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League of Legends Build Guide Author Distroyed

Galio - Tank / Nuke

Distroyed Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Ok guys, so this is my first guide. I decided to do one or Galio because I've looked at the other guides and they are very helpful but, I have personally found my build to be superior.

Q - Resolute Smite
W - Bulwark
E - Righteous Gust
ult (ultimate) - Idol of Durand
MR - Magic Resist
AP - Ability Power
IMO - In my opinion
WTF - What the f*ck
Wth - What the h*ll
CC - Crowd Control
GG - Good Game

I start out with a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions to keep my mana up so I can spam my Q ability as I see fit. I have tried starting with a Saphire Crystal and this works as well but I found that later game I was running into some mana issues so that is why I grab a Chalice. From there you want to get your Merc Treads. Please, PLEASE, don't waste your gold on any other boots. Merc Treads give MR which helps your damage along with the great passive. Some of you might want Boots of Swiftness or Mobility for the speed, but you already have your W ability to speed you up and also your Q ability to slow. No one should be running away from you. The downfall to Galio's ult is CC. THIS is why we get Banshee's Veil. Not only does it protect you from Stuns or interruptions, but also give you alot of health/mana and MR which are all great. From there you want to work on your Guardian Angel. Your enemies will be like "WTF he won't die. omgbbqz". It's great all around and will help you against those melee champs that you can't defend against with MR. Next is Abyssal Scepter, I know your thinking "Wth he is a tank not a dps" but believe me this item will give you that extra boost to turn you not only into a magic eating tank but a NUKE as well. "Wtf Galio nuke?" YES! I can't tell you how often I can two 2 shot most of my enemies health before they even know what happened. Now it's time to look at your enemies comp. If they have mostly AP champs, grab a Force of Nature for more defense+nuking capability. If they have a ton of melee dps, grab Thornmail. Either way you should be destroying by then and it's GG.

How To?:
Galio is a pretty easy champ to play IMO. Early game you want to harass + get last hits on minions with your Q ability. With your Meki your mana shouldn't be a BIG problem. When you notice your getting hit put on your W skill to heal and protect you. Also its a good idea to put your shield on lanemates to heal yourself when they are getting hit. You MUST last hit as much as possible because your items are a little pricey. At lvl 6 you and your partner should easily get atleast 1 or 2 kills with your ult. I grab Flash because it makes it very easy when the enemies are close to flash between them and ult. Remember you are an amazing pusher! With your Q and E combined you can demolish and whole wave of creeps. Galio is a tank, no matter how much you love getting kills and not dieing you have to remember that YOU have to initiate most of the time and soak up that damage. Your ult is best if you can get as many enemies as you can with it because each time your hit it does +10% more dmg up to 80%. NO ONE should be getting away from you. You are an amazing chaser and escape artist. You have a massive slow with your Q and a big speed boost with your E. Also remember to put your Q where you think the enemy is going to go. If you put it right ontop of them then they can move. I usually put it behind them so when they run they run right into it. After you get your items all the MR you've stacked up has given you a massive boost in AP and you are officially a nuke. Just use your ult in teamfights and when they are half hit by your ult they will be easy to pick off with your spell combo. Remember to put on your W ability just before you ult for the extra 90 MR it gives.

Hope you liked the build, rate and comment please so I know what to improve on and/or fix. Thanks!