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Gangplank Build Guide by I am silence

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I am silence

Gangplank - Ranked Games

I am silence Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Hi there!

This is actually my first guide which I published in order to offer all Gangplank players some support in their gameplay and tactics. I used this build recently in numerous ranked games and as you can see, I appeared to be quite successful with it.

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I use typical AD carry runes for my GP, although he isn't a champion you would call an original carry at all.

Greater Mark of Desolation:
It is obvious (or it should be) that you will need armor penetration if your champ is some sort of an AD - damage dealer. Together with the quints, it offers quite an improvement to your attacks.
Greater Seal of Clarity:
Mana regeneration is an issue which often makes trouble if you want to spam your skills and stay longer in lane. These runes shall help to sustain longer before porting back or going more def.
Greater Glyph of Celerity:
I prefer them over the focus glyphs, although some might want to have the bigger cooldown reduction at early game. It will let you spam your Parrrley even in early game.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation:
If added to the marks, your champ reaches a total of +25 armor penetration, which is obviously powerful.

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Like you can see above, it is an 21/0/9 build and away from some minor changes it will be that mastery build working best on him (for me at least).

One question is if you want to put a skill point on exhaust or not. If yes, you will have to decide where you will take it away from. If not, simply return the point to "Archmage's Savvy".

Furthermore, it depends on if you will take ghost as a summoner spell. If not, you can move the point to "Good hands".

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Let's come to the funniest part of my guide.

I saw players stacking avarice blades, others who got themself "Warmogs" for more survivability and many more wasting their money on (in my opinion) useless GP item builds.

Why not:
Yes, it offers you a critical strike chance of + 12%. Very impressive... but?
It takes 25 min (that's what the additional gold is good for) till it pays for itself and you get no dmg, lifesteal or anything else of value.

Why not:
Costs: 3k. You get health and health regen plus an additional bonus for minion kills and champion kills or assists. Well, you know about the item.

And now forget it. Your attack speed, life steal and skills offer you enough survivability, if not, you just have not found out yet. Warmogs will let you survive a few more seconds just to admit it, but if you don't go for a offtank build it will only result in you doing no dmg and running away from your enemys for about the whole game. Furthermore, I don't believe ppl who think that a "Tankplank" is more use then a Gangplank. In normal games you can have success with it but we are talking about ranked games here, so know your roles.

Finally, my item build:

I start usually with a:
And grow it after my first port into a:

So let's just explain why I do that. Wriggle's lantern is perfect for our allrounder. It gives lifesteal, armor and attack damage. And you get a free ward for the whole game in order to have better map control. The overall costs are not too high either, so it is a really valuable starter item.


It depends on the enemy team. If they have more auto-attackers then pick the Tabi's, if there is more CC and AP included choose the Mercury's.

Then I usually continue with a:
Well, it happens that I buy Zeal before I finish my boots. If you have the money, prefer it over them.

Some players might suggest to begin with the Trinity Force as a starter item and to build Sheen as first, but I made the experience that focusing on your Parrrley dmg (with that Avarice Blades too) is not the best way at all.

Then finish your:
Yes, it is expensive. And some games may already end after you buy it. But it is the ultimate allrounder item, and as you will see later, GP is an allrounder.

Continue with:and

Then finish your build with an optional item :oror
The Frozen Mallet (not tested) was just included for people which like to have some more Health and the addditional slow you get.

The Black Cleaver was also not testet by me yet, the atk speed, dmg and armor reduction can be valuable too.

Both of them are not typical items for GP, but if you want test them and write a comment.

As you will have noticed already, my build doesn't offer really defensive equip, the explaination will follow in the next chapter.

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Skill Sequence

It will be important to learn everything about your skills. Cooldowns, development and which one to max out first and last.

Let us begin with the passive.

Grog Soaked Blade:
It was changed recently and now applies a small poison debuff plus slowing the target by 7%.

Some call it their favourite, although I cannot tell which is mine. With your ATK-DMG growing, it will do more Damage and Parrrley also applies the passive. Furthermore it is very useful for farming, if you kill a minion or monster with it you gain extra gold.

Remove Scurvy:
This can really save you. It clears any Crowd Control effect and provides you healing. If it wasn't for that ability, I wouldn't have survived in some situations.

Raise Morale:
It has a nice passive, which offers more ATK-DMG and Movement Speed. Additionally, your allies in range get it too for 10 seconds. Perfect for chasing enemys and pushing turrets.

Cannon Barrage:
Gangplanks Ult. Ofc, it is not about it's dmg to other champions, although it can finish some of them off. Much more important is the fact that it applies a slow, which can save your allies or give you the upper hand in chasing enemies (combined with Raise Morale). Furthermore, it is perfect to interrupt enemy minion waves in order to help you pushing faster or saving unprotected lanes from getting overrun.

To sum up, I would prefer to max out Parrrley and Remove Scurvey first, although you can decide to give Raise Morale 2-3 levels before you do. The posted skill order is just some sort of idea, you will have to adjust to the situation.

I mentioned before that I don't rly use defense, just armor to provide some protection from AD carries. You can clean CC effects and heal yourself while increasing your movement speed to get out of range. You cannot survive everything, but it is not that difficult to get away alive.

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Summoner Spells

This combo is really amazing:
You can use it in more then just one situation. Exhaust is simply the best 1on1 spell to bring your target down, and if the enemy flashes aways you can flash after him/her.

On the other hand, if you are the target, just clean the CC, exhaust and flash away, your ult can also be useful here if it is more then one enemy chasing you. And if the other team has a really fed player, Exhaust can decide over a teamfight as well.

Alternative spells are:
Well if you really want to run fast, take it. It's value shows up when you have cd's on your abilities and the other summoner spell.

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Well, runes, masteries, equipment, summoner spells, everything is basicly completed. But the most important thing is still missing you need to learn how to play with your champion based on all of that information.

Decide for yourself: What is Gangplank for you?

Some of you might say, Tankplank is better, some are still insisting on Avarice and critting.

In my case, I see Gangplank as an allrounder.

The dmg output is nice, he can push and save both himself and his allies and the ult is pretty variable and useful against the enemy team.

Lets begin.

Early game:
I am used to play Gangplank both in lanes and mid. Many prefer to put an AP mid, but if I get the opportunity, then mid is always preferred by me.

When you go for mid, don't just concentrate on your lasthits. If your enemy does not have any heal pot, he will be lost in most cases(except for champs with self-heal). Well, if you think you are experienced enough, try to get the firstblood. If not, try to harass only in small amounts to keep the game most between the two turrets. Another strategy is to use your Parrrley mostly on minions to get even more gold advantage. At lvl 6, start looking more on the lanes to see if you can help your mates to gain the upper hand. Your ult will come in nicely.

Mid Game:
The best case is, all three enemy turrets are down, the worst is the opposite. Keep cool, you should be usually able to hold yours, even if the enemy keeps pushing with two champs.

At this point most junglers (which should be one in both team, if not nvm) have finished their preparations and already initiated some ganks, so both teams could have a slight advantage in gold. That's why make sure you get the first dragon. GP can solo him rly early, although I wouldn't recommend, it takes some time after all and you could end being ganked.

Also, make sure you have some map control provided. I know it is not easy to play with people in solo queue which you don't know at all. But at least one will be clever enough to ward his lane and maybe the dragon (jungler).

Your role till now is not that complicated. Focus on holding your mid/lane, try to get some kills or assists and bring the opponents turret down if you can, if not nvm.

Now teamfights will start. You and your mates will be around lvl 8-11. Don't initiate yourself. Wait till your tank, or someone with cc starts the focus on an enemy. then when the area gets crowded bring out your ult. You don't need to focus the carry at all. He/She is indeed the easiest one to bring down, but won't do the most dmg yet (if he/she has already farmed well you will have to although). Ignore the tank and try to kill the Nuker, or if you want bring down the one with the lowest hp first. Don't forget to keep your Raise Morale ready, and don't waste your ult if you know that your team lacks focus and damage and can't finish the others off.

Late game:

Your damage output, movement and survivability should be fine now. Don't be reckless, even if you know what you are capable of. It is true, when one of the enemys inhibitors is down, you can stay really long there till all five of them go after you. Still, take your free baron and then finish them off.

If it is the opposite, there are some possibilities. Stealing the baron, waiting till they lose the buff, or trying to ace them at your base. You should be able to take out two of them alone (carry + support or nuker) which should give your team enough time to push back.
If you don't like the idea of possibly sacrificing yourself, or don't have the feeling that you should be the one doing the dirty work for them, at least try to clear the enemys minion waves and harass as much as possible.


In early game, just try to Parrrley some lasthits and collect as much as you can with your melee attacks. With a support on your lane this should be easy. Mid can depend on your enemy.If you experience problems in farming on melee just hold your range and concentrate on your Q-Skill in that case.

In mid game, try to farm your jungle too if you get the opportunity. Farm the dragon solo if you want.

In late game, you will have a really fast attack speed by now and should easily be able to clear minion waves in no time.

Map control:

This is really important. Make sure the river is warded so you can see if an enemy comes over from jungle or mid. Next one which has to be warded is dragon. At mid game baron. Keep your wards up. With Wriggle's Lantern you get a free extra ward all three minutes. Let someone buy an oracle to clean up enemys wards if possible.

Furthermore, if you are pushing ward the enemys jungle, if its the other way around then ward yours. This can really save the game for you, even if your team has the disadvantage.

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So, this was my first guide. Enjoy reading!

Comments and votes are welcome.

This guide will be updated soon (item description and more)