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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gigglestorm

Garen & Gana Bot

Gigglestorm Last updated on March 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Morg'em to the morgue

Stupid title I'm well aware.
But before I go into le combination I'll simply go into why I like Morg bot.

First off Q, it exists and it's beautiful and I love it's face. Coupled with her W of course is a lovely combination but the q itself is love. That snare shall be your ticket to paradise if mastered in this little party time bot. And shall be the major key to success. Along with her shield of course.... but that's more for what she does for her partner in crime than anything.

She'll be the major damage dealer and as well as help Garen set up beautiful executions.

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Garen... ... ...

Nuff said?

Nah not really but laziness is a thing.

This beefcake just stays in their face bludgeoning anyone that dares come within range. Spinning and winning, silencing and whatever rhymes with that.

He'll be made to last down bottom while slowly pounding away at whomever stands in his path. Waiting for the perfect moment to nab himself a kill or 20.

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Together they do beautiful things.

Gana snares again shall be key especially if the bottom features all ranged folk. She hits her beautiful Q and Garen pounces with extreme prejudice. Beefed and buffed by his W as well as Morgana's shield. It's sort of a lather rinse repeat situation ending with a Garen ult for good measure. And by good measure I mean the kill. The combined sustain and the range of Gana's Q should make this possible without too much of a hassle.

You'll not want to push the minion wave out too far. You've not the sustained poke. Gana Has her Q. And yeah. So you don't want to find yourself getting kited too hard or getting all balls deep without a REALLY good reason to do so. You having Garen is a good one but not good enough. You'll want to catch them out of position or complacent and close to your tower and make them pay.

The jungler shouldn't be too much of an issue. Neither Gana nor Garen are easy to successfully gank. Just Q and run for the most part if you feel you're in any danger. And if it's a party affair well too bad you don't have a snare that can effect multiple people ... oh wait. No you're good.

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In conclusion.

Snare bother bother bother bother, snare bother bother bother bother.

Any enemy at low health. snare bother bother EXECUTE!

And most of all have fun. Because yeah, fun is a thing some people have playing league.
This is just an idea, and I think a fun one. I would love to hear of folk trying it out. Probably not the best idea to do in ranked for the ***** fest you would receive would be vicious. But yeah fun times to be had at least by the two of you.


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