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Kennen Build Guide by Tumlin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tumlin

Gambit Flair Support Kennen

Tumlin Last updated on April 23, 2014
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Based on Edward's famous LCS support Kennen. There are a few differences however, which are personal preference and will be explained in this guide.

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Skill Sequence

Q: Skill up first for harass. First point here for level 1 trading.

W: Put one point in this second, for extra level 2 harass. If you wish to level 2 engage however, skill up E second, as it gives more damage as soon as you hit 2 as well as gap close. Max this Last.

E: Skill this up third, second if you wish to level 2 engage. Max this second, as it gives you more damage and tanky stats than W for mid game balls to the wall fighting.

R: Skill up ASAP.

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Edward liked to start DShield, however is has now been patched out as Riot didn't like supports building it over gold items. Because of this, start Relic Shield. RShield gives your lane great sustain for hard trading, as well as gold of course. The other two are not optimal, as Kennen is an energy champ. Upgrade to Targon first back. Starting Ruby Crystal and not building a gold item is also very viable on support Kennen. The early combat stats and Sightstone let you win lane a bit harder. It is largely personal preference.

The next 3 items are standard. Sightstone rush for tanky stat and vision is your first buy of the three (when you get this, swap out ward trinket for red trinket). Sorc boots for mobility and MPen come next. After that get Haunting Guise... OP mid game item, great gold value.

After these items, the build order becomes situational. If you have 2 other engagers, feel free to build some damage, such as Void Staff. If your team lacks engage and you have to be near the front line, get Zhonya's. If your team needs a tanky/damage balance, or there are many tiny skirmishes occurring around the map, Rylai's is a good option. Edward often builds Rylai's or Void Staff first at this stage, as Gambit usually have at least 2 other engagers. Often in solo queue however, more players wish to carry, meaning that you may be better off building Zhonya's to help your team's engage.

Usually complete Liandry's and Ruby Stone near the end of your build.

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Utility masteries do not give you fighting stats. Kennen is all about trading and fighting. Because of this, go for a mix of damage and defense. Too little damage and the enemy won't be scared of you, too little tanky stats and they can smash you down until you cannot zone them any longer. Balance these 2 trees depending on who you are versing. I like to balance them fairly evenly. 15 15 0 works, as you get a lot of MPen from items, so you stop in the offense tree just below the Pen. Doing this also lets you take flat resistances for early trading.

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Depends on play style and match up. If you are planning to aa harass a lot, you want a bit of AD, mixed pen and MR. If you prefer to harass with spells, or feel that aa harass is too risky vs your match up, go for more AP and MPen.

Quints: Flat AP OR flat AD.

Marks: MPen OR hybrid pen.

Seals: Flat armor.

Glyphs: Flat AP OR flat MR.

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Flash is a must, for engaging, disengaging, skill shot dodging etc.

Ignite gives you added power to go for kills/take control of your lane early.

Exhaust is a decent option over ignite if you wish to add cc, defense on engage... However Kennen is best played aggressively and has a small amount of cc already, so ignite is generally a better option. Exhaust may worth taking for the late game in certain comp match ups.

Heal is another option, as you lack a bit of peel for your carry. Heal helps them live through nasty situations. Again however, Ignite is usually the better choice because on Kennen you are trying to win the lane, not just survive it.

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How to Play it

Kennen is best played aggressively.

You want to be a big bully in the lane phase... Position to harass the opposition down and take control of the lane, hard engaging when you have them low or think you can punish them enough to push them out of lane.

Mid game try to look for small skirmishes, you are good at charging in! If bigger fights happen, let someone else charge in first, as you are quite squishy.

Late game you are a strong cc aoe damage threat. You are great at team fighting and skirmishes. If you let someone else engage team fights, you can charge in after them and absolutely wreck the opposition. Once you have Zhonya's you can also be the primary initiator.

Positioning is important on Kennen, as although you are strong, you are also quite squishy. Never forget this.