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Galio Build Guide by SanKrs

Galio - San's Guide to the 'Anti-Mage Caster Tank'

By SanKrs | Updated on July 18, 2012

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Hi everyone, welcome to my Galio guide! Galio is a multi-role champion who deals AoE damage through his spells, while protecting his allies as a tank. He is a great mid-lane counter to AP casters who farms very well and can be proven quite difficult to remove from his lane. He may also be played in top lane as a caster/bruiser and also in bottom lane as a support/tank. Hence why I call him the 'Anti-Mage Caster Tank'. Enjoy!
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Pros and Cons


+ Versatile (Caster/Tank)
damage: AoE magic (Q, E, R)
durability: great (W, R)
+ Counters AP Champions
+ Good Crowd Control
AoE slow (Q)
AoE taunt (R)
+ Fast Roamer
AoE speed buff (E)
+ Game-Changing Ultimate
+ Not Overplayed


- Melee Auto-Attack
- Main Spells are Skillshots
- Base MR doesn't improve
(alongside Cho'Gath, Gragas, Maokai, Poppy, Rammus, Shen, Singed)
- Mana Dependent
- No Gap-Closer (Blink or Dash)
- Chanelled Ultimate
League of Legends Build Guide Author SanKrs
SanKrs Galio Guide

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Galio - San's Guide to the 'Anti-Mage Caster Tank'