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Garen Build Guide by Xanther211186

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xanther211186

Garen DOM build

Xanther211186 Last updated on October 1, 2011
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Name's XXanther in game, and although this is my first post of a build and guide here, I have been working out builds for many characters on my own for quite some time now. My hope is that with this guide you will grasp not only how to play Garen better in Dominion, but also how to be a better team player in Dominion regardless of what champion you decide to play.

In Dominion, Garen is best as a hybrid, mostly do to Item build, but also due to the fact that he excels at holding off the enemy while dealing a decent amount of damage, and having the survivability from the get go to survive fights early on that would kill most champs.

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Summoner Spells

For spells in Dom with Garen, the best combination for hime seems to be Exhaust, and Heal. Exhaust, combined with the extra mobility you get with decisive strike, can stop champs like fidd or twitch who try to avoid dying from getting away. This is really key especially if your team is trying to accomplish a quest. Heal is great when ***ualting a heavily fortified enemy point because while they are trying to hold your team off, all of a sudden, they all have more health and yes, Garen is there spinning and ticking away at there life pool still. All in all, imo, the best summoner spell combo for Garen in Dominion.

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To be able to get a head start as Garen, I choose to have Marks and Quints that give nothing but Armor Pen, simply to be able to do as much damage as quickly as possible when spinning. This will allow your teammates to get kills and allow your team to push as a whole. Quite effective when making that first push top to the Windmill :P Taking the Glyphs in nothing but magic resist allow you to have a chance against the likes of Mal, Ryze, and other squishy mages that once you get close you can most decidely take out quickly. Resilienece and Alacrity seals allow you to have more armor and attack speed so enemy champs just die quicker and leave you enough health to move onto the next battle rather quickly

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21-0-9. This give garen a faster level up chance, allowing him to get Demacian Justice a little quicke, and gain a bit more gold as well, while maintaining a very good Offensive Format. Having all those points in Offense allows Garen to be a beast early on and just keep going.

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Ok so lets talk Items for a moment or two.

Always begin with boots of mobility. being able to get around the map quickly without boosts early on can be a hug adavatage, especially for GAren to get to a teammate who is in danger of being overrun. Combined with garen's passive, which heals him when not in combat, it just give Garen more utility when not currently embroiled in a fight.

Warmog's, which is a staple of any champ like Garen, simply gives Garen a major boost in life allowing him to survive longer. After getting Warmog's, getting Atma's Implaer is next due to the fact that 2% of your life total is added to your attack, making you eve stronger. Follow that up with Frozen mallet just to make sure thta enemies have an even harder time escapping for Blade of Justice.

Next is Force of Nature, which makes it even harder for mage-like champs o wittle you down from afar, allowing you to get close and pummel them. Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge should be next depending on who you are fighting. Get Bloodthirster if you are facing a lot of tanky types or Infinity Edge to quickly finish off those burst champs that simply need to be downed. A second warmog's will just give you more Attack Power via Atma's.

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Skill Sequence

In dominion, You start out at level three, so put your forst two points in Garen's Spin, and one in Decisive Strike. Due to Dominion's constant xp accruement, By the tim u really get into a team fight, taking garen's shield is next and should be up by then. After that, you want to max his spin since it removes all slowing effects as soon as you activate it, making it easier to protect teammates while they are capping a point. Take your ultimate as soon as its ready, and the rest of the skill prgression just kinda makes sense.

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Well guys, to summarize, Garen is a beast in dominion. That being said, with te way Dominion is played, and regardless of what champ you play, YOU MUST PLAY AS A TEAM. THis means assisting other teammates and following te strategies you decide to start the fight. This goes for any champion you choose, because if one player refuses to play as a team, its really hard for the team to shore up that weakness. Dominion, more then any other format in LoL, really shows you how much of a team game it is. While I cant guarantee you will win every game, You will have more and more great games if you follow these 3 simple instructions.

1. Never be a lone champion for a lengthy poeriod of time...makes it harder to kill a champ if there are two of you

2. Pay attention to what the enemy champs are doing and where they are heading...sometimes a warning to your teammates is enough to keep them alive long enough for reinforcements

3. Do not try to never works

Hope you guys like this, please post comments and I am open to any suggestions you might have....Keep a look out for my Talon build coming soon.