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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rolaz

Gankplank, The Pirate King

Rolaz Last updated on October 27, 2010
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So basically this is probably one of the only viable builds for gangplank. It may resemble a lot of other builds but I made a few changes that I found helped me win more games.

So we start out with our summoner spells:
Ignite is a really good spell for finishing off fleeing targets early-mid game. End game people die so fast that you wont really use this spell as much, especially if your playing Gangplank.
I use Exhaust over flash and haste because I feel that if your playing this build and someone goes one on one with you melee, during the time they are blinded you will surely kill them and lose little or no health in the process.

The talent build is a pretty basic build for any physical damage champion so I wont go into detail on all of the talents.

Burning Embers Is a great talent to use before casting cannon barrage, because your ultimate does magic damage to your target(s) and more AP=More Damage.

Cripple goes with what I said earlier about exhaust. With this talent you will do even more damage to your target since their Magic Resistance and Armor are decreased plus it also makes it last longer!

On to the runes:

Basically, when you play Gangplank your aiming for a 100% crit build.

I use full crit marks,glyphs and seals plus crit damage Quintessenses.

Now to the items:
Great early game item for the bonus crit. Turns into Avarice blade after.
Pots mana or health can always keep you in the lane longer, if you know how to properly use them.
x2 after you start farming minions and possibly getting earlygame ganks/kills, you should buy 2 avarice blades for the crit and extra gold.
Boots are essential in any build so grab your self the 1 boots.
Depending on what team you are fighting , you'll chose your boots accordingly. Ex: High phisycal damage team = Ninja Tabi, High Magic damage team = Mercury Treads, Anything else (mix or you dont know what to do) = Berserkers Greaves.
Zeal is great for the crit and movement speed boost, plus it turns into phantom dancer after. Same goes for Cloak of agility, crit plus turns into phantom dancer.
Grab another C.O.A after you complete your phantom dancer cause the 18% crit is the best since you stack crit.
Get your BF sword right after since pick-axe inst really worth it.
To finish the set you get Infinity-Edge the all time best weapon for Gangplank and for mostly any physical damage hero.

For youryou can choose to either pick uporfirst depends on how you fell about your damage but lifesteal is great for Gangplank aswell

So after youve completed your main weapon set you can upgrade your 2intofor the extra stats and the active effect ( The active effect doesn't stack but the stats do).

To finish it all off sell your boots and pick up some elixirs. With this build you will basically dominate any enemy champion if you play smart and don't rush in like a ******.

So on to strategy

So early game you want to play safe, last hitting minions and get off as many Parley last hits as possible. Remember that every time you last hit a minion with Parley you gain extra gold wich will help you get your items much faster. If the opportunity presents itself, dont be afraid to go for a kill with a combo of Ignite-Exhaust-Parley-Smack em! Gangplank is realy good early game due to his high damage and critical strikes. If an enemy attacks you and you get a crit with parley, you can beat them easily. Always remember to play safe. Don't turret rush and avoid ganks as much as possible. Your Remove scurvy + Raise morale is a great combo for getting away in a tight situation( since Remove scurvy removes stuns and Raise morale gives you a speed boost).

Mid game is kinda the same as early game, keep farming minions and jungle sometimes if you wanna gank an enemy champion. Keep farming gold and get your gear as soon as you can! Once you get your ulti you can really help your other team mates kill enemy s since you can cast it anywhere on the map. If you see an enemy or Allie at low health, throw you ulti in there path to either kill or slow down enemy champions.

End game is really easy if you get all your gear plus elixirs. You can 1v3 a team (depending on their setup/skill level). You will have 100% crit and a tons of damage. Squishy champions like Janna will pretty much instantly die if you get on them and pop exhaust.

So basically that's it for the build. This is my first build and I personally find it really fun to play. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR now get out there and start Pwning them noobs!.