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Galio Build Guide by MrReoon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrReoon

! GALIO - Magic Resist -> More AP! TOP or MID !

MrReoon Last updated on June 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Guide to the Champion Galio of League of Legends. This is a Gargoyle which draws strength from the magic resist. It is hard, fast and useful. He has an AoE taunt, and shields ...

Early Game

Galio is a good champion in the mid and top. If you go to the center, take the first item Null-Magic Mantle, which will weaken the pressure on the opponent and the opportunity to increase your AP. At the top I would recommend if you have a Passion Pendant on the line AD.
This will help you farm and allow the light pressure. In both cases, you strive to make
Chalice of Harmony, which will greatly facilitate your life.

Try to last hit as many minions. For this is the main early.
If you see that your minions have little life and wants to finish off your opponent can chase it with Resolute Smite. At the beginning you have enough mana, so do not abuse it.

Having the cup can no longer afford more. Try to use
Resolute Smite when the opponent goes in your direction. I do not usually strives to escape. Try to aim it for him instead of him. People instinctively flee in a straight line to the back instead of sideways.

The advantage of Gallo in the middle of this is that the stronger you become, the weaker opponent, since 50% magic Resists converting an additional AP.

The useful combination to start with is:
Q + E
In this way, ask a reliable damage, and in addition the opponent has no chance of escape, because it Slowed, and the speed have created a path directly to him.
Very useful for porches. It also works the other way. If you have trouble you can slow down the Q opponents and hasten its escape from the E.

Bulwark is also an interesting skill. You can for example collect minions around them and to heal the disc, as well as the increased resistance to magic is for each hit to heal. Note that increasing the resist magic temporarily increase the AP, which we put on each disc just before the attack on the enemy.
Adding to the previous combination, we have:
E + Q + W

This is one of the most powerful combo Galio. Not only does it still have a strong additional protection. Business with pleasure.

Whether you are on the mid and top, remember to from 1-2 to return to the base stock up on Sight Ward. It seems a waste of money, but it gives you a significant advantage, because you know what you can afford and all the porches you are not threatening.
MID /Late Game

Here you have a lot depends on how the game unfolds. More run through the sides of the porches, if you situation allows it. Destroy the turret. Beat the dragon. In the late Baron. Generally, more and more teamplay and eventually hold more and more together.

In teamfights you much mess. Before they are enemies of the press
Resolute and Righteous Smite taste. Protect if necessary companions of the Bulwark. Most likely, you will initiate a fight. How did you decide to throw it upon himself Bulwark, Supreme Commander Resolute Smite when they are close together to slow them down, then Righteous Gust to get to the center of the enemy as soon as possible and then start catching the Idol of Durand as many opponents. This action usually ends in death for the enemies. The Bulwark you can opt to increase the resilience of its carry, but it's better to have it in ourselves, because during the initiation and AoE damage you take.
So I presented the main combination to teamfights Galio:

W + Q + E + R

If you see that 4-5 opponents is really close to each other
and do not have time for Q + E, you can use:
Flash + R

Best if you are still preceded by Bulwark, but you have to assess whether you have the time. You can also use this combination of surprise, being hidden in the bushes or from behind walls.

Your ulti (R) can be easily turned off. If all you catch is not a problem, but not always possible. Any stun, knockback, you can toss it to stop. I have a solution.

R + Zhonya's Hourglass

Hourglass beyond mass AP and armor has activated the superior skill. You become invincible for a while, but you can not move, nor realistic. But there is nothing to prevent the use of this spell while in use. Not only that, you can not disable it ulti(R) still do not get collected injury. Ingenious.

Galio is a super character. It is hard, it is counter to the AP, is slowing down, acceleration, mass shield and opportunities that will lead you and trained your squad to victory.

Thanks :)