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Gangplank Build Guide by Chineseflame

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chineseflame

Gangplank: Raising Morales

Chineseflame Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hallo and welcome to my new Gangplank rework.

To see my old guide which I archived here is the link:

Sorry, just noticed bout the update on the phil stones [6/22/2011]. I am kinda busy
for now, but i dont wana just throw out a random substitute for the 2nd or if both philo
stones. Going to mess around a bit on GP's early game to find a good item that is going to help him, but wont be getting to that until tomorrow [6/23/2011]. If i can find a decent item you can expect an update this weekend [6/25/11]. Maby ill give cloak and dagger a try.

if enough people want I can bring it back or put it on just let me know.

This build is made, because Deny GP doesn't work anymore. The main focus of this build is a
crit Gangplank. I hope this will be helpful for those who play gangplank. I will say I am not very good at writing guides and have trouble conveying what I want to say so if you have anything you guys can say which can help improve this guide and/or help with some of the confusing sentence structures in this guide it would be appreciated.

Note: Kinda lazy and busy with work will eventually work on this guide some more.

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First I would like to thank you guys for your suggestions. I decided to change to boots on GP to these 3.

The reason why I don't have a specific boots up is because everyone play style is different and there are also many different encounters that would work better with one type of boot.

Ninja Tabi:
- These boots would normally be chosen against heavy dps
characters that rely on auto attacks. I don't usually pick these boots
but if the enemy team has a really strong dps carry like tryn or ashe i
would get it.

Boots of Lucidity:
- These boots are really great for harassing as it lowers
parley's cooldown. I like it early game and mid game
cause you don't crit as much yet so you need as many chance
to shoot. Though I personally like to switch these boots
out towards late game for extra survivability, since your
crit should almost always land and usually you wont have
to shoot more than twice to kill the squishy.
Mercury's Treads:
- Now you say why merc treads even though GP already has a clense.
Merc treads can help with those who still arn't good with using
there clense. By not use to I mean waiting for the enemy to use
all there cc and then you fruit and get out with enough life to
escape. I see many people eat the fruit the moment they become
cc'ed and then someone else comes and stuns them, there fruit is on
CD so you can't clense again the merc treads is there to help you.

Now a reason for those who are more advanced at using GP's fruits
sometimes you will face an extremely heavy cc team AND the team is
extremely coordinated. They will never stack there stuns and waste
them. It is against these types of teams were Merc treads will
really help you. For example, a ramas taunts you, once its done
the shen taunts u, and if you still live an ashe arrow comes
instead of ramas taunts as shen taunts were one of them wasted a

Another reason for you to get merc treads is for magic resist. Even
if the other team isnt cc heavy if there carry is AP heavy the
magic resist can save your life.

Boots of Swiftness:
- The reason I choose these boots is because of love my movement
speed. It can give you that little extra umph you need to catch
up to an enemy to parley them. Now I only recommend this, if
movement speed suits your play style OR if you are extremely fed
and the enemy cant do anything to you. Other wise the other three
are on a higher priority list.

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Pros / Cons

Pros for this specific guide.

    Can farm pretty well.
    A very good late game Champion.
    Has pretty decent escape capabilities.
    Can support teammates from across the map.

Cons for this guide.
    Not that great early game.
    Your heal will not heal as much since it isn't going to be maxed 2nd.
    Pretty squishy until you get your last item.
    When enemies counter build, it can be pretty significant to your dmg output.

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Skill Sequence

Parley - This is going to be Gangplanks main source of dmg once you get to late game. The amount of damage parley can do when you crit can do just as much dmg as any nuker who has to chain 2 or more spells together.

Remove Scurvy - The reason I only put 1 point into this ability in this until lvl 14 is because I only use it to help me get out of cc. I much prefer the new Raise Morale ability now that I can activate it whenever I want and get bonus dmg off of it.

Raise Morale - You know what who cares if you cant deny with this ability anymore, it can be a great support ability. This ability can increase your speed quite a bit so you can catch up or run away from your foes, as well as helping your allies. Another great thing about this is that you get a free BF sword at max level. I find my self using this ability a lot more now than before when you would use it to deny.

Cannon Barrage - The remake on Gangplank ult is a lot better since it can now slow even when they are not hit by the cannons. There are several uses for this:

    Using it to clean minions off of a tower.
    Use it during a team fight.
    Use it to block off escape routes.
    Keep enemies away from you as you attack there tower.
    (a bit risky make sure the tower wont switch to you if an enemy get hits by the cannon ball)

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The two builds up above are almost identical and just a matter of preference. I am liking the philosopher stones because I do not max my heal and I now combo RM with my parley so quite a bit of mana is used.

Only make one of the philo stones with Elesia's Miracle. I have also tried getting a cloak and dagger instead and that also works.

The reason I choose philosopher stone now is because I dont max out Remove Scurvy as early so the hp regen is nice. Also you will now be comboing RM with parley so that takes up a lot of mana. Also you can now farm quite a bit on minions.

I don't know what much else to say about the other items, infinity edge is a must because it increases your crit dmg by 50% and gives quite a bit of dmg. After getting your infinity edge and phantom dancer, always have a green pot on you just to increase your crit chance.

There are two items I switch depending on who you play against. If they do not have alot of armor I like black cleaver instead of last whisperer cause you would get more from reducing their armor staticly than reducing it by 40%. The last item really depends on your preference if you wish to crit more yomuu's if you wish for survivability depending on the the team if you need magic resist I get a banshee's otherwise I go for a froze mallet or Guardian Angel. These are just items I prefer for his survivability.

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Team Work and Laning

Early Game

Note: I have yet to try mid Gangplank with this since the deny, though before because of deny it was worse off so it might be a bit better. The reason why I do like mid Gangplank is because this build is a late game build and by being in a solo or mid lane you can get your parley up quicker and farm a bit easier. Though I do like laning as Gangplank from time to time.

There are two characters which I highly love laneing with with Gangplank.

    1. Taric
    Reason: He has a pretty decent cc to help you land your parley.
    He can also remove your opponents armor so your parley does more dmg.
    Since you don't lvl your Remove Scurvy much his heal can help you alot.
    2. Jana
    Reason: Her shield is amazing and combined with your RM you can have basicly 2 free
    BF swords.
    She also can help negate dmg with your shield and her torado can do lots of dmg
    if she can land it fully charged.
    She also has a slow which allows you to land parley easier as well.

Out of laning partners I would choose Supports, Melee Dps, and if no other choice someone with a good hard cc.

With melee dps your raise morale can help them a lot. The worst off is laning with a tank that doesn't do alot of dmg early game or gets easily harasseed. This is because you dont have your crit chance yet so relying on the dmg of parly isnt as useful.

Mid Game

If farmed well you can easily get an infinity edge or almost complete by 20 min. and should be working on your phantom dmg. This is the part were if you do really great or just ok comes to play since you do have your dmg, but your crit is about 50/50. Usually what ends up happening is you parley for half there life but the nxt 3 parleys are duds and you cant get a kill. In this phase you wana harass with just parley keep a safe distance and ult when your team needs you. Keep farming off minions if no one is nearby and try and get your phantom dancer and trinity force as quickly as possible.

Late Game

Finally you are pretty much the king of the world. No melee champion wants to get close to you because your auto atks hurt and you can weaken them while they are still too far to atk you. Dont be afraid of melees one thing I find that other crit planks do is just parley and run away late game, your auto attack can be just as scary now. If you get into trouble just eat a fruit and raise morale, still not quick enough activate yomu's and if they still on your tail you still got your ghost ^^. As for ranged you can just cap them at a distance with nukers you wana keep your distance wait till they waste there spells on someone else then go in parley and 1 or 2 auto attacks should kill them. This does take awhile to get use to and when to judge is a good opportunity to get close, but if done correctly you can pop someone while fighitng another.

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Viewers opinion

Well so far this should be a skeleton of my build. Like i said in my intro I don't really know what to put into a guide. If theres any info you would like me to add another chapter you feel important people should know about please tell me in the comments below. I will try to get images working though probably no updates till next week, since i got final exams comming up.