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Irelia Build Guide by Mortexize

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortexize

Getting out of "Low Elo" - A detailed Irelia Guide

Mortexize Last updated on September 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there!
My name is Daniel, I'm 18 years old and I live in Germany. I play League of Legends for over 3 years now, and I mained Toplane ever since. At the end of Season 4, I learned to love Irelia and carried myself to Platinum in Season 5.
With her being my most played Champion in Rankeds and over 60% Winrate, I believe I'm quite good on her :)
So I discovered this build lately on my Smurf, tried it on my main and since I found it quite OP, I figured I wanna share this with you guys.

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Gameplan for the first three minutes

Usually you wanna start Doran's Blade + HP Potion, go Raptors and do the following:
Start Q! 2 Autoattacks on the small Raptors, use Q to Animation-cancel the second AA. Rinse repeat to all 3 small Raptors. When you're done, AA the big Raptor and use Q to Animation-cancel the AA. Then just Autoattack until your Q is up again, Animation-cancel again and the Raptor should be nearly dead. When you're done, recall get HP and Mana Potions and TP to lane.
I've made a short Video of how it works:

However, if you're up against a lane bully (e.g. Lee Sin, Darius) you should rather go Cloth Armor + 4 HP Potions + 1 Mana Potion and don't start a camp.

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Laning Phase

Depending on your Lane Opponent, you either let yourself get pushed in and farm under the turret and wait for ganks (Lanebullies), or try to go ham and look for trades (don't forget to farm - CS is love, CS is life). I will put up a matchup list in the near future.

There's two ways to trade: short and long.
Short trades: E for the stun and AA once
Long trades: E for the stun, W and AA. End the trade with AA + Q Animation-cancel. Note that you want to proc Sheen as often as possible, so you go E, proc and wait for CD, W proc and wait for CD, Q

Talking about what comes after trades: All-In
When All-In'ing your opponent, you still want to proc Sheen as often as you can. Optimally, you will get 7 Procs as follows: E->W->R->R->R->R->Q

When you want to harass your enemy, wait for a minion to get low near him. Q that minion, then stun him and use your reset Q to either get more damage onto the opponent or to get back out.

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Mid- to Lategame

As a toplaner, it's your duty to splitpush. So keep an eye on the map, especially the sidelanes. Push them out, but don't overextend. If both Top and Bot are pushing in your favor, group Mid with your Team and siege. If your Team is grouped bot/top, (1) go to the other side of the map and splitpush (TP must be up); (2) join them after you pushed out the other 2 lanes.

In fights, you usually want to dive onto the enemy carries with someone. Never go alone, you'll just get focused down and your team ends up in a 4v5. However, if your carries struggle to stay alive, because the enemy team has something like a Fizz mid or so, stick to them and peel by destroying the enemy anti-carries. Go for the enemy ADC when your carries are safe.

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Further tips and notes

- Q does proc Sheen, the True Damage from W, and any other On-Hit effects like BorK passive
- Try to keep your TP for fights. If you want to recall, use your ult to shove the wave and walk back to lane.
- Also if you wanna recall and TP back to lane, go for heavy trades with your lane opponent, since you're going to heal up in the fountain anyways. Maybe you force him to recall and TP back aswell