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Galio Build Guide by elchimster

galio's fine spun build (How to deal some dmg and still tank

galio's fine spun build (How to deal some dmg and still tank

Updated on December 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author elchimster Build Guide By elchimster 2,519 Views 0 Comments
2,519 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author elchimster Galio Build Guide By elchimster Updated on December 21, 2011
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In this build i will show u how do i use galio and which items i buy in case their team is heavy on AD or AP, or if their team is tanky dps all the way.
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The runes dont matter much in this build, it just applies to ur type of play style, if ur an aggressive tank in the start of the game then start with flat health quints, armor per lvl seals, magic resist per lvl glyphs, and magic pen marks.
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I take 9/21/0 masteries with my galio cause i want my galio to still deal some dmg and tank as well
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Summoner Spells

i take flash ignite because flash is a great way to cut some distance and ult right there on the enemy teams face, and i take ignite cause it works well with finishing off the champs that u want targeted or takes off healing effects on champs like Dr Mundo, Taric, etc. Also a good summoner spell with him would be teleport. (Never exchange flash it is NEEDED).
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Skill Sequence

U max out resolute smite first since it is the spell that does the most dmg, but u have to be a good skill shoter to hit this spell more than often, after u max out righteous gust for some more dmg output finally completing bulwark and taking idol of durand whenever u can.
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I take meki's pendant first for early game harassment ability and one health pot and a mana pot, then i complete the tear so i can have a bigger mana pool which means more harassment still after i complete the tear i move on to merc threads so those sneaky little champs with cc cant kill u outright easy, after i finish with the boots i move on to buy aegis of the legion which is a great early buy for any tank in need of health armor and health and also helps ur team out in teamfights, after i buy aegis (this is the tricky part) u have to look for the enemy team composition if they are heavy on the ap go for a banshees veil, if they are heavy on the AD go for a sunfire buying the health first on both cases, if u are somewhat well farmed and feel like u can help ur team more with more ap buy rod of ages first than sunfire or banshees (not recommended if ur the only tank of ur team). and after u buy all these items u finish building archangel's and ur galio is complete.
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- Ur champion will dish out some great dmg while still tanking for ur team
- This build shows some wiggle room for enemy team composition
- Ur galio cannot be ignored in a team fight or surely the enemy team will lose it
- U will realize that i do not have any health regen items for it is not needed because of the strength of spirit masterie

- It is an expensive build so u will have to farm quite a bit (not so hard with galio if u use ur abilities to farm the mage minions)
- In early game u wont be able to tank hard because of the lack of hp and armor, so u will be almost an off tank
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In conclusion this build will help ur team and urself to get some kills, hope u guys like it and show me some feedback if i need to fix something or if u dont like something in my build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author elchimster
elchimster Galio Guide
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galio's fine spun build (How to deal some dmg and still tank

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