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League of Legends Build Guide Author pheonixking52

Gangplank-Ulti Critical

pheonixking52 Last updated on December 27, 2010
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This is my first build, but i tried this build in-game and went 20/4/11, then i tried it again and got relatively the same score. This has great crit damage and and attack speed. It also penetrates armor pretty well and the Ult takes down about 66% health when your all done. If you play it right, you can usually get down most champs down in about 4-6 hits. Moost tanks will taake about 8-10 hits and if you have ghost, you can usually get away.

Crit damage
Attack speed
Ability damage
Regular attack damage
Ultimate ability damage
Armor penetration

Health-there isn't much defense in this but if you use ghost, it shouldn't matter a whole lot. Heal should bebhealpful and you've got the health potions.
Lifesteal-There is no lifesteal here, which is a problem, but your own variations on this, it shouldn't be a problem.
Dodge-The dodge isn't great, I will admit, but when you can crit and attack like this, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. You could get away without it, as long as you use ghost and heal, agains't a tank you could get away with about 3-500 hp.

I used this to push mid, got about 6 kills before i died. ith another person you can make it to their inhibitor in 1 run, In the second game, my team won in about 10 minutes. The tank that this worked well on was Sion, I kept him at range and had him down in about 4 hits after i used my Ult and Parrley. Raise Morale is great for pushing and when we double a turret, we can take it down very quickly. You could try to tank with this build you'd need different runes, and you might not do as well.