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Shyvana Build Guide by PosChi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PosChi

Generic Anime Shyvana Build

PosChi Last updated on July 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, so before I get into anything here, I feel like I should explain where this nonsensical idea and name comes from. Firstly, think about any anime that has a partial or primary focus on fighting of some sort. Usually, at some point early on in some season of said anime, a rival or arch-nemesis of the main character is introduced using some unbelievable fight in which they either save the day or wreck it in a spectacularly one-sided way using a single ultimate technique or something. Sometimes it's the main character that does this, but that's always, ALWAYS at the end of a season or something when they're losing, because all anime is the same in America. I would provide examples, but finding the clips without Linkin Park playing over them is almost impossible.

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Why that's at all relevant

If you don't know how Shyvana works, I'm gonna send you first to the ever-helpful Ciderhelm for the "Don't Feed" guide on Shyvana.
So what's important there, is the effect Shyvanas dragon form has on her Twin Bite (Q). Because it hits in an area of effect and not as splash, tiamats will proc their splash on every target hit, meaning if you hit 3 targets with 1 tiamat, each target gets the 200% base AD damage from the twin bite, plus 50% splash of that times 2, from the other targets hit, meaning you'll hit for 400% your standard AD. With 2 tiamats, as this build suggests, at a full build a Dragon-form Twin Bite will deal 471.4 damage times however many targets hit to each target, meaning if you hit a group of 5, you'll deal +2000 to everyone.

Remember that single, ultimate move that's in every anime ever? Take a look at this:

Looks familiar, eh?

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How Tiamat Shyvana is viable

Tiamat Shyvana has always dealt "tons of damage" but has suffered from being a glass cannon. The Generic Anime Shyvana Build takes that unbelievable burst damage and makes it one of the best initiations in the game by adding a butt-load of health and a nice set of armor and magic resist. While you probably wont be penta-killing entire teams (though that's still possible), you will be able to pull off the Generic-Anime-Burst-Damage along with the Also-Generic-Anime-Survivability of even the most predictable Japanese cartoons.

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Play tips

1) Go top lane, this is a fighter build primarily, and your goal is to farm up to being tanky and having at least your first tiamat asap. That's hard to fumd in the jungle without taking every single gank kill like a ****.

2) Minions proc tiamat splash too! Once you have your first tiamat, you can wait for the other top laner to push with minions, ult into him and the minions, and watch your q deal massive damage to the enemy champ and also erase an entire minion wave from existence.

3) NO GREED This build is designed to win TEAMFIGHTS not 1v5s. Your initial burst damage will not insta-kill an entire team when you factor in armor. Your role in your team is to ult in at the start of a fight, activate your q on a clump of them, preferably their squishier targets, to be sure, and pave the way for an easy ace for your team.

4) The Guardian Angel is a failsafe for incase they somehow burst though your health and armor before your team shows up. It's totally okay for you to deal your initial damage, get taken down, and get up during of after your team goes into cleanup mode.

4b) When your GA is down, if you can afford to sell it and replace it with either an atmas or a wit's end, feel free! The GA cooldown will continue to tock away even if it's not in your inventory. after the cooldown wears off, you can rebuy it for another rage-inducing initiation-dive.

5) This build is very reliant on your ult! While you should do fine in most 1v1s, make sure to farm rage whenever you can, this is done most easily by just auto-attacking and Qing minions.

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Final thoughts

I know i didnt go into runes, masteries or summoner spells really, i wrote down what i use and that's about it. Frankly, I think of them as a matter of preference in play style, not a critical build hinge. Make sure you buy wards during the laning phase, like any idiot should know to, and above all, have fun.

Until next time, remember: Greed kills.