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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

GARENteed to please

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Another in depth build redone from premature theory crafting.

We all know that Garen is a nasty peice of work. Judgement is his main skill, and this build will make full use of it. With a low CD, high crit chance, and insane life this build is GARENteed to get you the kill.


Marks & Quintessences Ive taken ArP. These will help increase the dmg of Judgement since it is a phsyical dmg skill. And all physical dmg skills are effected by armor.

Seals & Glyphs Ive choosen crit dmg. This build will a +50% crit chance, so I figured Id boost the crit dmg. Make critting more useful to me, sorta speak.

Ive taken these runes, to get the best out of Judgement. That what this build is all about.


All these items benefit Judgement in some way. Ill go into detail also.

This is similar to my Synergistic Yi build.

Long Sword= +10AD
Long Sword= +10AD
Tier 1 Boots= +1 speed
Brutalizer= +25AD Passive: 10% CDR and 15ArP
Averice Blade= +12 crit chance and 5gold per 10secs
Ghostblade= +30 AD and 15 crit chance. 15% CDR and 20 ArP. Active is a smaller Highlander.
Boots of Swiftness= +3 speed.
Vamp Scepter= 12 Lifesteal
Executioner's Call= 15 crit chance 18 LS. On hit: deals 4dmg over 8sec. Active is a healing and regen debuff
Cloak of Agility= +18% crit chance
Atma's Impaler= +45 Armor +18% Critical Strike UNIQUE Passive: Physical attacks deal an additional 2% of your max Health in damage.
Giants Beltx2= 430 health
Sunfire Cape= +450 Health +45 Armor Passive: Deals 40 Magic Damage a second to nearby enemies.
Warmonger's Armor= +770 Health +30 Health Regen per 5 sec Passive: Permanently gain 3.6 Health and .5 Health Regen per 5 sec per minion kill. Champion kills grant 36 Health and 5 Health Regen per 5 sec. Bonuses cap at +450 Health, and +62.5 Health Regen per 5.

The thing about this build that doesnt seem to make sense is, I got from building AD and Crit (Ghostblade and Executioner's Call), into health. The reason is Atma's Impaler. Without the extra life from Warmonger's passive, anyone caught in the full 3sec of Judgement will take 1081dmg. Since Garen is running ArP... Well I dont think I should explain. Thats just flat dmg, not counting crits ;). Now if Garen has the full effects of Warmonger's, he does 1135dmg if one suffers the whole duration. Thats insane dont you think? Again thats non-crit dmg.

Items that can be Swapped out If you dont like these items, you can get things like IE, more Sunfire Capes, Frozen Mallet, etc. There are alot of things that Garen can use and be effective with. I find that Thornmail is great if you are swarmed by AS builds.


I, like most, will open with Judgement. This is great for that early gank. I also make sure I have 3 ranks of this before LvL 6. This is Garen's bread and butter, so make it strong. Champs have low armor, and this will make short work of them with ArP.

LvL 2 I get Decisive Strike. I usually take the top lane in TT or mid in SR, but this makes mages and other solo champs a little less likely to harass you. With its speed boost combined with Exhaust, you can catch, silence, and Judgement an enemy champ. At low LvLs this is a kill, or they barely make the tower. This lets you farm away.

I always have one of each skill by LvL 3. In Garen's case, Courage can turn the tide of a fight early game.

At LvL6 Demacian Justice is up and ready to kill. If you do things right, you can have Ghostblade by this time. This works great for a few reasons.

1) The active can be used while you are spinning, so you move faster. Being able to keep your target in Judgement range is key. And if they dont die from Judgement, Demacian Justice will finish the job.

2) If you are in need of a small boost, Ghostblade and Decisive Strike boosts stack. Its nice to move fast. Chasing or Escaping, this is great synergy.

3) Ghostblade gives you more ArP. With more ArP, Judgement kills faster, and if not, helps Demacian Justice even more.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

I have a 23/0/7 build. This build is all about increasing dmg output for Judgement. There is a 11/0/19 build that I use that focuses on CDR. That build will have more up time on Judgement.

I choose Rally and Exhaust. These both help Garen get the kill. Rally is a great team/minion buff, and Exhaust keeps them in range for Judgemnt to deal max dmg. This Garen is great for pure Physical DPS teams. For 3s, a fulll Demacia champ build maybe? Hmmmmm

Game Play

Early Game
As I start, I get Long Sword and Judgement. Again ArP is the focus here. If there is a gank, I will dropp Rally in the brush. This will keep it hidden, while me and my near by mates get the buff. When its time to engage, I Exhaust the focus, and Judgement. This always gets first blood in TT. SR Im not so sure about. If you went 3v2 on top or bot, Im sure there would be success. And with the right team, you can get more than one kill.

Mid Game
By this time you should have Ghostblade and on your wat to Executioner's Call. Gotta love LS on Judgement ;). Enemy champs will be less likely to engage you since you can tear them down fast. They will be turret hugging, so just farm for Atma's or Giant's Belts. The build gets Expensive now so farm while you can. With the right partner, I find Nasus to be great with Garen, will have great lane dominace. Ganks might be headed your way since you are pushing hard.

Late Game
Now you are doing serious dmg, and taking time to kill. This is where you will be most dangerous. Your 4k life will be giving your Judgement a massive dmg boost. Farming for buffs and gold wont be an issue.

1v1 & Jungling

This build will dominate all mages, effectively kill carries, and will down most tanks. Tanks being the hardest to kill. Open with Decisive Strike, Exhaust if you have too, Judgement and Justice is needed. Justice is usually not needed. If you are facing a tank, Rally will give you a little etxra dmg. It will help. Jungling with this build is cake. Judgement a minion camp and walk away. That simple. Lizard buff is great with this build. Just adds more insanity.

Ganks and Pushing

When it comes to ganks, you control the flow of battle. Dont start the gank, unless you know you will get a kill. Wait for someone else to dive in and get the focus. Decisive Strike the focus, and Judgement. Exhaust the focus or someone that can be just as dangerous, that way the eat a full Judgement, and Justice if need be. This build is great at 2v1, and if their team is squishy, 3v1. Not many players will be able to focus on the dmg Judgement will do. You will be focused though. Dont get too over zealous.

Pushing is fun with this build. If you run into creep waves, Judgement and push on. Your minions will have more life, so they will eat the turret shots. Pop Ghostblade, and wail on the turrets. By the time someone comes to aid the turret, Judgement will be up >:).


Support champs like Janna and Taric are great to be in a lane with. Janna is able to disable, slow and buff. All of these help set up kills, push, and fight off ganks. Taric's Dazzle and Shatter are some of the greatest skills in game that benefit Garen. A long distance Dazzle will stun for 2sec, and that means that the target will suffer the full duration of Judgement. Shatter will reduce armor, thus Judgement will hit harder.

Nasus is another great champ to be coupled with this build. Wither and Spirit Fire are great skills that boot Garen's dmg output. Also, Nasus will benefit from Rally with or w/o Fury of the Sands up.

My absolute favorite champ to be paired with is Ashe. A steady stream of slows, means Ashe can pick up stack items, Sword of the Occult, Leviathan, etc, and become a beast just by staying behind Garen and have Frost Shot up at all times.

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