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League of Legends Build Guide Author zelkar

Galio, the Stone Mage

zelkar Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

okay guys, so this build is one that i have tried, and it works amazingly. the AP may seem a little low, but when you burst them, they wont know what hit em. you do not run out of mana, and that is the thing that makes this build amazing. the site doesnt take into account his passive, which actually jumps the AP up by a bit. you will want to upgrade the dorans ring for another item later on, and when that happens, feel free to pick it. whatever you think will help, but i do have a few suggestions. one of which is a tear of the goddess. another obvious item would be thornmail, since your ult makes them attack you, they are forced into taking even more damage from there own attacks. void staff would also be good for that extra mpen, or if you are fighting people with low MR then just pick up haunting guise, it does more for less anyways. lich bane, void scepter, or rylais crystal scepter would also be amazing options. especially since rylais gives you more AP, it gives you health, but also adds a slow to all your spells like righteous gust, which can help with the chases, or help your allies do the chasing. the last item is really dependent on your current situation. if you really wanted to, warmogs armor would even be an option so you are less squishy! any ways, heres the breakdown of the steps to the game with galio, with some tips at the very end for the new Galio players out there!


so first things first...why i chose the summoner spells.

ok, so the first one i chose was ignite. this basically just in case you cant get the kill with all your other abilities. it is very helpful, and also reduces the healing they recieve.that can really put a damper on the enemies options.

the last spell is ghost. i chose this because i like it for getaways. this is my preference, and im sure most people would pick flash, but i just dont like flash, and im not good at using it, so i dont. if you want to use flash, then that is a perfectly good substitution for ghost.


so there are a few other options for you to pick from that are viable.

on of those options is clarity. you WILL have mana issues early game. clarity will take care of this no prob. i personally like the ignite for extra damage, and ghost for the chase or getaway, but clarity works to releive the mana issues, so it is definitely a good choice. i would trade it for the ghost if you want, but that is up to you.

another option that is good is teleport. teleport is a good choice because sometimes you just need to get to a turret to keep it safe, and teleport is the quickest way, and therefore the best. trade this for ghost if you want, but thats up to you.


so...early game is the big one. for this, i usually pick up a dorans ring, followed by a mana pot. this will keep you in lane for a while. the first ability i pick up is resolute smite. this will be used to check bushes, as well as for farming. righteous gust can do this too, but it doesnt give you as a good an escape tool in my opinion. by the time you head back to base the first time, you will get boots of speed, and atleast the meki pendent. if you can, get the boots of speed, and the tear. that will really start helping you stay in lane. farm and then head to mid game.


this is the part where you farm the **** out of the opponents creep waves. going after them can be alright at this point, but just remember, USE BULWARK BEFORE YOU CAST ANYTHING ELSE. it gives you more magic resist, which in turn gives you more AP. more AP=more damage. farming is the real thing in this part of game. support allies if you can, and get a kill or two at this point if you are able. by this time, you have the archangels staff, and you are just about complete the chalice. now you can move onto late game.


ok. this the point where teamfights start to happen, and galio can be great at this point. all of his attacks hit in an area, so he can hit all of the opponents. again, REMEMBER BULWARK FIRST, you get more damage that way. use your ult when there are about three people left though, or if people try to get away. they stay in the fight, and take huge damage from your ult, and will most likely die. if they dont, then just use your resolute smite to slow them, and then use righteous gust. if they dont die from those two spells, the chase is simple. just run up and smack them. there. you win.

as i have stated, one big thing is to always use bulwark before you cast any of your other abilities. remember the reasoning behind this: he gains ability power based on his magic resist. he gains magic resist by using it on himself, so he therefore gains ability power. so use it first to gain damage, and who knows? maybe that extra bit of damage will be able to get you the kill.

another tip i have is to always pay attention to where your righteous gust is. this can save you, as well as save some allies. maybe even let them know that the trail left on the ground gives a movement speed increase. not many people play Galio, and that is a shame, but because it is true, people may simply not know that you can do that for them. be a good team player, and tell them about it, so that they can use it to there advantage. knowing where it is also helps you though, since it can help with chases. you can use resolute smite to slow them, and use the gust to increase your speed, giving you the time you need to take them down, or get close enough for your ult to kill them. either way, it can help you get the kill.

one last tip: remember that ignite gives you extra damage, and killing power. the amount that it helps is phenominal, and since the galio is kind of slow, that extra bit of damage could get the kill for you in the end.

i have never gotten past the needlessly large rod in a game, but you see how it works. i hope you guys enjoyed this little spotlight into how i play Galio. comment and vote, but if you down vote, please say why, that way we all can learn more about this champ, and what makes him good. i dont see too many people play him, but with this build i have seen that he is amazing. so please, be curtious to all other players, and HF, and GL playing Galio, the sentinels sorrow!