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Gangplank Build Guide by jundrami

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jundrami

Gangplank, Crit it to win it (in depth)

jundrami Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so i do enjoy playing melee champions, and i never had the liking for getting survivability, i always liked just mutilating enemies rather than defending against them. This is my guide to how to mutilate those enemies and get insane numbers of kills. This guide is by no means a specifically ranked or normal game type, it can be used anywhere.

Please read everything before clicking for the next page.

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Ok, so the way i chose my runes might seam a tad weird, but dont worry i will explain it very soon.

So the mark that i use, is the non-quintessence that gives the largest critical strike chance, so i decided to build 9 of them, to get the missing 15% crit chance that the item build doesn't give.

The quintessence i use, is to gain a good amount of crit chance so i can use other rune spots towards crit damage.

The seals that i use: and provide that i get closer to reaching the 100% crit chance mark, and still give me extra crit strike damage.

The glyphs that i use: and are the finishing touch on the 100% crit chance, and give extra crit damage to make your crits that much more deadly.

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The masteries i choose to invest in are based around the idea of increasing damage, and slightly increasing survivability. Putting majority of your points into offense is a priority for this build because this build is based around the idea that you will deal a significantly larger amount of damage than your enemy, faster than they can, so putting your mastery points primarily in offense helps with that.

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Obviously what i am sure most of you will be put off by my item selection, but please allow me to explain the reasoning for choosing them.

First off, the starting item, and two gives gangplank that small chance to crit with his parrrly early game. The crit chance may not be large, but you will see your ability crit early game dealing ends up to 150 damage a crit at level one! This makes you a threat even at the towers.

I chose this to be the second item because it provides extra crit and attack speed, and a movement speed bonus for a small price.

I chose this item to be second for the reason that your movement speed being larger than other peoples is an advantage, and combining it with will make your movement speed most likely higher than most peoples. The attack speed is another great bonus.

I chose this item because of its wonderful crit bonus. This item provides an early on 30% crit chance along with increased movement speed and a large amount of attack speed, which will allow you to crit more often than before, and faster.

I know it is a little early for someone to be building an item like this, but trust me on my build. The purpose of this item getting put in so early is primarily based around its 80 attack damage, and its passive. Increasing your crit damage to 250% makes you even more of a threat to enemies on the battlefield. Plus the 25% crit chance it gives provides that you will hit critical strikes even more often now, and much more powerfully than before.

I choose this item to finish up the remaining critical strike needed to be at 100% crit chance, and because of this item, you can then get rid of your to provide more money towards other items.

I chose this item because since you will be selling your boots, you will need something to catch up to enemies easier, or rather slow them down. Not only does this allow you to hit the enemy without them escaping, but it also gives you a large amount of health, which helps with the squishyness problem you will have from building pure attack.

This item helps give attack speed, and a large amount of life steal, and makes your team a powerful entity in team fights.

This item is always a must with gangplank builds, this item gives his melee a 150% melee hit after using an ability which makes gangplanks crits much more powerful.

Because of this settup, you will be able to deal more damage than most people if not all people in your game, and you will be able to heal probably as fast as they hit you. Trust me on this, i have done it before.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence you see is one based around damage output and early survival. Lets look into the abilities.

You have...
your q:

your w:

your e:

and your r:

The order of the selection goes as follows:
q w q e q r q e q w r e e w e r w w
(the letters correspond to the spells)

Because is an ability that you can use to deal damage, for low mana, and a somewhat low cooldown, and one that can be used at a tower, and gains power based on damage, it is a powerful and primary asset in gangplanks build. Because of this, it should be leveled first. From there, because and raise moral are of equal value to gangplank, i find it better to level them alternately. Of course is important to always level up when you can.

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Skill uses and tips

The parrrley spell can be used to hit enemies from a distance and can enable you to hit an enemy who is hugging their turret without getting hit by the turret. But you must be careful when attempting to hit them at their turret. Your turret must be hitting your minions for this to work. Use your parrrley spell mostly on enemy champions to maximize your mana efficiency.

The remove scurvy spell is in a sense a free cleanse that also heals you. You can use this spell to get yourself out of CC spells. Use this when you have low health to keep yourself from getting ganked. This spell helps keep you alive when you are laning and allows you to stay away from your base for long periods of time. Use it wisely.

The raise morale spell can be used for multiple purposes. It buffs your friendly champions and slightly increases movement speed on active (its part of the buff). This spell can be used when you are trying to run away from enemies because it speeds you up a little bit. Use it wisely as well.

This spell has about a few purposes, there are probably more that i don't mention but these are the more important ones. Cannon barrage can be used to deal finishing blows to enemies anywhere on the map. This helps with getting kills early on because you can kill someone in top lane while you are in bottom lane, though your team mates might not like you very much for it. This spell also gives a slowing effect for enemies in the area so it can also be used to catch up to running enemies. This spell can also be used defensively because say your team is rushing a lane, and the enemy team is hitting up a different lane. You can use cannon barrage to kill all the enemy minions at your tower and hit any champions that are there too.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spell selection is one that i always find to be an optional choice, i never see certain spells go with a build best, because it is all about opinions. But i will show you what the best spells for this build are based on their uses.

Best Spells

Flash is good for this build because sometimes you cant reach the enemy when you are trying to kill them, and early game it is extremely useful when trying to finish people off and to get a lot of kills early on. Flash can also be used to flee from enemies and with this build that may occasionally be necessary.

Ignite is also good for the fact that it can deal extra damage when you cant get near the enemy. This spell helps you get kills more easily early game and is also useful late game.

Ghost is a wonderful spell, giving you increased running speed and minions cannot get in your way. Giving Gangplank a great advantage over people trying to tower dive him. This spell can also be used to catch up to enemies attempting to run away. This spell is very useful early game, but i find flash to be better late game.

Exhaust is very useful for this build because it will slow down enemies and decrease the amount of damage they can deal you for a time. Yet it isn't quite as useful late game because this build includes a . So this ability would just provide offensive support early game but not be of as much use late game.

Medium Spells

Heal is very useful during any time in the game, but because gankplank already has a heal on his own it's not recommended for this build, but it is a good team spell and is great for early game survival.

Clarity can be useful for the mana deficiency that this build causes. Yet this build is based more around hand to hand combat rather than using your spells so this spell isn't recommended.

Teleport is an all around good spell, it is great for being a team player and for defending turrets. But for the purpose of this build, it is better to use spells that help you hit the enemy more rather than defend against them. So this spell isn't recommended.

Bad Spells (do not use these)

I am not going to give an explanation for every other spell and why not to use them, because you should just not use them. Any spell i did not name yet should not be used with this build. Once again i'll say this, the spells someone wants to use are based on their opinion, but the ones i recommend the most are the good spells and the medium spells.

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Creeping / Jungling

Gangplank is a relatively good creep farmer. His passive gives him a poison that hurts his enemies slightly and is very useful against creeps. Gangplanks ability also gives a bonus amount of gold if a minion is killed with the spell, though it is better for mana purposes to use your spells for combat and survival only. I cannot stress enough the importance of last hitting minions. You are less likely to get the minion kill if you don't last hit the minion, so please you will farm gold faster if you last hit them.

I wont talk about jungling because I am not the greatest jungler. If you want a jungle guide please check out someone elses because i don't have one. Sorry :P

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Team Work

Because you are gangplank, you will already have a spell that gives team mates around you a buff. But because of the you will give even better buffs for your team. Gangplank is an all around team player as well, because of cannon barrage and his ability to deal massive amounts of damage make him very formidable in team fights.

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Pros / Cons


    Deals a lot of damage
    Has good life steal
    moves quickly
    has good survivability

    very squishy
    needs to get kills early on to be really effective
    low mana

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Well i hope that this build helps all you eager gangplank lovers!
Remember that this build is about dealing a lot of damage, not about defense, so when using this build do not try to tank or engage team fights by any means.
Please if i did not discuss something that you would like to know about, just leave a comment and i will answer it as quickly as i can to the best of my abilities. If you have anything that you think might make this build better i would love to hear it, i am always open to suggestions.
Also if you would be so kind as to leave a rating on how you liked the build guide i would very much appreciate it. I put a lot of work into this so I would love to see good results :D
Happy gaming people!