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Annie Build Guide by Lundberg

AP Carry Get to Gold with Annie

AP Carry Get to Gold with Annie

Updated on June 9, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lundberg Build Guide By Lundberg 14,986 Views 0 Comments
14,986 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lundberg Annie Build Guide By Lundberg Updated on June 9, 2016
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Hello and welcome to the Get to Gold series. In this guide i will be covering how i use annie when i carry in Gold and lower ranks. I'm a mid/top main and have been so for the majority of time i've been playing league. Enjoy -Lundberg
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What is Annie

Annie is a mage that excells at bursting squishy carries in one combo and engaging with her passive stun using tibbers.

Why is Annie great for carrying?: Because she is fantastic at making the plays happen and deciding when you fight. Even if your team is behind you can still kill the other teams carries in one combo.
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Summoner Spells

Why do i take Teleport over Ignite?: you can take ignite but i think teleport makes carrying easier. With teleport you should look for making a tp gank bot lane about level 6 to get the game snowballing and in this patch you can usually also get a dragon which is really nice.
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This is a very basic rune page, i use it almost everytime i play a mage mid.

Quintessence: There is really no discussion here, the flat ap is really great for the early and i value it over the magic pen quints.

Marks: I use magic pen marks to help me burn through tanks.

Seals: Scaling health seals are the most common seal mid lane because you mostly face magic damage midlaners so armour is basically useless. You can go armor if you don't have the IP to spend on scaling health or if you face a champion such as zed.

Glyphs: Why not use CDR glyphs? Simply because my items give me the CDR i need to hit 40%.
Magic resist helps you a lot against other mages in lane and later in the game.
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I take these masteries because they let me do they most damage while also helping my early game sustain.
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Abyssal VS Zhonya: If enemy teams deals mostly physical dmg get zhonya, if they do magic damage get abyssal.

Rylai/Voidstaff/Ludens: If they burst you a lot get Rylai's. If they build a lot of MR get voidstaff. IF they don't build MR get ludens for extra burst.
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Skill Sequence

The main reason i max Q is because it makes last hitting so much easier which a lot of lower ranked players struggle with. Untill you master CS max your Q so you can make life easier for yourself. Other than that it also makes poking really easy since your Q has longer range than your W.
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This is where the guide comes to an end. I sincerely hope this will help you carry yourself out of whatever elo you are in. Keep in mind that even Annie loses games, if you start tilting just take a break.

Thank you for reading -Lundberg
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lundberg
Lundberg Annie Guide
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Get to Gold with Annie

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