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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Galio Build Guide by ScopeTCR

Galio - Chuck Norris' Pet Rock

Galio - Chuck Norris' Pet Rock

Updated on July 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScopeTCR Build Guide By ScopeTCR 3,622 Views 5 Comments
3,622 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ScopeTCR Galio Build Guide By ScopeTCR Updated on July 2, 2011
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Galio is a neat champion. In the right hands, he can be a dangerous threat to enemies. So this is my guide on how to do so. I have many matches with galio, and his ult is the most amazing CC ability in the entire game. Many people say sh*t in their guides like "Amumus ult is the best in the game" or "Nasus's ult is the best in the game" but that is SUCH A LIE! Galio has the best.

Without further ado, here is your guide on how to own.

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Pros / Cons

    Good base stats
    Gets AP for MR
    Easy to use Ult
    Best in team fights
    CAN go mid (only if neccessary)

    Very slow champion (implying hes buff ☺)
    Confines you to buying MR
    Sub-par at farming
    Hard to land skill shots
    Easy to mess up with
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Skill Sequence

The skill order doesnt have to be exact. Get what skills YOU need at the time. Always level up your Q though, its a your main ability and it slows, so practice getting hits with it.

Your abilities will mostly be to support your team though,
and your Q will get you kills. Chase/escape enemies with
your E, aswell as allies if they are left behind. And if
someone is about to die (eg karthus ults) then put your
sheild on them. That sums up your abilities.
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The items I chose for this guide are for support players. Hes a major tank late game aswell as mid and excells at team fights. If you follow this guide suit you will definitely see improvement in your skill landing successive hits with galio aswell as being usefull in fights and winning matches.

Start out with
Cloth Armor
and a few health potions. Then pick a laning partner (laning partners are listed below). As the game progresses, try last hitting and staying out of harrasment range. When you get your 2nd Q you can start harrassing with your ally. When you go back next after you have enough gold buy
merc treads
and save up for
giants belt
After the
giants belt
move on to complete your
is a great item as it sheilds from damage and reflects, which is especially usefull in your ult against AD champions. By mid game you should have almost completed your
Randuins Omen
and started working on a
which at that point you become a viable tank. Around this time you want to initiate team fights and support your carry so you can better assist your team. As final items, buy a sunfire for health and your ultimate and get a
guardian angel
If you have a
Guardian Angel
you need to always go in first. If your ults up use it, and refer to the summary for some rules of combat.
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Laning Partners

Some laning partners work better than others. From my personal experience, please choose from the following "Good Partners" and stay away from the bad.

Good Laning Partners

Xin Zhao - Knock Up and Slow
Lux - Stun and Slow
Jarvan - Knock Up and Slow
Teemo - Slow and Blind
Annie - Harrass and Stun
Orianna - Slow and Ult
Rammus - Double Taunt

Bad Laning Partners

Brand - Independant
Ezreal - No support
Olaf - Ally Reliant
Sivir - Bad Combo
KogMaw - Ally Reliant
Renekton - Pusher
Udyr - Not Viable

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Mainly you will be supporting your team with this build, and only play Galio if you need an initiator or tank. If you have 2 tanks already dont play him, depending on who they are. Also, just because your passive gives AP for MR, you dont need MR. Its not the most efficient way to play. If you go along with the purchases above as you lane, you will be very viable and extremely beefy by the time you have team fights.

Here are some rules of combat:

1. If your health is above half and there are 3 or more enemies in your range, ult. This rule applys beyond level 9, mainly because you will deal a good portion of damage at that level along with the assistance of team mates.

2. If an ally is being chased at low health by multiple enemies, use either your slow, wind, or sheild to assist him. In some cases you can run back to him and attack them but mainly do this if your both fleeing. Otherwise dont get back into the fight.

3. Use both your Q and E as a one two combo. Land a slow then line up your wind to max your laning/farming potential. If your missing your Q alot then try not doing it so often. They only expect it when you keep trying.
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Me and Galio

Heres a video of me playing galio in an all commando team:

Thanks for watching and going through this guide. " with great force..."
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScopeTCR
ScopeTCR Galio Guide
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Galio - Chuck Norris' Pet Rock

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