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Amumu Build Guide by GenericWhiteMale

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GenericWhiteMale

Gingerbread Man Amumu (AP Carry)

GenericWhiteMale Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone this is my first build so please rate! This build will allow you to completely dominate in team battles, and then give you the mobility to escape them. Everyone says that Amumu is solely a support character and depends on teammates, but with this build you will be able to prove them wrong. You'll be yelling "You can't catch me!" as they chase you from a team fight where you've just got yet another double, triple, or quadra kill. DISCLAIMER: I do not take responsibility if you get reported for being too much of a troll with this class, but it is just so easy to dominate and you may get caught up in the moment.

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In this build, I choose move speed quintessences, mana per level glyphs, flat armor penetration marks, and mana regen per level seals. This capitalizes on Amumu's capability to have huge consistent damage output, as well as the bonus move speed to get in and out of battle efficiently and effectively.

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With Amumu, you want to build as strong of a tank mastery page as possible, without sacrificing his ability power potential. This is why I chose a 9-21-0 build, making sure to take points in the basic tank masteries, as well as the initiator perk to catch up and start team battles.

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For items, I always start out with a regrowth pendant. This gives a strong ability to not have to return to base early game, allowing you to pick up more feed and potentially out level your laning opponents. Also, upgrading it to Philosopher's as soon as possible gives you increased gold. From there I like getting boots first, then building towards Force of Nature as quickly as I can. That will give you great move speed and allow you to keep up with almost anyone in the game. From there you can build whatever you need depending on your enemies. If you still need more magic resist, build towards Guardian Angel. If you need more defense, build Sunfire Cape. And if you don't need any more defense, build towards a Rylai's. This will capitalize on your movement speed and you can throw on your tears and no one will be able to catch up to you. You also can add on a Lich Bane instead to give you increased ability power and move speed.

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Skill Sequence

In this build, Amumu's Tantrum plays a key part to your game, as it is his primary damage dealer aside from his ultimate, so max it right away. His Mummy Wraps are important to get at level 2, but I max them out last because you mainly use them for stunning. His Tears are a great passive AoE damage, but they drain too much mana at low levels to be used consistently so I take my first point in them at level 4.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I choose Ghost and Ignite. These two help you get into a battle, take someone down, and get out if you need to. You can also swap out Ghost for Flash.

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I personally have had lots of success with this build. My personal best with this build is 21-1-17. I love it because it just gives you so much more move speed than almost everyone else, while also slowing them with Rylai's and dealing lots of damage with your spells. I really hope you guys like my build. Thanks for reading!