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Not Updated For Current Season

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Gragas Build Guide by Astia

Gragas: Bottums Up! (Dominion Guide)

Gragas: Bottums Up! (Dominion Guide)

Updated on November 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Astia Build Guide By Astia 16,533 Views 0 Comments
16,533 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Astia Gragas Build Guide By Astia Updated on November 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Promote



Welcome. This guide is designed for a defending Gragas at the bottom turret in Dominion. Gragas is an exceptional pusher/farmer and does extremely well with defending. He is able to control the bottom lane and his turret with his extreme range and ability to close gaps quickly. Players will be unable to sneak up from behind and cap your turret; you can get there to fast and you have too long of a range with your barrels.
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Summoner spells

Ghost: After the flash nerf and ghost buff, this is a much better option, especially for The Crystal Scar.

Promote: I am so glad they brought this spell back for Dom. Makes Pushing with Gragas even easier! (not like it needed to be....)

I don't use any other summoners with him other than ignite but that's only if I'm not bottom laning, and that's not what this guide is aboot.
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Skipping pros and cons. If youre here, youre obviously interested in Gragas. Its not my job to convince you hes a good champ, I'm here to tell you how I play him.

You want to constantly farm and keep your lane pushed. You can outrange anyone in lane with your harras and farm, and you sustainability is always far greater than you opponents. Take health tablets every chance you get. Do not allow your opponent to control the mid health tablet. Get it as much as possible, even if you only need mana. They have a very low cooldown so as long as you stay safe, you will have time to wait for them to come back.

Promote is extremely useful for Gragas, but knowing when to push up to and try to take the tower is very important. You usually want to stay in the middle of the bottom lane. This keeps you close enough to your turret so you can easily interupt back door capping, and also keeps you safe from ganks. Just keep pushing/farming with you barrels, and when you see an opprotunity to push, do so with promote.

Good opprotunities are almost always when your team wins fights at top. It is important to pay attention and communicate with your top teammates about how well they are doing and where the enemy is. This will give you the info necessarry to know when a push to the enemy's bottom turret is a safe and good idea.

Understanding when to recall and buy is also important. As a defender you are much less item dependent the earlier it is in the game. The only time items become an issue is in a five cap situation for your enemy, but if you are doing your job right, this shouldn't happen. Only recall if your bottom lane opponent is known to be dead or at another point.
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Maps and Positioning

This is your home. You love your home. Never leave it. Unless you have to interrupt a back cap. Love this place like you love your mother. If you dont love you mother then im sorry. Think of someone else.

Why here you might ask? Well as you can see, it allows you to keep bottom pushed without opening yourself up to ganks, by staying out of the opening mid, and does not keep too much space between you and your tower. This is what i like to call "Second Base" position, and gives you the greatest versatility when defending.
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As Gragas, you already have a damage reduction skill, a healing passive, so what you really need now is power, and health. This guide will give you both, along with some CDR to help you spam your barrels more often. Lets take a look at why I chose each Item:
Prospector's Ring: This is the best starting item ever of all time period. Im pretty sure Ad chaps with no mana should probably just take this too. loljkwtfbbq. It's really good for Gragas though and gives you everything you need to lane succesfully.

Sorcerers Shoes: More Mpen. Nuff sed.

Rod of Ages: Gives you lots of Health and Ap, and thats exactly what we like!!!!!

Morello's Evil Tome: Ap, Mana regen (which lets you span tons) and CDR (also helps with spamming) Makes Gragas super deadly. This is your Core mid game item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: AP, Health, and a little CC to help keep your enemies controlled, which is extremly important for defedning and chasing enemies down.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This is your last item to get, it gives you a ton of power and makes your barrels hit so hard, you enemies will wake up the next morning drunk.

As stated before, these items are meant to give gragas survuvability, but also enough power to assert himself bottom lane, and to farm and push easily.
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I hope you enjoy this guide and I hope you have success with it! I am always open to feedback and criticism so don't be shy. Good luck on the Crystal Scar!!! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Astia
Astia Gragas Guide
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Gragas: Bottums Up! (Dominion Guide)

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