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Gangplank Build Guide by DaNightmare2

Gangplank-One Shot KO

Gangplank-One Shot KO

Updated on March 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaNightmare2 Build Guide By DaNightmare2 3,633 Views 0 Comments
3,633 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DaNightmare2 Gangplank Build Guide By DaNightmare2 Updated on March 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Gangplank(GP) is one of League of Legends' surprise champs.Equiped with all these useful skills and the critical damage that leaves the enemy with the mouth opened, he is definately fearful and dangerous throughout the whole game .Here is a guide which will probably help newbies and even more experienced players who want to take up playing Gangplank.

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Why 2 Phantom Dancers?

Well.that's a good question!I preder 2 Phantom Dancers as they burst your critical damage up to 100%. That means that each one of your single hits deals 250% damage(combined with Infinity Edge) and that's something that automatically turns you into a war machine , which scares each one of the opponents ,even tanks with loads of Hp. Gangplank's strong advantage is his Parrley which can easily take down half and above of his target's health combined with a critical strike build.Besides that, 2 Phantom Dancers make you one of the fastest(if not the fastest) players of the game, something that makes your chasing job way easier,but helps you escape faster as well.
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Generally Build Utilities

Now,as long s the Ionian Boots are concerned, I always prefer them instead of Berserker's Greaves, as they reduced importantly my cooldowns and help me be even more fearsome mid game.A strange thing about my build, is the fact that you craft boots only in the mid game and since then, someone will think that you are quite vulnerable to gangs.Well, that's not true.Why?Because you have your Raise Morale skill which increases your speed a little bit, and helps you harrassing your opponents or escaping as well.Now, if you feel that you need speed in early game, you could buy the boots before Sheen,and ask one of your teamates to help you to take the Blue Buff, so that you will be able to cast your E>Q combo all the time.That's probably the best solution but only in case you don't have a jungler in your team, because he will probably need the Blue Buff more than you.
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Now,as long as the Masteries are concerned, i've give empasis to Gangplank's attack damage and generally offensive ones, so that he will be able to farm early game,so that he will perform greatly later game.Remember, FARMING IS THE WHOLE GAME!.Also i have put 4/4 in Cooldown Reduction,as you will need all of them.They are of great importance, as your Parley's cooldown will decrease dramatically combined with ionian boots mid game.Also, as Gangplank is a great pusher because of his E, i've put a point in Demolitionist so that he will be able to destroy enemy turrets faster and easier.The last point is put in Summoners Insight, so that Flash's cooldown is reduced by 15seconds.Those 15seconds can be proved vital for your escape!Or quite useful in a team gang.
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Skill Sequence

Well,there are 2 options here.The first one,which i prefer,is maxing Parrley at level 9,and that's for offensive game style.After that. i max Remove Scurvy as it is quite useful and heals a lot(combined with trinity force),and i max Raise Morale last.Now,if you want to play in a defensive way, you should max your Parlley and your Remove Scurvy together,and max them both mid game.That helps you to have a balanced game style, and is more appropriate for begginers with gangplank.
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FARMING IS EVERYTHING!In case you have farmed good early game,almost noone will be able to win you in 1v1.Its all about killing mobs.You earn important amounts of money and experience points.Gangplank is JUST AWSOME in farming as he has Raise Morale for increased damage and his Parlley.You must be concetrated throughout your farming process.You must try always to last hit using your Parlley, as it gives you extra amounts of Gold that will help you a lot.That's the reason why i max it first.Not only for incredible amounts of damage but of Gold as well!;)
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Thank you for spending some of your valuable time for reading my guide.I have to mention that this is my first guide and i would be grateful if you could comment.Positive or negative comments are acceptable!Hope i've helped a little bit.

League of Legends Build Guide Author DaNightmare2
DaNightmare2 Gangplank Guide
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Gangplank-One Shot KO

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