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Galio Build Guide by Rball

Galio, the beastiest of beasters

Galio, the beastiest of beasters

Updated on September 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rball Build Guide By Rball 2,139 Views 1 Comments
2,139 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rball Galio Build Guide By Rball Updated on September 10, 2011
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Greetings Summoner! This is my first guide, feel free to leave comments. If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them too!!
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When it comes to masteries with Galio it's pretty simple. finish off the defense tree, I went with 22 points to really give him that extra beef in the beginning. After that I put eight points in utility for the experience and reduced respawn time.
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For runes I went with mostly tankier runes. With his damage reduced, he can't really "nuke" anymore, so you basically can only tank now. I started with flat MR reds, flat armor yellows, MR per level blues, and three MR per level quints. This gives him a good starting MR boost, and the leveling bonus is awesome.
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I start with some MR for that extra kick. I brought some health pots instead of mana pots because clarity should do the job if you conserve your mana right. After that you'll need some boots, and if you have the money finish the chalice. After that finish merc treads. I went with aegis and GA next. This combo will give you a good defence for any champ. Once you have that it's really up to you. Each game is different, so you might need to tweak things here and there. I went with Banshee's Vail and FON to give him some extra MR and some more damage output. Once you have those six items, I replace the chalice and aegis with Warmogs and Thornmail.
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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence I rock smite first. Next I level his shield, smite again, then get gust. I top his smite first, then bulwark, his ult, and gust last.
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Summoner Spells

Skills to use:

Flash: Flash is a must. It's a great combo with his ult, and by far his best escape available.

Clarity: If you really want to put the pressure on your enemy champs clarity is the way to go. It can give a poop ton of mana at crucial points, and it also gives the option to buy two health potions at the start so you can be really aggressive if you need to be.

Clairvoyance: CV is always a great choice for a tank or support champ. What's wrong with a little map awareness?

Skills For Thought:

Exhaust: Not a horrible choice, but not exactly something to shoot for. It'll help if you want to help get first blood, and it's not a bad idea to combo with his resolute smite, but all in all I'd say to avoid this spell.

Heal: Just like CV, heal, is always an option for a tank or support, however, the amount of health you gain isn't worth losing a clarity or flash. He needs that mana, he needs that escape, and a heal/cv combo just wouldn't work.

Cleanse: This is actually a decent choice. I wouldn't say to use it every match, but if you find yourself in a ranked match against a team of all CC, cleanse is always a good idea. You'll come to find people get pissed when you taunt they're whole team, so they tend to faceroll on you after you ult. Cleanse is a good way to avoid a 1v5.

Skills to Avoid:

Ghost: Ghost is a very unwise choice. He isn't meant to chase, and he already has a speed up. This is a big thumbs down in my book.

Ignite: This is also, like Ghost, a bad idea. The only viable option for this spell would be a ranked match against a mundo, or a healer.

Teleport: In my opinion, tele isn't a good idea. Teleport has a great situational advantage, but another spell would benefit far more.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rball
Rball Galio Guide
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Galio, the beastiest of beasters

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