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Gangplank Build Guide by I Charlemagne I


By I Charlemagne I | Updated on January 25, 2012

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Hey I'm I Charlemagne I and this is my first build on Mobafire! Goldplank is a fun solo-top build, and looks odd at first, but is completely viable in normal games (I've yet to try in ranked)
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The runes are fairly simple, armor pen for more damage, and magic resist for survivability. And of course Gold/10 sec the most important of the runes.
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The masteries are also simple. You get some mana for early game in the utility tree, but once again the most important part is the gold/ 10 sec. Then you can put the rest of your points in either the defensive or offensive tree (as you see fit). But Since you build ends up kind of tanky with atmogs, and a triforce, I think the offensive tree is just over all better.
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The items are extremely important for goldplank. He starts with a Dorans shield for survivability as a solo top. Then he moves on to getting all of the gold items. The order you buy them is extremely important. First is philosophers stone, The mana regen allows you to pretty much spam parley, and essentially outrange any melee who is your opponent in top. The health regen between the Dorans shield and the philosophers stone is also sexy as hell. Next should be heart of gold. More health + gold/5, simple enough. Next is avarice blade. Once you get this you can begin harassing a little bit, parley them every now and again. You should be pretty passive and focus on CS(minion kills) until you get Avarice blade(your Critical strike chance is only like 4% until you get the avarice blade). Next you need to purchase kage's lucky pick. The gold/5 is amazing just like the other items you've gotten so far, but you may be thinking that "HEY! GP doesnt need ability power!" and you're correct. he really doesnt. But his Remove Scurvey ability scales 1/1 with AP so it gives you even more survivability, and most importanatly it gives you GOLD/5 SEC! With all of the gold items, you should be banking. You should try and parrley last hit as many minions as possible while you're farming to increase your gold-geting-ability. After you have all of these items, you're going to be making gold so damn fast, you'll always have excess gold. for your last item you need to buy a zeal. It gives you some move speed since you dont ahve boots, and will quickly be built into a triforce. with this build I usually get a triforce at 20-21min. Obviously with the triforce your inventory will be full. Once this happens you simply sell off items as need be. Once you have enough money for the next end-game item, you sell the least needed of your current items off to make room. the sell order is - Dorans shield first, then Kage's - then Philosephers - then avarice blade - then lastly your heart of gold. DON'T SELL ANY ITEMS UNLESS YOU CAN BUY THE REPLACEMENT ITEM.
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Skill Sequence

For skills you get parley at level 1.
level 2 - Raise moral
level 3 - Remove scurvy.

After this it's simple, You max Raise moral first, then remove scurvy second, and Parley last. (obviously get his ult every chance you get, 6,11,16)

By maxing raise moral first you get a few advantages.
1. your gold getting ability (Parley) has a very low mana cost because it's level 1 for a long time.
2. You gain attack damage to your auto attacks AND parley because of the bonus's from Raise Moral.
3. Since you don't get boots in my build at all, it keeps you fast since it increases your move speed.

Since parley doesnt increase a whole lot in damage each skill up, leveling up remove scurvy second is an obvious choice. It's gives you more lane sustain, and lets you get out of any CC more often, so ganks arent even a problem for solo top Goldplank!
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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are really up to preference. Since you have so much lane sustain, and so many gold items, You can somtimes end up with so much gold, and not a lot of time to go back and spend it. Teleport is a great choice to fix this. Since the build revolves around getting the gold items as fast as possible, it helps you get them and back to your lane ASAP. Really everything else is just your preference, just do what you're comfortable with. Just dont be stupid and you'll do alright.
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It's a pretty simple Idea, GP gets extra money from minion kills with parley, so you farm with that while your money item's get you even more money. Since you have a cross map ult, you can get kills/assists by helping your team mates with your ultimate, thus getting MORE GOLD. GP can benefit from ALL of the gold items, so not only do they get you a TON of gold, but they also give you a really strong early/mid game. Since you get so much money + a strong early/mid game, you should be able to get lots of kills/ assists which pushes you into an even stronger late game very very quickly.
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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing income
+ Extreme lane sustain
+ fantastic farm
+ Pretty easy to play
+ Hard to gank
+ Can assist teammates from cross map
+ Doesnt need boots! :D
- Has to play a bit passive very early game
- If you're bad at farming, you're going to blow.
- So much fun you might break your computer :/
League of Legends Build Guide Author I Charlemagne I
I Charlemagne I Gangplank Guide

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