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Gangplank Build Guide by FiddlezAllDay

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FiddlezAllDay

GangstaPlank, Runnin Game On The Jungle

FiddlezAllDay Last updated on July 24, 2012
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Why Gangplank?

Gangplank, although not used often, is a great jungle, he has a ulti for slow, damage or clearing a minion wave. Has a BUILT IN slow, on top of a exhaust if you choose to get it as I do, a strong hitting parley, and a boost with morale which also boosts your teammates!

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Why These Runes?

I choose these runes for two reasons, Gangplank needs the armor pen to do maximum damage on his parley on those ganks, and 2 the armor and magic resist really keep him sustained in the jungle and later in game, Note that these runes are NOT necessary, its what I prefer, and it works great for me.

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I like this mastery build for GP because it gives him the damage he needs to succeed throughout the game while still being able to take a couple hits, you can stray a little bit from what I have put, but thats basically the best mastery build you are going to get for him.

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Why these items? CRIT,CRIT AND MORE CRIT!, the wriggles is entirely for jungling, and the initial boost in damage on your parley for ganking early, now the avarice blade helps you continue to jungle while making loads of gold through it and your parley, while giving you the crit to increase your parley damage, and Infinity Edge and Phantom dancer both GREATLY increase the damage of Gangplank through crit, crit damage, and speed, the stuff that makes Gangplank a OG GangstaPlank like he is.

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Why this skill order?

Well... this skill order because Parley is what ole GP is all about. You can however choose not to get the remove scurvy at 3, and maybe wait til 5 or 7. but I get it at 3, so while i still have blue buff I can continue to jungle and get that free heal, making it easier on me. As a Jungler, you only need that remove scurvy to stop exhausts or knockbacks, etc, so you can raise morale in and continue to wreak havoc with that parley

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Ranked Play

Until you are more familiar with this build and Gangplank, do not try it in Ranked, it does work, I have played this build Gangplank in ranked and have yet to lose, I also haven't lost with amumu currently supporting a 32-6 ranked score , and if you wanted to know the 6 losses were with eve and xin BEFORE patch :P, but this is a very viable rank build, just watch for counters like rammus and malphite, they can bully you around pretty nice in the jungle, I believe shyv can too.

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The Jungle Itself?

I ALWAYS go blue, it makes things so much easier, but you can go red, i've done this once or twice, didn't turn out bad because I had an intelligent team ready for the level 2 gank, but I don't reccommend it, it is nowhere near as easy as a level 2 lets say Mundo,Lee, or Jax gank.

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Why Should I Use this Build?

The reason this gangplank build, is more viable than most ESPECIALLY for the jungle, is because it relies HEAVILY on doing damage and supporting your team, with the crit build, you can just annihilate people early game, and with the gold from your avarice blade and the parley last hit shots, you will build up to that IE and Phantomdancer, making you strong late game, which most Gangplanks usually are not, I will be putting up a Tank version of gangplank later, It's not bad, but I prefer this one, most of my games are like 13-1-10 or 20-6-15, I guarantee you will go positive if you follow my build correctly. He makes it so easy.

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Clears Jungle Quick
Easy To Play
Very Viable
Very Helpful to Team
Strong Early and Late game

Kinda Team Reliant
Can't early gank as easy as others
Sometimes you Won't Crit

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GangstaPlank is very good champion with ease of use and you will really piss some people off with this build as each parley takes chunks and chunks of their hp away. Try it out and tell me how you like it, leave comments let me know if you would change something or if you have questions of why I chose or do something, thanks, and also let me know if I should add more to the guide, Now go GangstaPlank all up in dat a$$