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Gangplank Build Guide by Delirious Chaos

GP- Tank plank solo top

By Delirious Chaos | Updated on October 14, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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HELLO! I will not be bothering for proper grammer, so dont say anything about my writing style. Now anyways. TO THE EXPLANATIONS!
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You may think that my runes are retarted, thinking " CD reduction runes? " And to answer that question is. I dont really give an egg about glyphs. I like cd reduction for continous spam since your main attack damage, which is your Parrley, and thats why I get armor pen runes. The armor pen runes are 50000000000000X better then ad runes because its not a melee attack that is applied 5 times per second or something. Its an attack that is going for more damage in the parrley, and less melee/auto attacking. Now for the armor runes. Once again. I dont care about the yellow runes, but i just like armor for tankyness. but, if you have HP yellows, you should switch. Switch out the hp for armor, since you'll mostly solo top as GP, and vs an AD douchebag.( be sure to make an enemy GP wear two eye patches :D )
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Masteries... Meh, do what you want with them. just be sure to get armor pen though.
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For the items :/ Ok so... First of all, starting out with boots(or cloth armor depending on how strong the person your vsing is) along with the pots is a good way to hop in and out while harassing normally (DO NOT GET MANA POTS.) Then, we get wriggles lantern. This item gives out more armor, AD, and a free ward where you can just use on the river bush all the time. Also, get Mercury or Mobility boots. Now with the next item. Unlike other tankplank builds, where they just get a warmogs RIGHT after they get the lantern, I like to get a sheen because the sheen goes INTO YOUR PARRLEY(its awesome right :3) which makes it OP as hell, it also gives you some extra mana. Then the warmogs, just get it, and become invinsible. Trinity force makes your parrley even MOAR SEXY. It goes into your parrley as well, and while combined with the armor pen runes, makes it awesome damage. then after the trinity. build wutever u want. Get a thornmail or something, but beware. DO NOT GET A ATMAS OR FROZEN MALLET. IT IS A WASTE. (frozen mallet is a meh. passive doesnt stack with trinity). I suggest getting a guardian angel, then start building a Blood Thirster.
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Skill Sequence

If this was possible...
LVL. 1 PARRLEY! LVL 2. PARRLEY! LVL 3. PARRLEY! LVL 4. PARRLEY! LVL 5. PARRLEY!... and on it goes. But. sadly you cant. So go along with parrley level one, and level it up WHENEVER you can. But, theres one thing that you guys need to be aware of. Its the fact that I max out my E instead of my fruit first. First of all. the fruit sucks. i only use it to take off cc only once in a fight. IDK why people use it to heal themselves like eskimos. So, just max out your q, and work at your e until there maxed out.
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Summoner Spells

shoot... shoot... shoot... shoot..... IGNITE SHOOT *FIRST BLOOD*
The purpose of that little thing is to show how you play GP like a boss. continously shoot the enemy, badger him up, then ignite him, shoot, and if you think hes high enough to survive, then flash at him and slice his *** into fourths. The IGNITE/FLASH combo is VERY IMPORTANT. ignite is used to early game epicness, and to get first blood, etc. Flash is for finishing off, or retreating while carrying your team.
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Pros / Cons

UNKILLABLE( unless if ********ed )
LEGENDARY( unless if u have a darius...)

Cons: No eyepatch on new skin
a bit hard 2 murder madred/extreme lifesteal people.
Isnt played commonly :[ (BUT IT SHALL CHANGE)
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While farming... YOU NEED TO KICK ***. KEEP TEH ENEMY FROM FARMING. RIDE ON THE MAGE MINIONS BACKS AND KEEP YO PISTOL ON THE OTHER GUY. and be sure to last hit. you dun wanna miss farm.
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Well anyways, thats it for my build :/ And FYI, this was my first build on MOBAFIRE :D And be sure to comment on anything and ask to spectate me in a GP game. Thank you for reading! please actually vote and not be one of the nubs who just look at builds without commenting. Thanks and bye for seeing, GP- Tank plank solo top
League of Legends Build Guide Author Delirious Chaos
Delirious Chaos Gangplank Guide

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GP- Tank plank solo top
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