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Gangplank Build Guide by xKingz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xKingz

Gangplank the Bloated Pirate

xKingz Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide ever! Today I am going to be showing you my guide of getting feed and bloated with our good friend Gangplank Arrrr!If you enjoy this guide pls give it a +1 it really helps get the guide known , if you dont like it then happily dislike it.

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Your Lane

When you play Gangplank there are an average of 2 things you can do.1. You can jungle GangPlank , Gangplank is somewhat of a strong jungeler but his ganks really don't shine on unless your enemy opponent is far pushed in the certain lane you are about to gank or if that laner has any sort of CC avaible at the time.Also Gangplank can use his ultimate to help other lanes across the map and can earn you some extra gold. 2. Top lane is probably Gangplank's strongest lane , because Gangplank can harass early on with his Q and heal up with W and get extra AS and MS with his E this is probably the lane any Gangplank will chose.

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Early Game

Gangplank is Early game can be one of 2 things. 1.Deadly,Gangplank can be severly deadly if you play him correctly.To play him correctly you want to try to harass the enemy with your Q or farm as much as you can , if you harass correctly you can force your enemy to fall back to his/her base or get him far enough from the creep wave. 2.Weak early game Gangplank can also be weak this is caused when you are being out harassed and not being able to farm equally or better than the opponent which will cause you to lose your lane. but 90% of the time you will be able to do equally or better than your opponent.

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Mid Game

Mid game is one of the most important stages for Gangplank. Mid game means life or death for gangplank you are either doing really good and you are able to kill and farm some what of a decent rate , or you going to do bad or somewhat decent which will again cause you to fall behind and not to afford you items until you can catch back up.

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Late Game

Late game Gangplank is all about being able to go in there and do tons of damage to your opponents.Gangplank is also very useful for split-pushing other lanes.Split-Pushing is when you or another person goes into a different to push it forcing 1 or 2 opponents to come there to stop you. Only Split push if your team knows they can handle a 4v5.

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Pros and Cons

Pros:Has strong Damage output through out the game.Can really shut down any opponent.Can use ultimate to help other lanes out and steal Dragon and/or Baron. Cons:Needs mana early if wanting to harass enemies.Some what of a squishy champion early on.He is sort of item dependent since he is a pirate and as we all know pirates need their booty.

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Farming with Gangplank is some what simple b/c his passive and his Q gives extra gold of you finish that minion with it.Here is an average farm you want to have 10cs/1min if you can do that , it will be a some what of a decent amount to give you an item or two without kills or assist , but if you can manage to pick up any kills or farm better than that you should be able to pick up items really fast.

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Ranked and Normals

Ranked:When you play Ranked games with Gangplank it will be so much fun unless your team is terriable.Low ELO: Low ELO players you want to get Gangplank or any champ that can solo top if at all possible.The reason being is in ELO Hell you have to be able to fight by yourself b/c you cant rely on your team (unless its people you know)High ELO: Gangplank will probably will not play Gangplank b/c he is not needed in high ELO as much as other champs are so if you are in the range of 1750-2500 Gangplank will probably not be your best character unless you are losing a lot more games then you usually do then go on ahead he might be fun to you. Normals: This is where Gangplank is more played , now in Normal games you are probably not going to have a jungler so you will most likely be stucked in a duo lane. Dont threat it , when your other person leaves the lane for what ever reason Farm. You need to farm as much as you can b/c your other person will also want farm to this is your chance to get it all for yourself unless your lane sucks at farming then go ahead get all that farm.

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Some valuable things to know about this guide and Gangplank

Sorry guys i forgot to do this part near the begging of the guide but no worries here it is. CC=Slow,Stun,Knock up,root,or binding. CS=Creep score. AS= Attack Speed MS=Movement speed.Gangplank is a really strong champ in general and can win you games by you just carrying , so if you don,t all ready have him then go and get him (unless you only play AP then of course i don't think you and him well mix together very well.)

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Well thank everyone who have read this guide and who have rated it , it means alot , like i said this is my first guide so if there are any chapters i should add and if there any champs or any sugestions to make this guide better please let me know on the comment area below again Thank you so much for reading this is xKingz OUT.