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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taluvill

Galio -- Carry Tank?

Taluvill Last updated on October 7, 2010
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This build is for 5's for sure, will add a three's version soon.

Hey there guys, this is my first build, so lets give it a go. As of right now (10/7/2010) I have a 4:1 kill to death ratio with Galio in ranked, and I expect that to go up after my bad games get pushed to the bottom. Galio is a very viable tank/carry and I am extremely surprised as to why he is not banned in ranked more. He can dish out top burst damage and still be the tank in the game.

Galio pushes lanes like, if not better than, Mordekaiser, and tanks extremely well (better than Morde IMO). His ult needs a team to take advantage of it, but even with just one or two others when you catch 3-4 people in your ult will almost guarantee you an ace, or at least enough kills to push and dominate. Landing his slow takes some skill because it is slow moving, but it is a punishing slow at later levels, and combined with your wind gust, allows you to deal damage as well as move your team mates into position for the kill as they are already slowed.

Summoner Spells
Going to keep this short.

Flash is a must have spell to catch people, get away, and most importantly, combo with your ultimate to catch the whole enemy team, or most of it's important people, keep this every game.

I use this for the extra damage, and to combo with the ignite mastery to give me the extra AP boost early game.

Other options would include Ghost and cleanse, for obvious reasons, but your Merc treads and a good flash should be all you need to escape the enemy. Everything else is trash, except for maybe a heal.

Item Build
THE BUILD I PUT UNDER THE ITEM TREE IS JUST IDEAL. The actual build changes situationally from game to game as I describe below.
This is the toughest part about the build to describe to you, only because it is so variable from game to game. Three items that I always get: Chalice of Harmony, Mercury Treads, and the Banshee's Veil. The Banshees and Mercury's Treads give you the survivability that you need to tank, with MR. The Chalice feeds you MR and gives you the MUCH needed mana regen to dominate opponents.

The rest of your items vary depending on the team. I prefer the Thornmail>Sunfire Cape(s) when you are facing punishing DPS carries. It defends you more overall when they have high damage, the extra 60ish armor helps a ton. You deal 30% of their damage back to them, and at 250-300 damage, that is much higher than a sunfire. I build a Zhonya's most games, but its really when I'm getting kills and am going to be dominating. With a Zhonya's, I can tank and get up to 400 AP late game, depending on the game. Guardians ia a nice overall tank item, and it gives you a fear factor that you can ulti and still punish the other team afterwards, regardless if you die. Build for your opposing team, and counter them. Do not go straight MR unless they have a tough AP carry that is dominating. The chalice/banshees/treads will do enough of that for you. Galio is very much so a Damaging Mitigation tank, he is not an HP beast, and his Items should reflect that.

PS: If you need CDR, look at a Spirit Visage.

The runes I chose work for me, so let me explain why I choose them:
I run cooldown reduction glyphs on every hero I own. Never changes, every hero can use them, and the more you can use your skills the better. Galio has enormously high cooldowns, so these work wonderfully for him.
Magic Pen. Gives Galio lots of damage, and more early game burst.
HP per level here. Use these because it gives a lot of health where we have none. With most builds, Banshee's is my only form of health, so boosting that at all is nice.
Usually I run straight Quint's of Fortitude here. 100hp at level one is a bit much to pass up, but Magic Pen Quints and/or Cooldown Reduction Quints work beautifully as well, but plan on working some more HP into your build, and dont plan on Midding with a Meki Pendant like I do.

Masteries: 10/0/20
Offense! (usually 9-10 points)
I basically build for the ignite 10 ability power mastery in the offense tree, while grabbing spell penetration. The biggest part here for me to be honest is the Cool down reduction. You can't have enough on this hero.

Defense! (usually 0-6 points)
Some games, depending on the champ make up of the other team, I will spec into the defense tree 3-6 points for the Armor/Magic Resist masteries, but almost every game I just spec down the Utility tree, so this is very situational, like if the other team is ****ing ******ed and runs straight AP or AD.

Utility! (usually 20-21 points)
Quite possibly the best thing to spec into with any hero, the talents learned in this tree are 2nd to none with everything else. With Galio, I'm sure to run this into the deep end of it, nabbing the Cooldown reduction and the flash talent at the end, being sure to grab the mana regen talent here along with the Exp boost. Every level Galio can get on his oponents is important as early his gust and bomb scale extremely well.

Skill Sequence
This is quite easy really. Max your gust of wind spell first, as the range on this spell will allow you to harass endlessly, especially once you get your chalice. It is also an extremely effective farming tool. Alternate putting talents into Wind and your bomb until 5, where you place a point into your shield. This is extremely important, as if either a team fight erupts, or you want a solo kill or two with your ultimate, popping this on you will help endlessly. The Armor/MR this skill provides at lower levels is important, as is the heal, because most champions damage is extremely low at 6, so it will help you stay alive.

You should be 2Q 1W 2E and 1R at this point, and your level 6. Finish maxing your wind gust, E, and alternate points between that and Q, with Gust obviously coming first. Don't put any more points into W, your shield, until you have to at the end, and ulti points when you can.

Game Play Style
#1: Play situationally.
#2: Play with your team, very important on Galio.

Playing Galio, it is extremely important to play situationally. His passive is nice, but build to the team AFTER your chalice and Merc Treads. It's not worth it to forget those items in lieu of armor items, but after that it is perfectly acceptable to build a thornmail, sunfire, or Guardians much earlier than you normally would. Build MR when possibly, but do NOT be strict about it at all. Build items to the other team for sure.

Early Game (through the laning phase, around 10 minutes in)
I usually Mid with my Meki Pendant, 1 Mana and 1 Health pot, but its not needed, if the team has a much better mid, go sidelaning with those same items. Up till you get your chalice, don't be stingy with your spells. The Meki pendant and Mana potion will ensure you have ulimited mana through level 6, and you can harass all day long. Gust and Bomb your enemies, but be sure to hit the back wave of creeps with both. You wont start 2 shotting full lanes of creeps till around level 10-13, depending on your item builds/how well your running, so keep them down and get the melee on them. 250 minion kill games with Galio are not uncommon (yet are definitely a ceiling-type number = P) Mostly, Just harass and keep your **** together. Don't die,and ult with a team mate or when you can get some kills and push that lane in.
PS:That 4 minion ghost camp is pure Ca$h throughout the game. Keep it down if your mid, or jungle when possible from side lanes.

Mid game (when everyone starts ganking, usually after 10 mins.
This is arguably when Heroes like Morde/Galio become the most viable, although Galio doesn't taper off as much, if at all if played well. Keep building your items. If you're farming well, you can have your Needlessly large rod for your Zhonya's by now, or your Negatron cloak/Catalyst (whichever you need more, build the negatron cloak if the other team has some tough AP carries. SITUATIONAL BUILD OPTION.) for the Banshees Veil. Keep farming up and push when available. At this point, your going to be looking at getting into some serious team fights. Don't try and Hide+Ulti like a Fiddlesticks, unless appropriate, like if the team isn't playing very smart and they are near a wall. Most of my good ulties at this point have been from just charging in and weakening them down with the wind gust/bomb, and flash/ulting into their face. Harass and keep all the lanes pushed if possible. Keep that minion count high.

Late game, 25-30+ minutes in
Here is where you'll know if you have to Defense up to win, or if you can push. Keep that item build up, you should have your banshee's/GA by now, or have a Thornmail for those damn DPS AD carries. Keep the farm on, you should have some ridiculous minion counts at this point.

If your Defensing, push only when possible, and you have the range. Hide at towers and nuke from afar to keep them off, and to keep the farm up. Late game tanks can win the game through mitigation. Flash ulti and try and get an ace from a stupid team with yours, and you can push it to win it.

If your playing offensive, and everything is rolling well, keep it up and push. If you can tank a tower for a few seconds, don't be afraid to jump in at a base turret and ultimate with your team behind you. You should have the Armor to do that at this point. Ace them and win the game, and hit ALL of your slows. Mega damage and you can catch most champions with the slow/combo of your gust to catch them/DPS.

I hope you enjoy the build, try it out and see what you think. Galio is an extremely OP tank IMO, although a bit harder to play than just sunfiring amumu or garen. Get out there and roll some faces. = )

Oh and as always: DEMACIA!

TLDR: Galio is a badass.