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Build Guide by Olat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olat

Galio - Tank you very much.

Olat Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

- Great Team Asset
- AoE Taunt + DMG
- Great Initiator / Escape Artist
- Self Heal / Dmg Shield Ability
- Great Chaser

- Low HP for a Tank at start and Endgame (Endgame around 3k HP)
- Extreme mana thirsty champ early game
- Ult is interruptible.

Summoner Spells

Great Escape / Initiator spell, this plus his Righteous Gust = Massive Speed boost. Very useful to have. Use Righteous Gust + Ghost when you want to run into the middle of your enemies before you pop your ult. This allows them less time to react to you and enables you to get most if not all of the enemy team in your Ult.

With your speed Gust / Ghost you are a great chaser but you dont want to be the only one running down an enemy some times. Exhaust allows you to slow a champ enough for you to start spamming your 'Q' allowing your team to catch up. ALSO for a champ with decent but more on the Low side of HP, allows auto attack champs to be neutralized, think Yi, Tryn, and Xin.


Resolute Smite (RS):
RS is a medium range, ground targeted AoE, that travels at a medium speed. When it lands it damages and slows all enemies hit by RS.

RS is your main farm spell, your chase spell, just overall your main nuke. It is very mana costly early game so use it wisely and I wouldn't waste it on minions unless multiple minions are low life. This can be combo'd with your 'Righteous Gust'

Bulwark puts a shield on targeted champion that reduces dmg taken and any attack on said target heals Galio for a portion of life. Lasts 4 secs, so its not a very long shield but it is very useful to help you lane and or help push a tower.

Use Bulwark on your partner and have him tank some Minions if you are low on life during Laning phase. Best to do this right out front of your tower as to not be harassed as easily by enemy champs. The best use of Bulwark is on your self the SPLIT second before you pop your ult. This forces all champs to attack you for your Ult Duration, AND this also heals you during that time too. DO NOT CAST THIS AFTER YOUR ULT HAS STARTED. Doing ANYTHING after your ult is started will force it to end early.

Righteous Gust (RG):
RG is a Skill Shot that damages any enemies hit, this can hit multiple people seeing as it passes through all enemies. It also leaves a trail of wind increasing movement speed of any ally traveling in the SAME Direction and as long as they are INSIDE the wind tunnel.

This is your chase / escape spell of choice that makes this toon very useful and fun IMO. Use this to harass, start a gank, runaway, it also makes ANY minions move faster as well. So you can push a lane REALLY well. This can be combo'd with RS easily. Most people will use RS then RG, I found that by the time Gust hits the enemy they tend to move and Smite will some times miss due to the delay. In order to fix this, Use RS then RG, RS will land at the same time as RG dealing a decent amount of burst. Only issue is that RS has a smaller range then RG.

Idol of Durand:
ID is a channeled AoE taunt that upon use Galio turns to Stone and takes 30% reduced damage for the duration. This forces all nearby enemies and minions to attack Galio for each attack it increases the Dmg Burst of his ID by 10% for a MAX of 80%. At the end of the Ult he explodes from his stone form damaging all enemies in the AoE.

Like mentioned above do not do anything once you hit ID because it will force a premature end to your ult. No one likes anything premature, ask my Girlfriend. This is best used with a Ghost - > Gust -> Bulwark(Self Cast) -> ID. This causes you to be healed by the dmg you take in your Ult. Reduce the Dmg you take MORE then just the Ult 30% reduction. and with the speed boosts allows minimal time of reaction on enemy team.

Runic Skin (Passive):
Simply converts 50% of Magic Resist into AP. Example (200 MR = 100 AP)

This is why we stack all MR / Tanky Items on Galio

Skill Rotation:


Team Fights:
- > - > ->
Once your Ult Finishes use Exhaust and start spamming and use your Gust to hit any Runners / chase them down. DO NOT USE EXHAUST BEFORE YOUR ULT. You get no increased dmg from a enemy MISSING YOU.

- > -> Then Spam on them so they are slowed.


9/0/21 - Utility
The Champ Spotlight uses a more Defensive Mastery Tree. Ive used the same and done REALLY well. out of the 10 games I played on day 1 of Galio, I only lost like 2. Most of my games were 8-4-25 or something along those lines. Just like in Alharic's Mordekaiser Tank build though, You get more, who would of imagined, utility out of the utility tree. The Bonus's in the defensive masteries TBH are not that great especially for a tank that does not want dodge. With utility you get mana and health regen and CDR mainly. This helps Galio way more byfar then the smaller HP / Armor increases in the Def tree. As Galio is a mana hungry champ early game with RG and RS spam, this allows him better harassment.

(M - Marks, S - Seal, G - Glyph, Q - Quintessance
M: Magic Pen
S: HP / Lvl

Magic Pen Marks along with the 9 Points in Off tree allows for a decent ammount of Magic Pen for his spells to hit that much harder. HP / LVL and HP quins trying to make up for his lack of base health at lvl 18. MR Glyphs for Early AP and Defense against casters.

The build I use is exactly like Champ Spotlight. I just get boots before Aegis. I think that getting boots early just helps out much more then an Aegis for 2 people. With this build you will still have Aegis before Mid - Late game so when the Gank / Teamfight phase begins you will have it already.

- Mana Regen, like mentioned he needs it at early levels and it turns into his Chalice
- Incase you need a lil bit more then Meki's can give ya
- You will need it if your lane opponents are aggresive. Bulwark only helps soo much.
- Mana Regen + Magic Resist, need I say more?
- Reduced CC and MR, the perfect boots for Galio
- Armor, HP, MR, and a Team Aura.
- Removes 1 negative spell, and loads of MR.
- Armor, HP , Free 2nd Chance.

Last 2 situational

Mainly AP users? Get more MR and some HP Regen.
Mainly AD users? Reflect that **** back at em!

Notes: This champ is still new if anything arises that changes the build I will update. Please give a reason if you give Negative Feedback. Feel Free to comment on likes dislikes etc etc. Thank you for your time. I hope you Enjoy.