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Shyvana Build Guide by Gallanthor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gallanthor

Gallanthors Solo Top Shyvana

Gallanthor Last updated on February 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there, I'm Gallanthor. Currently I play on the North American server under the same name. Today, I am here to present to you my comprehensive guide on Solo Top Shyvana.

Why play Shyvana solo top?

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Duelist
Versatile Champion
Incredible Counter-Jungling
Great Initiation
Tremendous Ganks
Farms with ease
Is a Dragon


Steep Learning Curve
Ult hinders team when used poorly
Absolutely no CC

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Summoner Spells

Teleport/Exhaust is my favourite setup.

Summoner spells are usually preference oriented and thus, are usually up to the individual. I use these as they allow for great ganks and utility as well as incredible lane control.

If I wasn't going to take Teleport for lane control and mobility, I would take Flash instead. The easier you can position yourself properly, the better.

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Skill Sequence

W>Q(3 ranks)>E>Q

Why only level Q for three ranks? Simple. By that point in the game (lvl 12-15) your opponents will have built armor against your relentless strikes. The damage increase is actually greater when one levels their e from that point, as, in dragon form, you will be engulfing your (If positioned perfectly) entire enemy team in flames, dealing a healthy 300 damage as a base (per unit hit). Then an additional 15% extra (45x5=225 team damage) for a total of 1725 damage in a 5v5 scenario. As opposed to the 400 (before mitigation) damage of your cleave. Assuming it hits at least two targets (which is the average).

That damage, along with the significant armor debuff, make E a more enticing choice for summoners to max second.

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Creeping / Jungling

What I usually like to do is push my lane a little bit past the far side of river (almost to your opponents tower) then to counter jungle/pick up your jungles top creep camp. Ensure you have your junglers approval before taking your teams top camp, as it will incite the ire of your jungler and make them less likely to gank your lane.

A happy jungler is a ganking jungler. Remember that.

By the time your opponent has lat hit your creep wave enough to push it to your tower, you will be done that camp(s) and already back in lane.

During your laning phase, you should be aiming for about 100 creeps per 10m mark. If you can't hit this, practice more.

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Dealing with Laning Opponents!

Here, my dear reader, is where my guide will differentiate itself from the others you will have read.

How to adjust ones standard Shyvana build to one that better suits your needs, as well as the needs of your team.

Starting Items:

AD Opponents: Cloth Armor, 5 pot.
Caster: Boots, 3 pot.



This concept is simple enough, if you find yourself facing an opponent whom relies on auto attacks to deal a good portion of their damage, invest in Ninja Tabi as opposed to the treads. The Ninja Tabi will also allow you to obtain your wriggles faster, thus, making your counter jungling faster.



Usually a nightmare for Shyvana players. These two has an absurd amount of sustain. How can one deal with this without the use of ignite?

Simple, buy an Executioners Calling. This otherwise useless item finds tremendous use when shoved early game into the face of Vlad or Morde. It will let you push to counter jungle without the loss of Exhaust. When you no longer need it (20mins+) you can sell it for decent amount (1120g) to help with your mid game purchases.

This item is useless for Shyvana past 20 minutes of farm, as she scales poorly from crit and would rather build her frozen mallet.


He's going to poke you. I'm going to need you to push through it and heal through potions and creeps until you get so bloody far ahead in farm, they don't stand a chance.

Yes, yorick is an evil opponent, but he is not unbeatable (usually). He can poke you to no end, but other than that, really has no incredible sustain damage. This means that if you trade, make sure you make a dent, because he will try to poke you 3 times with superior range and run while he heals through his minions. If you can, heal and trade until you force him to go oom and base. Then counter jungle. I usually find this works out really well.


Beastly Farm, amazing burst, incredible health, low cd ult that does true damage and crazy sustain.

What do? Focus on dueling him. It's what your character was made to do. Shyvana rewards aggression. Be agressive. Throw some damage in his face. Make your creeps die to tower hits to reduce the amount he heals and never let him catch you with low health. If he does, you're fudged, plain and simple.


She has a stun and auto attacks that do true damage. The stun makes ganks nasty so be careful and pay attention to your health, as well as Irelia's. If you notice her taking unnecessary creep damage, be wary, as that usually means a gank is coming. Other than that, Irelia can't duel you. So she will focus on farming. Deny her as much creep as possible the same way you would with Cho'Gath.



Evil. That's the only word that describes laning against a competent Kennen. His Q hurts, his stun's annoying and the second he gets Rylai's he will just kite you and chunk you until you have to give up chase. Kennen is an annoying matchup for two reasons.

1.) He can stun you, poke you and run away, all while last hitting easily.
2.) His ult makes dueling him extremely dangerous.

Ways around this.

1.) Deny his creep farm.
2.) Exhaust the second he ults. 1v1, team fights. Whenever. It will be absolutely invaluable to your team if you do so. It makes him deal less damage (which is great, since he can melt 5 people in seconds) and easily caught. Both things a Kennen player will never want to deal with. After they realize what you're up to they will usually try to bait out an exhaust on another player (Carry or whatnot) DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Unless your team calls for you to exhaust the carry, hit that little badger with it and watch him cry.

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Yes, you have a wriggles. Yes it gives you bush coverage from river, but it doesn't help you counter ward their jungle. Buy them. They are INVALUABLE. If you are one of those people who thinks that only the support should buy wards. Go frack yourself.

Ward their blue. Ward the river near mid when ganking. Ward baron. WARD ALL THE THINGS. It will let your team know what's going to happen and you will most likely be the team hero for doing so.

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Thanks for reading my Solo Top Shyvana guide. I'll be updating it whenever I can.