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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by frezMki

AD Carry Getting Excited about Jinx's

AD Carry Getting Excited about Jinx's

Updated on October 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author frezMki Build Guide By frezMki 2,474 Views 0 Comments
2,474 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author frezMki Jinx Build Guide By frezMki Updated on October 10, 2013
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My name is frezMki and im currently a scrub in EUW, no kidding. Seeing a few Jinx games today i told myself to make my first guide about playing Jinx and share my first impressions.
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Jinx is a pretty agressive ADC scaling well with AS and Lifesteal. Her W is pushing her trades skyhigh, while she can chose between a faster short range weapon and a slower AoE weapon which makes her unpredictable. In the section above you can see that there are no sneaky items its pretty standard stuff on her. Maybe you want to replace the PDD with a Statics Shift since its considered to be better and the best early/midgame item at the moment.

Playing her as an ADC will not differ much from other ADC, so i don't want to hang on so much in the item section.
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Her Q gives here the ability to push lanes pretty hard and poke opponents standing behind their creeps. This skill gives you no excuse to NOT PUSH the lane before you go home, so your opponent loses some CS.

The W is just sick. The ratio is skyhigh. There is kind of no way to lose a trade if you hit your W and dodge the Skillshot of a Cait, which should be pretty easy regarding your W-range.

Your E is pure Zoning and your second Slow after W. Jinx's bombs will detonate after a short period of time, which forces the enemy to either step over them to get the CS or he will just lose it. This E is pretty much the best zoning-skill in LoL so far, since it deals a pretty high amount of damage, slows the enemy, and will detonate for sure other than cait traps.
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Pros / Cons


- Scales well through out the whole game
- Several slows for a teamfight
- Global ultimate
- Amazing passive if enemies overcommit


- W/E Slows are your only escape tool. If you fail those skillshots you are easily ganked
- W channel time is pretty long and easy dodged if your enemy pays attention

- You maybe get to excited
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Farming / Laning

What do you guys want to hear? Wait until the creeps are on super low health and lasthit them.

Farming with Jinx is pretty easy. She has a pretty high basedamage,attackspeed and a smart animation so you will not struggle farming with her.
Due to her high ratios you don't even need some early kills. Just farm like a boss.

When you have to base, use your Rocketlauncher and push the lane towards the enemy tower, no excuses to forget it with her insane skillkit.

Trade with your W and if you see the enemy standing to close to minions change to your Rockets and get some AoE-damage going. Her trading potential is just godlike and her ratios seem to be a bit to high. Use your E as a zoningtool to get the advantage in CS and make the difference to win the game.
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Jinx's is doing exceptionally well with sustain supports like Nami,Sona or Janna. All of them can power up her big trading potential with conterhealing. Be more patient with picks like Leona,Thresh or BC. It's very easy to overcommit in a fight, which can turn out pretty bad if the enemy jungler is waiting for a gank, you will not have the best tool to escape.
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Other Lanes

Jinx is a pretty nice jungler with her skillkit. Her Q-rockets will guarantee you a cleartime in seconds, while you have two amazing slows with W and E. Because of her ratio she is one of the junglers who doesn't care that much about items. Like Udyr or Lee Sin she is one of the junglers which are just naturally strong and born to dominate if played correctly.
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Thanks for reading my first short guide. I'll expand it over the days/weeks and sorry for my broken english. I hope i was able to help you a bit in understanding Jinx.
Leave a few comments what i could have done better for some future guides :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author frezMki
frezMki Jinx Guide
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Getting Excited about Jinx's

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