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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gokid

Gokid's Udyr

Gokid Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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English is not my native language so excuse any mispelling.

This is my first atempt at a build, and my own way to play Udyr.
This build is written so YOU can tell me what are your toughts, critics, sugestions or improvements on it.

"Jack of all trades, master of none"
My preference in character choice, in whatever game, is always the melee hybrid type.

Not that "teamplay isn't my thing", I just like a char that can do a little of everything.
For instance; a wow or d2 paladin is resistant, does considerable damage and heals/shields himself.

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Desolation Marks so that your damage gets through.
Evasion Seals for a better chance at Nimbleness.
Shielding Glyphs helps countering mage harassement.
Vitality Quints grants health to buff damage through Atma's.

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Deadliness (3) -> always good to have some critical chance
Archmage's Savvy (3) -> even if very poor, some ability power
Alacrity (4) -> attack speed is always worth it
Burning Embers (1) -> ability power boost from using Ignite is kewl


Resistance (3) -> some needed magic resistance
Hardiness (3) -> some more armor
Evasion (4) -> some welcome dodge
Nimbleness (1) -> movement speed from dodge, awesome


Perseverence (3) -> some much needed health and mana regeneration
Haste (1) -> longer and faster Ghost
Awareness (4) -> helpful experience boost

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Having Avarice and Heart of Gold early in game will not only grant some crit, health and armor but also gold throughout the game that you'll surely welcome.

When talking about boots is really up to the team you're facing IMO. Mercury's counter CC, however Berserker's, Swiftness's or Ninja's are good choices too.

You'll notice that my item choices are all about granting more gold at first and health after Atma's. Rarely does a game last long enough for me to get Youmuu's and for that matter Randuin's, but sometimes you'll gank enough or the game will drag on.

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Skill Sequence

I like to have a point in each skill at lvl 4, even if none is very strong it alows me to stance dance to each situation. You can push towers with phoenix/tiger, recharge hp and mana while killing minions or monsters with phoenix/turtle, gank with bear/phoenix or escape with turtle/bear.

From there, turtle so I can keep dancing without mana starving to much and lvl 3 phoenix for higher dps.

Maxing bear first for movement and stuns, with some tiger in there if going for towers, else you can postpone tiger points to the last 4 lvls!

After that phoenix gives that aoe damage everyone playing Udyr must love and tiger in detriment of turtle for speed over resistence(already gotten from items).

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Summoner Spells

Ghost sinergizes with bear and will help you either catch up or escape sucessfuly!

As for Ignite(in detriment of jungler Udyr's usual Smite);
Smite hits monsters and minions only, while Ignite, if correctly used, will grant those out of range kills, and you can use it on monsters or minions too for the +10 AP boost from the improved mastery!

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Having a jungler in a team means a 2nd champion will lvl faster. In fact, including Udyr there will be 3 champions lvling faster!
(This is valid for a 2-1-2 strategy turned into a 1-(1)-1-2 strategy)

Without Smite jungling at lvl 1 would mean wasting lots of potions, so jungling with this build is started the sooner at lvl 3.

Jungling later on still provides solo laning champions that faster lvling and since this build includes xp boost masterie and Udyr is so fast jungling you'll be able to run your side camps without being missed too much!

Jungling route: Golems -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue Buff -> Red Buff

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This is how I go about it:

Lane choice: bottom lane if blue team, upper if purple team(for jungling purposes)

Early Game

Start off with a run for the bush to try and get a kill for the team. Obviously using phoenix is not easy to do it by yourself, having someone with slow, snare or stun will help.
Also obviously being careful of enemies bursts and CC's.
Until getting turtle conserve mana by not activating phoenix a second time, the passive is good enough for minions.
With turtle start to dance activating phoenix for the aoe and switching to turtle to restore the mana and health lost.
At lvl 3, with bear, stun champions pushing or a tank minion before going through phoenix/turtle.
When for example, after ganking, facing a tower past lvl 4 phoenix/tiger 1st stance aoe kills minions around and the dance and 2nd stance grants a fair amount of fast damage.
Leaving a lane for jungling implies a champion who can hold it by himself is there.

Mid Game

Skill Sequence can be changed at this point to fit the needs.
For instance, having both phoenix and turtle with 2 points when lvl 6 works great to jungle faster.
When with both buffs getting ganked will pass the killer the buffs so this is when NOT to go backdooring lanes, help in team fight instead.
At this phase, while working for Atma's and until getting Sunfire's Udyr can't take much and so avoiding being targeted and ganked will be tough, however in late game it gets better.

Late Game

Warmog's makes a great difference and can be bought before Sunfire's if convenient, Sunfire's does its own aoe so improves the effect when using phoenix in camps or in the middle of minion waves, however, Warmog's grants more health to buff overall damage through Atma's.
When ganking 1v1 tiger is better than phoenix since it hits faster and is focused so after a bear stun it is a logical choice in that case, however, finding champions wandering alone is not a frequent occurence.
So, against more than one, the real challenge is finding the correct place to stand, phoenix 3rd strike will do damage to every enemy in front him.
If by chance, with enough ganks and/or gameplay time Randuin's and Youmuu's become achievable, you can prioritize Randuin's for survivability purposes instead of going for Youmuu's speed and damage boost.

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Team Work

Not to mention the lane partner who'll have to solo while Udyr's junglng, there's not not much to say except that no one wins a game alone.

Udyr can save team champions from ganks with his stuns and can be helped in the same and many other ways!
Heal and Clarity Spells around Udyr are almost always welcome for instance, any support champion will be able to help in his own way as well.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Awesome jungler
[*] Great stun(bear) and aoe(phoenix)
[*] Good burst(tiger) for ganking and tower breaking
[*] Decent shield/health and mana recharger(turtle)


[*] Rangeless
[*] Teams of mostly ranged or mage champions will be tough on udyr
[*] Too much silence, slow, snare and stun will be a bother too
[*] Hard to overcome a bad game start
[*] Not an easy champion to master

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Not much more to say.. hopefully this build will be read and get some comments so I'll be able to learn and improve somehow!