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League of Legends Build Guide Author ne0cha0s

GangPlank - RapePlank

ne0cha0s Last updated on November 28, 2010
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This build is meant for long games, not to win quick or get first blood or anything like that. This gangplank is meant to play very passively early game, but it will pay off later, trust me. The reason you get Raise Morale first is so that you can outlevel your opponents. when minions first spawn, wait back by the nexus and use raise morale on the first melee minion you see, then continue along whichever lane you are in and once the cooldown is up, use it on the next front-most melee minion. Now, both you and your lane partner (if you have one) need to play very defensively, staying close enough to get experience from the enemys' minions' deaths but far enough away so that you don't lose too much health or get killed. now with every wave of minions that comes, make sure you use raise morale on the front most melee minion or if there is a turret minion (the one that has more health and deals more damage), use Raise Morale on it. This should effectively help you and your partner reach level 6 without much trouble before your opponents. The summoner skills I included are Teleport and Clarity, both will help so that you can use Raise Morale whenever possible, if you run out of mana and don't have clarity up, just recall, buy your next items, and teleport back. Before level 6, try to use parrrley sparingly, only to push away the enemy team if they are trying to get a kill, etc. because at this point it is not so important to get those last hits. Once you and your lane partner get to level 6, you should be able to take out the opposing lane team with ease (thanks to Raise Morale keeping them at a lower level) and once that's done you can buy your next items and choose to take out your tower, or help gank in another lane. Mid game you can be a little more aggressive, but there still isn't much you can do, so concentrate on getting those last hits with parrrley so you can save up to get that infinity edge. Also, play smart, smart enough to not need remove scurvy because you're not going to be getting it until level 13. Mid to late game is when you can turn the game completely around, you have an infinity edge, and you might have phantom dancer or are close to it. Start going for dragon, getting golem and lizard buffs, and then gank or kill to your heart's desire now that you have remove scurvy to get you out in a bind. once you get bloodthirster, you've pretty much won the game, you can solo almost all enemy champs with ease and remove scurvy your way out of a gank and possibly get a kill in the process. If the game still isn't over, or your team is incompetent, you'll have a chance to turn the tides with ease. once you have the money, start replacing the 2 avarice blades with 2 more infinity edges and you'll be able to solo the entire enemy team (depending on who they have). Once you get used to the build, you'll see why I call it RapePlank =)