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Galio Build Guide by Pharana

Galio isn't just a tank

Galio isn't just a tank

Updated on July 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pharana Build Guide By Pharana 3,897 Views 0 Comments
3,897 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pharana Galio Build Guide By Pharana Updated on July 6, 2011
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Long before the League's regulation of such magic, mages experimented with the creation of artificial life. Now forbidden, instilling golems with reason was once not so uncommon a practice amongst the more expert of craftsmen. One such visionary was the Demacian artificer, Durand. Peerless at crafting sentient beings, Durand's constructs served as tireless guardians for the border towns of his beloved city-state, affording them protection from their Noxian neighbors. For his own defense, however, Durand kept his magnum opus: Galio. This mighty construct - forged in the image of a gargoyle - kept him safe on his journeys, allowing him to perform his important work without fear of reprisal from those hostile to his homeland. That is, until dealing with his taxing sentinels finally roused the ire of the Noxian High Command.

As Durand crossed the Howling Marsh with his masterwork in tow, he was set upon by Noxian assassins in force. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Galio looked on in horror as the murderers cut down his charge, executing him swiftly before vanishing back into the mists. Stripped of his reason for being, Galio despaired. For years he remained in solitude, standing vigil over the bones of the master he had failed to protect... a literal monument to his own everlasting shame. Then, one nondescript day, a sad but determined yordle girl carrying a mighty Demacian crown stopped in the shadow of a great statue to rest. Hidden in plain sight from his unsuspecting visitor, Galio studied the forlorn yordle. She looked as though she too shouldered a tremendous burden. As quietly and as stoically as she had arrived, she departed in the direction of Demacia. This encounter lit a spark in Galio's eye. Remembering the cause that his master had died defending, Galio arose from his silent purgatory and followed in the wake of this brave creature. He had a new reason to live: to join the League of Legends and fight for the will of Demacia.

''There is no such thing as redemption. Only penance.'' - Galio
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Okay, first off, in this build Galio is a damage tank. Usually a Galio is very good in the middle 5v5 spot. He can adapt well. If there's an Ashe or any ranged champions in the opponents middle spot, he can easily just use his skills and old go in when there's a weak minion to kill for gold. Early game middle is the best way for you to level up and get fed by the enemy team. The skill build will help in killing more champions.
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Since Galio gets attack power from magic resistance it very good to just focus on magic resistance. Not only does he get attack power, but many champions deal magic damage through skills. With these runes you will start out with an extra 42.39 magic resist, which is also 21.195 ability power. That extra damage with your skills will easily kill any champion that comes your way.
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This mastery build helps get you more damage faster. That damage added on to your rune damage will make you one tough opponent. You'll be doing way more than other champions that face you early on.
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And again since Galio's ability power comes from magic resistance, you get a normal tanking item build. The more magic resistance the more ability power and tanking skill you have. If you want to focus on livability you want to go with force of nature. it gets you more health regen and magic resistance. And as you know the more resistance the more ganking power.
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence helps you feed from the enemy team. with Righteous Gust you can easily catch up to your enemy and kill him or her. But you want to save some MP for your first few levels so don't use it to kill the minions, only use it to attack the rivaled champion. Now when you get your resolute smite you can easily kill the rivaled champion. I recommend you use your gust up to the champion and then use your smite. Bulwark isn't really important until later on because you will usually get to level 13+ by soloing middle.
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Summoner Spells

With these summoner skills, you will fulfill your role as a tank and easily take lots of damage and survive. With heal you can heal you and your teammates. With your teleport you can get to where the action is and tank, tank, tank. Or you can creep up on their turrets by using a minions to teleport to.
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Pros / Cons

- You will have enough attack power to kill your enemies
- You won't have to teleport back to base as much
- Enough magic resistance to make mages cry
- Instead of focusing on armor you go for magic resistance which leaves you a little bit weak to physical attacks
- You could focus more on health when not stacking magic resistance
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Creeping / Jungling

Galio isn't meant for jungling. Enough said.
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Team Work

When your in a group battle you want to focus on getting the enemies to attack you. This is where your ultimate spell has its shining moment. Use your gust to get up to the enemy champions and then proceed with your ultimate. The more they attack you the more damage you do when your ultimate releases. You can also use your gust to help your team get away from a bad fight.
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Unique Skills

Instead of a tanking build this focuses on damage over tanking. With this build you can actually help teammates kill enemies and tank for them. The great thing about this build is if your talented enough with Galio you can handle 2v1 battles. Galio is great for pushing through the middle turrets.
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You don't really need to farm with Galio, all you need to do is just participate in fights and kill the enemy minions.
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Hopefully with this build you can bulldoze through the enemies and get that daily win. I find this build very good when i play it even without all the runes. Even without any runes you can bulldoze through the enemy champions. I myself enjoy going 7/2/5 in a game as a tank.

And that's pretty much all the stuff i want to say about this Galio build. I hope this helps you and you have fun with it. ^-^
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