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Gangplank Build Guide by XXXnamiXXX

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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XXXnamiXXX

Gangplank - GreedyPlank Build

XXXnamiXXX Last updated on May 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Now, I know what you're thinking - wtf is this doing in the "Champion" guide type and not "Humor"? Well I will tell you why, because this build is NOT for fun. This build is for tryhards and winners. So if you want to win and gain DAT ELO you better learn the way, of the GREEDYPLANK.

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Pros / Cons


  • You gain ELO if you use this guide correct.
  • Your Gangplank win rate will go up for ranked.
  • People might fail pick thinking you're solo top, letting your solo top to counter pick.
  • If your team is stupid they won't help you with wolves/blue so you will get screwed over and probably lose game.
  • Gangplank will become so OP with this build that he become flavor of the month and gets banned.
  • You can still lose if you have a DCer/AFKer on your team.

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I use avarice seals and quintessences to get the fastest amount of gold over time than every other player on the map. The 5.25G every ten seconds will add up. And for the GreedyPlank Build to work, you need to be Greedy as all hell.

I grab marks of alacrity for the extra attack speed. Doing so will allow me to clear the jungle at a fast pace and last with with Parrrley.

And to finish it all off I get glyphs of shielding because with the items you will be getting at level 18, without these runes all AP damage will make you cry.

Other Runes

If the enemy has no AP Carry for heavy AP damage there is another glyph you can use.

Nine glyphs of fortitude can give you more HP for the early game and for you late game atams.

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I'm not going to talk about all masteries unless people ask for it so I'm just going to list the important ones.

The reason to take butcher is because if you do more damage to minions you will be able to get gold faster over time. Trust me, if you didn't have this your build would be delayed a whole four and a half minutes!

Getting the increase for smite is great because you will get 10 extra gold with this bad boy. If you don't grab this you miss out on about three whole minutes of your build.

This will allow your promoted minion to live 15% longer. This 15% can be the difference in five hundred bonus gold or the lower four hundred bonus gold.

5.25G per 10 OR 7.25G per 10? Case closed getting Greed is the whole point of GreedyPlank, You will get way more gold this way and you're going to need it.

Wealth is a great 40G boost on your way to victory, but you won't be using it right away.

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Just like the masteries I'm not going to put every item just the items that might need some explaining.

The GP5 quad. These items will give you sustain, health, crit damage, and 20G Per 10!


I take berserkers because I want to carry games. However if your team is lacking tanks make sure to grab defensive boots.

If you're the main tank get Mercs of Tabi depending on who does the most damage to you on the enemy team.

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Skill Sequence

Make sure to last hit EVERYTHING that you attack with parrrley besides Baron, Dragon, and Buffs near enemies. You're going to need to max this skill first to get a ton of bonus gold and win the game.

Max remove scurvy 2nd because you will need sustain and the Kage's Lucky Pick will boost its power.

Get raise morale last unless your team is a heavy invasion team. If that is the case then you should get only one skill in it at level 1, then continue from there.

Cannon barrage is the key spell. You should always use it if you can get a kill/assist in the early game for gold or when you're ganking for the same use. The other thing this skill can be used for is stopping lanes from pushing, taking cs, and stealing buffs. Make sure to use it in the way that will grant you and your team the most gold total.

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Summoner Spells

Use smite as fast as possible to get the extra 10 gold at all times. This alone will get you gold fast. The only exception will be explained in the Craaping/Jungling section.

This spell is tricky, if someone on your team is having a real hard time farming make sure to promote there lane so your minion will last hit the cs they have been missing. The main purpose for this spell is to push an allies lane when one of the following occur:

  • An enemy in a lane recalls and will lose XP/Gold if there lane is pushed.
  • Your ally has there summoner spells up for a gank, pushing there lane will bait the enemy jungler so you can jump in to counter jungle while taking kills and cs.
  • Somebody is raging at you so you punish them by taking there cs.Problem?

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Creeping / Jungling


For the sake of explanation this will be from Blue Team's point of view.
  • Standard: B-A-C-E-D This route is for normal jungling but you team will need to help you damage wolves to get to blue buff by 1:55 for a leash because you will need it.
  • Safe: A-B-C-D-E This route should be used if your team isn't smart enough to help you with wolves but will leash blue buff for you.
  • Top Gank: B-A-GankTop-F Using this route is good if your top lane has a bad match up and the enemy jugnler is starting at there blue.
  • Counter the Counter: C-D-A-B-E If you're scared of getting counter jungled you can take your red early and then your blue right away but you will need to grab some health potions for this route.
  • You Greedy Bastard: E-C-B-A-Buy-E-D-C-B Do your allies want your golems? Well if you're one greedy mother f***er feel free to use this route and take all the gold you want.
  • Mundo?: B-A-G Do the Mundo route! But only if your team can back you up, invading is not a solo mission when it comes to GreedyPlank.
When you finish a route you should either gank or buy depending on the situation.

Baron & Dragon

Baron Respawn Time = 7 mins.
Dragon Respawn Time = 5 mins.

You're going to want to get dragon a lot with your team to get a ton of gold but baron will not be a big target. Just make sure your team wards them because you won't be buying any ward since you're GreedyPlank.

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Team Work

GreedyPlank is always viable in any situation but in some he is more than others. Lets take a look at some of GreedPlank's best allies:


Twisted Fate's Passive makes GreedyPlank 110% more effective and if you get a good TF and GP you can 2v5 the enemy team. Along with GreedyPlank's Ult, Twisted Fate's Ult range is long enough to duo gank like total bros.

Pantheon is a solo top Twisted Fate with a worse passive (for you) but he is still your #2 ally.

Offtanks. Any offtank. I'm serious, in fact if you don't have an offtank or a pantheon and the enemy team has an offtank you could lose.

Female Offtankish Champs. Same as above but, bros before hoes.

Team Comps


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Match Ups

Difficulty: 1/5

Score Scale

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, N/A

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Match History


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Summary & Quotes.

"This guide makes me wish I had never been shot." -Abraham Lincoln
"5 Out of 5!" -The New York Times
"Fortune favors fools." - Miss Fortune
"I need a map." - Ezreal
"Get out of my belly!" - Gragas

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Change Log


  • Published Build/Guide.

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and shout-out to:
  • 88HÏMMLÆR88 - Had the great Summary picture.
  • JhoiJhoi - She had some good line dividers. They can be found here!