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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wingser

Galio - Insert Original Title

Wingser Last updated on October 11, 2010
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Ohi! I was looking for a proper Galio build and noticed how nothing on this site is written the way i play it, and since i do rather well as galio i'd like to make a guide on how i play it ^^ Here goes!

Galio's ultimate is now officially nerved by half a second!

Good survivability
Great escaping skills
Needs a team to support him
Uses alot of mana
Useless 1vs1

Resolute Smite, is a great farming skill, and good to escape. Just use it to slow people down when running, to harass and to kill minions.

Bulwark, I really don't like this skill that much as i try to just not get damaged and the Magic Resistance boost is just too severe to be of good use. The only time i get this skill is when i don't stand a chance in a 2vs1 lane and i keep getting low on health.

Righteous Gust, This skill is AMAZING. You use it to run, you use it to initiate, you use it to assist teammates escape with most of the time great success, you use it to damage.. its just all round good.

Idol of Durand,Best taunt / damage skill in-game imo. Really underrated, just as galios farming. A 2,5 second taunt(will be nerfed to 2.0) with huge damage output. Definitely good.

Summoner spells:

Flash: Great spell to escape or initiate battle, especially for Galio. I use it this way; to initiate a team fight anywhere i throw in my Righteous Gust, and rush in as fast as i can, when im close enough i put my mouse between the enemies, press D and press R. Battle initiated.

Teleport: i use this spell to get an advantage early game, and maybe even end game for when you get 1 last chance to recall and dont have time to walk back to the enemies team camp, you just use teleport. I'll show you what i use this for when i explain what i do in the lane phases.


In lane phase i start out with a Meki Pendant, 1 Health Potion and a Mana potion. I get the mana potion for when i run out of mana and i know someone's going to try and gank me, i activate both my potions and make sure i'll survive. In a 2vs2, i pity my teammate mostly cause he won't get any last hits.. at start of the laning phase i use my righteous gust to last hit everything i can and try to harass enemies at the same time. As soon as i reach 500 gold i recall, buy Chalice of Harmony, and go back. This way i can keep spamming Resolute Smite and Righteous Gust. At level 5 you can kill all ranged minions by using the 2 skills together, so this gives you a HUGE advantage in last hitting and i'll start getting really fed up. Since you (probably) haven't used flash yet, at level 6 you're gunna initiate against the 2 of them and hope your partner does well and you get kills or assists, mostly goes right. Make sure to let them push back to your tower abit, otherwise its far more dangerous.

In Mid Game, i always have my Mercury's Threads and i'll be close to my Guardian Angel. Why i get these 2 items? Simple, they all have Magic Resist and that adds up to Galio's AP. When i have my Mercury's Threads and my Guardian Angel i start building my Aegis of the Legion to assist my team abit more. I start out with the HP and Magic resistance items for Galio, always. You should be able to initiate quite abit of fights with flash and your ultimate during mid, and also deal fairly high amount of damage since your spells are both level 5 and you can pretty much nuke anyone. End mid game you'll have Guardian Angel and Aegis of the Legion i assume.

End game its all about initiating the battle right, with all the items you have and the skills combined you should have GOOD survivability, high Magic Resistance, Armor, Movement speed with Righteous Gust to run. So now you just assist your team and run around farming lots and lots of minions still. If the game hasn't ended by now i'll work towards my Banshee's Veil for the extra Magic Resistance(Ap for Galio) and Abyssal Scepter or a Force of Nature, but mostly the game doesn't last this long.

I hope it worked and that you enjoyed it, this is my second guide together with the Katarina one. I hope this one is better since i want to improve writing in general(so that means also guides). Tips and comments are more than welcome! :)