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League of Legends Build Guide Author AUDAN

Golden Eye - Map Domination Support

AUDAN Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So what we have here... A short (simple, straightforward and even capt.Obvious) guide to map domination.

Fog of war? What was that?

I'm really confused with all the expensive support builds, that float around. If all your gold goes to such fancy items how can you manage to keep the wards flowing... And one of the greatest roles of the support is to impose a total map control.

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Summoner Spells

No Comment.

No Comment.

Actually I didn't want to made Summoner Spells section at all. But then I decided to mention an option:

This summoner spell received some buff and became more usable. Additional support healing? Yes please.

The reasons I often take Heal (instead of Flash) are:

1. After all everything is a positioning. And if they catch you, often even can't save you, since you are the squishiest meat on the map.

2. In teamfights, usually supports are not focused. The reason is that they are not a real threat. Yeah, they heal, CC and what not, but the real threat is the damage-dealers (and that's why carries are focused).

3. If you die (and you will die) regardless of 1. and 2. we come to the point that you are really don't worth so much gold (especially if you have a dying streak on your head). That's one reason to avoid kill-stealing by accident (you don't want to rise the gold bounty on your head). And that's why is always your duty to try and stall/redirect/force your enemies to kill you instead of a teammate of yours (especially if he got kill streak and/or snowball items). You having Oracles is not an exception - better lose 400g (at least with that build), then giving even more in the hands of the enemy.

But if you're not feel comfortable without your precioussss , then take it - it's a great summoner spell, hands down.

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The new gold per 10 sec runes are sweet. With seals and quints we got income as an additional gold item.

CDR glyphs are no-brainer.

For marks you can take whatever pleases you.

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is mandatory.

and , because the support often stay behind with the experience.

You can take the -> path if you have mana problems due to missing mana regen runes. Or just play more mana efficient.

is nice, but is not so important, because with this build, late-game you will spam so much wards, that often their range will overlay each other.

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Little warding tips (opening stage)

Bad players thing that you CV enemy base to see who's going where. It's really adorable to see them freeze when you CV them. Actually CV is to see what items they buy. And especially to see what their support buys:

1. If he's taking wards - you take 2 x Sight Ward and 1 x , and wait for him to put ward and you put your to take his out.

2. If he's not taking wards (it happens rather often actually), then you take 3 x Sight Ward. What I do is a little opening, that I personally invented (I guess many others do the same, but I didn't saw it from anyone). So I run to top and wait 1:25 minute mark - then I put a ward, port back, buy a new ward and run for my bot lane. That way your solo top is guarded from an early gank. This tactic depends on the enemy jungler - some junglers have strong early gank, others don't.

So everything is situational. Your main goal is to achieve ward dominance in your lane, which include aggressive counter-warding.

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Obviously we are going for the gold. The only Gp10 item we don't get is

The default gold income is 13 Gp10.

Our Avarice runes gives us 5 Gp10 (actually 5.3, but lets keep it simple).

Our Greed mastery give us 2 Gp10.

Our 3 Gp10 items (Philosopher's Stone, Kage's Lucky Pick, ) give us 15 Gp10.

So when we finish our third gold item we have 35 Gp10 or 210 gold per minute or 2100 gold per 10 minutes, 4200 per 20 minutes, 6300 per 30 minutes, 8400 per 40 minutes and so on. It's not rare to finish the game with more gold income then some of your enemies.

Of course our 3rd Gp10 item comes after a while and later we can/should upgrade our Philosopher's stone to Shurelya's Reverie (stopping the Gp10 effect), but overall we have really great gold income with that build.

You can afford to die with Oracles and buy a new one right away (and do this several times). You can easily afford to save up gold for (for example), without hindering your decisive ward spam.


Philosopher's Stone Kage's Lucky Pick



Shurelya's Reverie Kage's Lucky Pick

Against multiple AD enemy team:

Shurelya's Reverie Kage's Lucky Pick

If for some reason you are stuck with mostly AP teammates:

Shurelya's Reverie Kage's Lucky Pick

If for some reason you are stuck with mostly AD teammates:

Shurelya's Reverie Kage's Lucky Pick

In all cases you should have one free slot for your constant ward spam.

and tones of Sight Ward for teh win...

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That's all. I wanted to be a really short one.

Just the core concept:

Massive gold income + extreme ward spam = "Golden Eye".

Map control wins games...


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